Life With Out You

What if Dean and Sam were kidnapped at age 17 and 13 by the demon. What would happen when John catches up with them ten years later? Dean has powers.



John in driving to Toronto, Canada after figuring the demons pattern. Finally John gets to Toronto and checks in a motel. John decided to phone Caleb for help.

" Hey, Caleb I was wondering if you could help me kill the demon, I think I am closing in on it," replied John.

" Yah, sure I'll be there, where you at?" Questioned Caleb.

" Toronto, Canada" responded John

" Don't do anything stupid till I get there, k?" asked Caleb.


" OKAY!" yelled Caleb.


"John?," question Caleb.

" John's here but he's a little tied up," the demon's voice boomed out.

"Let him go," growled Caleb

"I can't do that, he has something I need and he's going to give it to me,"


Caleb gathered his stuff together and drove off to Toronto.

Sam and Dean

"This is stupid Dean we tried to escape a million times and he always catches us," whined Sam.

" Shut-up Sam!," said Dean.

All of a sudden the door squeaked open but much to their dismay the demon was on the other side.

" Well, well, well you're trying to escape again, over ten years and you sill haven't learned did you," yelled the demon. " Don't try again or ……….well you know what will happen don't you Dean?,"

Dean looked at him disgusted last time he tried to escape he was ripped to shreds.

" Well, now you two go to your training," With 2demons, each grabbing Sam or Dean pushed them out the door to go do their training. But instead of going to the training room they were both pushed into a big white room with two chairs in the middle of the room.

The were pushed into the chairs wondering what was going on.

"Are you going to put on a puppet play, I'm not that interested in watching your puppets run around so if you don't mind I'm just going to sleep, k?" Dean said.

" Sorry there is no puppet show, " replied the demon.

"Sammy do you remember you father, John?" asked the demon.

"Yea, why,?" responded Sam.

"Guess who came to visit you boys," replied the demon.

" No," Dean yelled knowing what was going to happen because his power is mind reading.

Two men came in holding John with a pair of cuffs.

" Dad," Sam yelled.

" Let go of me," yelled John.

" sorry John but I need something that you have and I need it now……or your boys will get hurt you don't want that now do you," asked the demon.

" Give me the colt and then I'll let YOU go," replied the demon.

"Not without my boys," said John.

" There's a problem, they have to stay here with me to do the training with their abilities so they're not going anywhere," replied the demon.

" Can we talk alone," whispered John to the demon.

" You boys sit tight and we'll be right back," replied the demon grinning.


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