Umm…I should be writing other stories that I started before…but this came to me so I had to write it down

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How does one express crying in written words? Do you just declare it literally ("she cried")? Do you describe everything visually or how the affected feels? We know how they feel. Hell, they were crying.

How do you describe depression to someone who is always cheery? How does being heartbroken affect someone who is in love? Someone who has been blind to something, will not be enlightened to it quickly…they can't understand.

I'm crying now. I guess that's the best way to say it. Simple, plain…everyone will understand it. I'm crying and depressed and heartbroken…

I told her.

She was silent…the whole tower was silent…my voice bounced off the walls as I tried to bring her from the shocked reverie…

She turned slowly, her eyes gazing deep into mine, searching for a sign that I was lying…that I wasn't serious.

I grabbed her hand and gazed back at her, my face showing the most sincere love I could muster.

She stood quickly, breaking the contact.

She spoke with a forced, shaky composure, loathing written upon every word, "Never touch me again, dyke."

She tore through the portrait hole.

I muttered her name quietly before bursting into sobs…


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