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When Ken tried to put Trish down on the hospital bed after arriving to make sure nothing was seriously wrong with her other than exhaustion, she refused to let go. The young man gave a disparaging look to his father as he was forced to hold the petite teen.

Fin chuckled softly at the predicament his son was in. "Bet you never thought you'd have a girl sleep with you, did you?"

Ken's glare was hot enough to melt ice as his father laughed at him. When the doctor came in with Bobby a few moments later, neither was too surprised that the girl had burrowed into the man's arms and refused to budge. She looked like a child curled up like that.

"I think I can do a preliminary without having to move her," Dr. Brightman said as she moved toward the girl to check her vitals and such. When she was done she sighed, "Well, she doesn't appear to be malnourished or anything of that sort, but she is definitely exhausted. The hospital's pretty crowded right now, and I don't think she needs to be admitted, but just watch her while she sleeps this off and bring her back if any other signs start showing up."

Bobby nodded and mumbled a thank you to the physician before the troupe again set out to the SUVs and Alex's home.


It was no surprise once they got there that Trish wouldn't even let go of Ken long enough for the young man to take of his coat, forcing him to lay down with her in the guest bedroom as she slept. Maybe he'd try again in a half hour to get up and leave her in peace.

The cops sitting tensely in the living room were all reminded of trying to put a one-year-old clingy child down for a nap. Somehow they knew, even in sleep, when the person they wanted with them was about to leave them alone.


Trish opened her eyes to the rising sun and a very interesting state: she was in bed with a man. Frowning, she pulled back and stared in shock at Ken, who lay sleeping beside her. Why was Ken in her room? She looked around at herself, finding the damn dress she had worn to the funeral still on. Closing her eyes tightly she tried to remember the previous night but found her memory faded to darkness at the burial ceremony. She couldn't remember ever going home.

Her eyes snapped open again as she stared at the young, very gay man laying on her bed, still fast asleep - she didn't remember dreaming the night before either. No nightmares.

Shaking her head to clear out the sleep, Trish got up and put on a pair of sweat pants and a fitted tee-shirt before going out to see if her uncle was awake.

"Sleep well?" Bobby muttered with a smirk on his face as he poured his niece a cup of freshly brewed coffee and passed it to her in her favorite cup.

"How long was I out?" Trish asked with a smile of thanks as she drank the bitter brew.

"Fourteen hours, I think," Bobby replied as he followed Trish into the living room to sit down. The pair kept their voices down so as to not wake up the still sleeping Ken and Alex. "You wouldn't let poor Ken put you down."

"He's a good guy," Trish said, shaking her head again, "I never thought I'd find sleeping with a gay man to be comforting."

"I don't think he ever thought he'd end up sleeping with a girl," Bobby replied. "How'd you sleep?" he asked again.

Trish shrugged, "I slept for once. It's odd though, I can't remember dreaming."

"You collapsed from exhaustion, I doubt your mind was up to dreaming."

The pair drank their coffee in silence for a while, listening to the city below them. Trish was the one who finally broke the silence as the sunlight on the carpet made its way over Elli's glistening fur. "Do you ever regret it?"

"Regret what?" the confusion was very clear in Bobby's voice as he glanced at his niece.

"Agreeing to take me on after Dad died," she clarified.

"Never." The response was made without hesitation, the absolute certainty of it clear to Trish.

Her desperate eyes found her uncle's, "Even when you have to leave work early to come take care of me?"

Bobby smiled slightly, "And here I thought you were taking care of me."

Trish shook her head, "That's Alex's job."

He set both of their empty mugs on the table before taking both her hands in his. He held her gaze as he said, "Even if I had known all the crap we would go through before hand, I would still have taken you with me, Trish. You're too much of an important part in my life for me to even imagine what it would have been like without you this past year and a half."

Silence resumed as the pair held a conversation of looks and squeezes of the hand.

"I don't think I know what it's like to just be a teenager, Uncle Bobby." Trish's voice was small as she diverted her eyes, "Without Grandma …"

He pulled her into a tight hug, "I guess we'll find out together, then. Won't we?"

As she nodded they both heard the telltale shuffling of feet that said Alex was awake and moving in the direction of coffee.

Trish's eyes followed the half awake woman as she poured her own cup of the dark brew. "Together. That sounds interesting," she repeated, "All three of us."

A crash was heard from Trish's room and they knew Ken had woken up as well. Seconds later there was a buzz from the intercom, signaling someone wanted admittance into the building. Bobby gave his niece a look, "There may be more than three of us."


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