The Terran Ascension


A note from your narrator…

Throughout recorded history there are few events that while monumental in the grand scheme of things are actually relatively mundane. Perhaps this is due to the rather polar opposite nature of the two concepts, but it is more likely a condition of lack of foresight on the part of historians. Indeed, most historians have no ability with prognostication at all and routinely scoff at the concept. Frankly this is just poor record keeping if you ask me.

Take, for example, that fateful day in 992. No, no…not the day that Edith O'Dea created the Ever-lasting Éclair. We are focusing on slightly more important events at the moment. It was that day in 992 (while Edith was many miles away baking) that the final construction of Hogwarts Castle was completed. Now, history fails to record this as an important event due to the fact that the school had already been open for two years prior to the completion. The truth of the day's importance lies not in the completion of the castle as much as the events that followed.

Allow me to clear things up for you my dear reader. It is a matter of historical record that the Four Founders were the first, last, and only students to be trained by Merlin himself. It is also widely known that Merlin had vanished a few short years prior to the initial founding of Hogwarts. So you see it is in the fact that on this now much-mentioned day in 992 that Merlin himself visited Hogwarts, which makes it so important. Of course you will find no mention of this visit in any historical records or musty dust-covered tombs.

Ah, I can tell already you're questioning the veracity of my claim! Well listen here you young whipper-snapper I happen to have learned this history from a very reliable source. Now stop rolling your eyes and let me pass along my much vaunted and sought-after knowledge.

Now then, where was I? Oh yes. It was on the night that Hogwarts was finally declared complete that the history of the Wizarding World was forever altered. Merlin himself returned that night to hide away his vast knowledge within a secret chamber. While secret chambers within the school had already become somewhat cliché Merlin rarely cared about such things. Indeed, should one ever examine Merlin's choice of wardrobe this would be confirmed.

Getting back to the subject at hand; it was in creating this secret chamber that Merlin laid the foundations for events, which would not transpire for nearly a thousand years. While some may claim this was due to Merlin being a gifted Seer, but they would be laughed at since everyone knows Merlin was rather horrible at Divination. No, the truth is that Merlin simple knew much of the world and he knew that one day the full extent of his knowledge would fall into the right hands.

Now, my dear friend let me tell you the tale of exactly who discovered that hidden cache of secrets. It is one that has been told in part in numerous ways by innumerable people, but few have the full story. In matter of fact the true story is rarely told because to the general Wizarding World the tale ended shortly after it truly began. However, I'm getting ahead of things. So grab yourself an Ever-lasting Éclair and sit back while I open your mind to a world of truth you have never imagined.

Join me now as I share with you the tale of Harry Potter andthe Terran Ascension.

A/N: Originally this story was by Evilkender (Prologue- Chapter 4) but his muse seems to have died so I thought that I'd give it a shot. I didn't change much until Chapter 4, which was very short. I just hope I can do it justice as I really liked this story.