"Red is obviously such a stimulating color, and it has so many connotations."--P. J. Harvey

Of all the colors in the rainbow, he mused, red was probably his favorite.

"Yunoki-sama, you played so beautifully today"

"Thank you"

He wasn't particularly sure why.

"Yunoki-sama, would you like some tea?"

"Yes, thank you."

He supposed it was because of what it was meant to signify. Passion, romance, beauty. A flash of cyan caught his eye.

"Yunoki-sama would you li--"

"Fuyuumi-san" he called out.

The clarinet player turned around slightly surprised. "A-ah, yes Yunoki-senpai?"

He closed his eyes and smiled, "You look positively radiant today"

"Y-y Yunoki-senpai!"

All around were gasps, shrieks, and a dull thud as someone fainted. When he opened his eyes he was pleased to note the deep flush staining her face. Ah, red was such a lovely color.