Ok so I decided to write a twilight fanfic.

Hope you like it
disclaimer: if I was Stephenie Meyer, I wouldn't have to post oneshots on fanfiction. She has her own books, gosh.

I thought he loved me. But he left. He's gone. Forever. I might never see the love of my life again. My heart has shattered into thousands of tiny pieces that can only be put back together by the one who left me. I can't handle it anymore. I can barely sleep, but when I do he's there. He haunts my dreams. I looked in the mirror this morning and my sleepless eyes reminded me of them. I can't bear to look at myself any longer. What day is it? I'm losing track of time. My grades are slipping. Charlie says I don't do anything, as if I don't exist. I can't exist with him gone forever. Surely Charlie knows how it feels to lose the love of your life, like when Mom left him. I can't do anything anymore. So many things remind me of what used to be. I need him. Without him my life is empty. Will he ever come back to me? I shouldn't be thinking this much, it's making things worse. For every kiss I remember, every touch, another tear falls. Hearing his voice at certain times is the only thing keeping me sane. It isn't real, but it's all I have left.

"Edward, come back!" I choke out through my tears.

"I'm here, Bella," I hear his quiet, soothing voice whisper out of nowhere. I know it's all in my head, but a small part of me tells me it's him and he will come back to me someday. My tears stop and I feel a few pieces of my heart come back together. Now and when I'm waiting for him, he'll be with me. He'll be in my heart forever. Forever…

Ok, I know it is short, don't state the obvious.

Poor Bella…