In battle, I run out, disobeying your yells again. I can get them, I know I can, just watch me. Then you come, and demand I go back. I agree, after a bit of arguing, and when I do, you aren't there with me. Don't take chances, that is what you told me, what the hell are you doing then?

I yelled your name. At that moment I know everyone thought I sounded a little gay. What part of best friends can't they get? I loved you; you were my best friend. It isn't gay when two girls' say that, but when men say it, it automatically makes them together? No, that's not how it is.

I still cried over you, that day. It should have been me…I should have died, not you. You didn't deserve this. I pounded the floor repetitively, it did no good, just made my knuckles sore.

I remembered when you hit me, I fell back against the wall. No, it wasn't hard enough to hurt too badly, but it hurt the heart. YOU hit ME. That was just so…so…unexpected.

Even now I miss your 'poetic nonsense' as I so put it earlier. Tune misses it too, obviously, because I read over a note she had written.

"My heart is ugly, covered with jealousy."

Something like that. When I got done…I realized…did you love me? I mean, more then a friend? I wouldn't have thought any less of you, you know… I'm with Leena, big deal! Leena would have been fine about it, and…well, I admit now that I might have gotten a little bugged out, but…friends just don't bail on each other like that.

Why couldn't it have been me? One of these days, it will be me, and your death would be wasted. So now, I will fight my hardest, and will get revenge. I'll look after Erts for you, and I respect him.

So now that I'm done with my 'poetic nonsense', I want you to know, I'll see you in hell…