So…completely random thing I thought up today.

Teh Sticky Note

Itachi had recently moved, and it turned out that his new home was in the same village as Sasuke. His little brother…the only one he had spared when he had killed his entire village. Just to see if he could.

While brooding about Sasuke's proximity, he came to the front door. Attached to the door, with a shuruken pinning it in place. A piece of paper. With writing on it.
He had to peer closer to read it, and when he did, he was silent for a moment. Then he grabbed it, crumpled it in his fist, and ignored the shuruken. A breeze wafted up, and delivered the crumpled paper to a silent figure crouching in dense bushes.

Impatient fingers smoothed the paper, and reread the familiar words over again.

Uchiha Itachi,

This is me, mocking you, from a safe distance.
Stay away from Sasuke.

Hidden not only by the bushes, but also by a darkly coloured cloak, Haruno Sakrua smiled.

Authoress's Corner- Random, ne? I liked it…the randomness.