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Summary: Bo leaving? Uh oh! ...or is he? What of Shirley???

The Case of the Conscious Nightmare

"I'm going to the Ukraine and Im finishing my high school there, I leave in two weeks.." was all that came to her mind, she didnt know what to make of it, her best friend, the one she always counted on the one she thought would always be there. She was overjoyed for him, it obviously meant a lot to him, and she was happy for him...who was she kidding she knew the second Bo Sawchuk left that things would never be the same again...and that scared her more than she thought was possible. The thought of losing her best friend made her heart burn and her soul ache, anytime she say him she knew that what she was feeling was much deeper than any friendship but something was always there to hold her back, preventing her from confessing how she felt, and that hurt more than anything.


As he silently watched each article of clothing fall into his half full suit case, Bo Sawchuk felt his heart sink lower and lower, he was happy that he would be finishing his schooling in Ukraine but something was holding him back, some invisible force kept preventing him from filling the suit case to the top...mabye it wasnt somthing holding him back....mabye it was first he would think only of Heather and how much he would miss her, but thinking of her didnt ease any pain, he knew it wasnt Heather he would miss....he would miss his best friend..Shirley...Shirley Holmes, the one person he felt connected to, for some reason any time he thought of her his heart would skip a beat, and he didnt want to lose that, she meant too much to him, what was he going to do? He was to leave for Ukraine in 2 days....


"NO..NO COME BACK...NOOOOOO!!!!!!" Shirley Holmes woke up panting, she had dreamed the same recurring dream she's been having for days. She and Bo were walking along the beach when he suddenly threw continious insults her way, each word that came from his mouth only pushed him farther and farther away from her, as though he was drifting until he was gone, and she was left alone....what was she to do? who would she tell, her thoughts that she kept bottled up inside were catching up to her day by day, minute by minute, normally she would turn to Bo, her best friend for answers, when she realized that he wouldnt be there for much longer, it seemed the day would not end, it was Saturday early morning around 8 am, and all she could think about was how much she was going to miss Bo, her best friend...but when she mouthed those words, it seemed that he deserved more that "best friend".


Tossing and turning, frustrated, anxious, angry, scared, sad all in one, Bo was not only having second thoughts but thirds and fourths, he thought he d be sleeping like a baby, a saturday morning! Instead he was thinking of everything he d be missing ...everyone he'd be missing....the one person he d be longing for day and night....


Suddenly the phone rang, Shirley got out of bed slowly and realized that she'd been crying, why was she so sad? All she wanted for Bo was to be happy, and Ukraine made him happy, she SHOULD be happy for him....The phone continued to ring for a third time, and a fourth, until she finally picked up...

"Hello?" she answered in a low voice

"Shirley?, you sound upset, you ok?"

It was Bo, she didnt know what to do or say, was she to tell him how she felt? no..she couldnt, she wouldnt, that s too selfish, she thought..

"Hi Bo, uhm..."

Bo sounded concerned "Shirley what's wrong?"...shirley are you there?.."

"Uhm ya, nothings wrong really I'm fine" she replied in an uncertain voice.

" dont sound too good..."

"No, im fine, im just really tired, i havent been sleeping much that's all really.."

"..why havent you been sleeping???"

"i dunno insomnia I guess...well enough about me..."

*Something is wrong with her, she seems sad and her excuses arent all too convincing, mabye...nah, cant be cause of the program, Im sure it's something personal*


"uhm ya sorry Shirley I was lost in thought"

There was a moment of silence..

*I wonder why he's being so quiet...mabye..mabye Heather is there and he d trying to think of a nice brush off*

"Bo are you busy, is Heather there?"

"Heather? uhm no, listen Shirley can I meet you in the park in about an hour, there are a few things I want to say..."

*I think Im going to tell her ..Im going to tell her that Im breaking up with Heather, so I can stay with her, and mabye ..mabye she ll want me to stay...*

"Ya sounds good..."

"Great, i ll see you soon then, bye Shirley..."


Shirley sat in front of her miror and just stared at herself, she looked empty and completely alone...


It was 8:30am, Heather woke up wondering how she woke up until she started to think ...

*Bo is leaving in 2 days, Im really going to miss him..I bet Shirley will too, ugh she's so annoying, always the flirt, whenever he's with me there is always some big emergency about shirley..shirley shirley, if only she would just dissapear, into thin air....what an idea.....a very GOOD idea....Bo would be mine, and if he refuses to stay i ll just come with him i ll make a few arrangments and presto I ll be in his arms for the rest of our lives, and no Shirley Holmes will stop me...hmm but I may need some help...someone heartless and cruel, someone that hates Shirley as much as I do with a passion....*


9:00am, Bo had just made it, Shirley was no where in sight, at least now he would have some time to think of what he would say to her. It was getting to the point where all he could think of was the outcome as to what would happen after he told her how he felt about her, would she welcome him with open arms, or would she reject him, or even worse would she simply tell him she felt the same way and order him to go finish his high school in the Ukraine. He was so deep in thought that he didnt realize she was standing right next to him.


"Shirley! Hey glad you could come...."

"Of course I was going to know you are leaving soon and well i figured that we would spend a little time together before you left..."

"Ya I uhm was thinking the same thing....listen Shirley...


30 minutes earlier....

"..will you help me? Yes she ll be out his life, and he ll be mine...your sure this will work...ok ...when..uh huh...ok...the park? wait doesnt that seem a little i dunno public?...ya your right, we dont want to seem like it's a secret meeting, ...ok we ll act like it was just a coincidence...sounds 9? K i ll see ya there, thanks again...


What should I do...he said he wants to meet me..but mabye it's a goodbye thing...o god what will i say, should i be completely honest? should i just tell's all too confusing...well no matter what happens I m not just going to tell him the truth, no way, if he feels the same way he ll stay in Redington i KNOW he will, and he ll be passing up a huge oppertunity! i CANT let him do that...I WONT, he s worked too where does that leave guess it ll just be me...Shirley Holmes...teen detective...a broken hearted teen detective...


Hmm I think I ll just tell Heather it's over and mabye that way it ll be easier to show shirley that i will be commited...mabye i m moving too fast here...who am i kidding! I have NO clue what im going to do or say.....One thing is for sure Heather deserves the truth so I ll tell her...mabye i ll talk to shirley first...


Please let her show up..where is she....without her I know for a fact that i ll fold and everything we talked about will be ruined! all she has to show up first...

8:59am... "Heather...well well what a surprise!..."


"Bo..just say it, whatever it is, it seems important....just tell havent left yet, and im still your best friend, you can still tell me anything...."

"Shirley...just because Im going to Ukraine...doesnt mean that we wont still be best mean too much to me....y..o..u..always have meant so much to me..."

*looking into her eyes ok that's the first just say the words...just say them...*


"BO! what are you doing here?"

"Heather!!???...I thought you were working today.."

"WEll...I should probably two need to spend some time together.." Shirley waved goodbye and turned to walk away..

"Uhm Shirley..."

"Ya?...o im sorry you were going to say somthing?..."

"Uhm no...i ll talk to you later.."


Shirley's smile came to a frown as she witnessed Heather kissing Bo...but for some reason Bo was obviously distracted...

Suddenly she looked to her right...she noticed a shadow barely visible, then dissapear..."

*That shadow...*

Shirley walked away from Heather and Bo and tried to find some leads..

"Heather uhm I need to tell you''s about Ukraine.."

*O no she was right! he's going to break up with me! Ive got to use the excuse she told me to use...* "..YOU WANT ME TO COME WITH YOU!! O MY GOD! BO that's so sweet! i would love to come with you..."

Shirley turned around to see...Heather kissing Bo Shirley saw her best friend slip away...she found her nightmare making it's debut....


The Case of the Conscious Nightmare : Chapter 1

Shirley felt her heart sink deeper and deeper, her blood boiled, her eyes burned and her lungs were caving in, the sight of her best friend kissing Heather....there was somthing just not right, somthing horribly..wrong...Shirley was able to catch some of what Heather had seemed as though Bo had asked her to come with him to he...Shirley then realized that it took all this to happen before she realized how insanely jealous she was...why didnt she see it before?..she...she was in love with her best friend...*O gawd..since when has my life become so dramatic that's it's somehow morphed itself to an episode of..Dawson's Creek! where was all this..DRAMA coming from...!* Shirley couldnt move a single muscle as if her feet had been glued to the ground, forcing her heart to feel continuous stabs of pain and aching, the constant torture of watching him slip through her fingers quite possibly for good. The pain becoming too torturous to bare she casually looked the other way, not expecting to see the same mysterious shadow lurking behind a few tall dark trees.


Heather let go of Bo's lips a second later, which was just enough time for Bo to see Shirley dissapear into the woods , his first instinct was to run up to her and hold her in his arms as if there was no tomorrow, his second....was to tell Heather how wrong she was...and how she couldnt be more wrong, but at this rate he d be on his way to Ukraine before he spelled it out!

*He's taking too long, why isnt he saying anything, she was right! dammit! why did she have to be right!....hmm at least my trick worked, looked like little miss detective believes that Bo asked me to come along with him, hmm who knows mabye Bo WILL let me come along...but somehow i doubt it...wah..what s he starring at?....!!!!..SHIRLEY HOLMES! ugh! Ive gotta do somthing before he breaks it off.......or not the one that should be doing something...mabye i ll make a few calls for some extra help...hmm*

"Heather? are you with me here? you seem miles away?"

"huh. o ya sweety im here! I cant wait to go with you!.."

"uhm Heather there is somthing I need to tell you, and it cant wait...I ..dont want you to come with see uhm..."

"..your breaking up with me arent you? ARENT YOU!!!! ...*keep your cool when push comes to shove you dont want him to suspect YOU, you have to look innocent and understanding...come on drama class back me up..*

"Bo, i understand you are in love with Shirley..I can see it in your eyes, I see it anytime you talk to each other, ever word you articulate,...I want you to know that i respect you for telling me..."

" ...well..yes we are breaking up...and im ..glad your taking this so well.."

"g.bye bo, thank you for a great time, have a great life..*.just calm down things will work out in YOUR favor, they will..they HAVE to, even if it means getting rid of Holmes...permanetly!..*


Shirley continued to stare at the figure as it gracefully lurked about. Suddenly she felt that the hunter had become the hunted, she felt as though SHE was the one being pursued that each and every move was being watched attentively. She heard leaves crunching and cracking all around her, she was getting goosbumps and got multiple chills up her spine, only one person could make her skin crawl so intently without mouthing a single word.


I'm glad Heather and I are over, it was definetly for the best, now all i have to do is tell Shirley, ..but what if she rejects me like yesterday's, she wouldnt do that, that isn't her style, at least i hope it's not...*

Suddenly he happened to have bumped into someone, as he turned to see who it was, Bo gasped in total shock, he was back! Back in Redington, Shirley's life.....


Shirley studied the scene, nothing out of the ordinary, suddenly her cell phone rang.

"Hello?!...hello???!!!...whoes there????...hello!!???" Nothing, no sound whatsoever, suddenly she began to hear steady breathing

"Who is this?!" No answer Shirley's hand started to shake frantically, she wasnt sure why this phone call was shaking her up but it was.


"Hey Bo! Long time no see, how have you been?"

Bo just stood there in complete awe, he wasnt counting on this surprise, the surprise that would cost him everything. He had nothing against him personally but, Bo would get so irritated each time him and Shirley were near each other, some weird vibe that always struck an unsettling cord in him, yet here he was, standing proud and tall in front of him attempting to catch up on old times...

"Hey man, it's been a really...really long time" hoping that his words would somehow make him feel a huge amount of guilt big enough as his drive to continue passing through Redington.

"So uhm how s Shirley?"

"She's...she's fine i uhm how long are you staying here in Redington?"

"...mabye permanetly.."

Bo's heart fell, he was frozen, he said nothing, thought nothing except, he was sure to lose Shirley now, how could he not, mr. BIG SHOT is back in town, and she ll fall for him all over again, he' ll be my replacement in every possible way, he ll be her true love, i ll just be...her friend that had dispersed into the world without word, and soon enough, i ll be a vague memory, fading into the background...out with the old with the new, how was he to tell her now?

"I ve missed her a lot, I cant wait to see her!"

That was it, Bo had lost....while "THE OTHER GUY" had prevailed....


Shirley hung up her phone in a single movement, trying to regain control, breathing heavily, until she felt someone behind her, approaching her slowly, she began walking forward, *this isn't good the woods only get darker, im better off facing whoever is back there* Just then her thoughts were interrupted by the a hand grasping her shoulder..


Heather sat motionlessly on the park bench, deep in thought, blocking out her surroundings, seeing only herself...*There is no way im going to let them have the happy ending, it's not fair, it's my right, he's mine, and mine alone!*

She was brought back to reality by the sharp sound of her cell phone ringing....


"I think I may be able to think of a way to get rid of Holmes, but were going to have to make sure that NOTHING goes wrong, so we do everything my way"

Heather agreed. "But now i've got a questions for you, why are you so eager to help me..what's in it for you.."

"Let's call it a personal vendetta and leave it at that...."

"Whatever, look i dont care how far you go to get the job done, just...

"HEY! I call the shots Heather, be a good little girl, you do realize that there is no turning back and i stress that!


*I've sold my soul to the devil....whatever it costs for me to get Bo back with me and away from HER!*


"AH!!!!!" Shirley jumped right out of her skin and trembled uncontrollably!

"WOW! Shirley hey, it's just me!!!" Shirley spun around expecting to see her best friend's face looking upon hers, but the one she saw was none other than...


"Hey City, it's been a while.."

end of chapter 1

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