A/N: I saw a line about 'how Fuji managed to walk with his eyes closed was one of the wonders of Seigaku' and it spawned this series of drabbles. I'll go through different people and different pairings on a whim. I'll keep to the Seigaku players cos I know them best. I don't know if I can get through them all, I'll just write whatever comes to mind. They will NOT be in order and they will not make sense.

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Warning: Mild shounen-ai

Thrill Pair

What the two really thought hearing the terms 'tensai' and 'amazing' being used to describe their rival...in the same team

Why Fuji and Echizen were smiling even while trying to beat each other down

Why the two tennis geniuses of Seigaku never finished their duel in the rain.

How Echizen Ryoma was one of the – very – few people to surprise Fuji Syuusuke.

How Ryoma was the only one to manage to look into his team-mates open eyes without flinching

How two quiet boys who had nothing in common but tennis formed a friendship

How two strong characters and clashing personalities managed to form such a tight bond that would keep them together through anything.

A/N: I didn't really like this one as much...Couldn't think of enough things. Just some things I wonder about (and some I tweaked to fit the 'plot') Feel free to complain. I probably won't take any notice though ;) If enough people give me more ideas, I'd probably add them in. If you have them for different characters, then by all means, tell me!