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Chapter 1

He watched from the shadows as the child was tending the garden. He normally didn't pay too much attention on humans around him, but this particular boy intrigued him. The pure existence of the child reminded him of the mistake he had made 5 years ago.

He allowed a mirthless laugh to escape his lips. Not all though it had been a mistake… His cousin, a distant relative he had started to call a "cousin" in lack of a better term, had begged him to fight against his believes and leave the boy unharmed.

"And I thank you every day for the favour you granted me." He didn't need to turn around to know that his cousin had spoken those soft words.

"Far good did it do to him… Is this what you wished for?" His hand weaved toward the skinny figure rinse the weeds. It wasn't pity he was feeling for the boy. After five years of watching he still couldn't figure out the feeling that pressed his mind when he was near the child. The feeling made him uneasy, but he couldn't stay away. The pull of compulsory brought him to witness the scene regularly.

"I do not wish for things to happen. I only make sure they do. You know the pattern the lines have to draw! Do you wish for it to fall apart?" Her voice rose higher and louder toward the end of the sentence, but neither the boy nor the man standing besides her reacted.

"I do not wish to waste our time by arguing over decisions done in the past. But do not ask me ever again for that kind of favour! I shouldn't have done it once, and I sure as hell won't do it again." He could almost feel her need to start their old argument again, but to his relief she stayed quiet. A hesitant touch on his hand was the only goodbye he got before he found himself again alone in the yard.

Except for the boy.

How easy, yet impossible, it was to forget the child. He had little experience with children, but according his genuine knowledge children were supposed to be colourful. When one looked at a child, one should be able to see all the colours of the rainbow, from the violet of misery to the joy of yellow. This child hold only the colours of the light, but even they were covered in hazy ooze. Even now, humming in the garden on a sunny day, the boy's light was dimmed.

He felt that his actions had partly caused that.

The sudden quietness woke him from his musings. The humming and the rustle of the leaves had stopped.

"I saw you before! You came here to be with me? My name is Harry!" The bright green eyes filled with joy were fixed to him. "My auntie told me not to trust strange adults, but you are not a stranger, are you? I know you! And you know me!" If he had been more in tune with his feelings he would have been shocked by the sight of the bouncing boy full of energy. But as it was, he only wanted an explanation to the breach in his protection.

"All the kids around have friends, you could be my friend! And I won't share you with anyone, you'll be just mine! And we can talk and you can help me and no one can take you away!" The boy was radiating happiness as he took a few steps closer to him.

Slowly he lowered himself to the eyelevel with the boy and maybe first time in five years looked at the child. In the green bonds he saw the consequences of his actions and once more he cursed his cousin and himself for believing her.

"I apologize for my actions in your past. I have cursed you, when I should have taken you… but I give you my word: I will never leave you, call me what you will, a friend, a stranger, but I shall be with you in your times of need."


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