The Case of the Conscious Nightmare : Chapter 6- The Finale
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Summary: Well to sum up a few things, Shirley & Bo got into this huge fight, all is going horribly wrong. Molly & Heather were working together to split Bo & Shirley up but that plan goes sour & Heather turns on Molly!
Matt is involved indirectly, it seems he had a girlfriend the entire time he was with Shirley which adds the icing to the cake. Now Heather stricken with grief that she may have lost Bo forever, is holding Shirley, at gunpoint!
Bo & the others are at the airport & Matt is presumably back with Hally, his other girlfriend. Poor Shirley!, All alone, no one else is home...will that mark her final breath??? Will Bo ever have to chance to explain how he feels???

Alicia answered her phone only to hear Molly's voice!

"Alicia it's Molly, look i need to speak with's about Holmes.."


Bo hearing Molly's name being said automatically assumed that Shirley was in immediate danger and grabbed the phone from Alicia!

"MOLLY IF YOU HURT SHIRLEY SO HELP ME GOD..." "Breath Bo, jeez, look I know you may find this hard to believe but Heather is not as she appears to be! If i were you and I loved Holmes as much as you do, Id rush your butt over to her house as fast as your little legs can carry you because if you dont...well Heather will shoot Holmes!

"Heather? What? How do we know to trust you after all that you ve done to us? and why would you help Shirley?"

"Look stop badgering lil ol me, stop shooting the messenger. Suit yourself dont believe me I personally dont care if Holmes dies When she gets shot I ll be able to see her take her last breath here in the hospital, where I am, your ex shot me and left me for dead until the neighbor called 911,....hello? Hello????? he hung up! HOW RUDE!


Bo ran to his car, explaining the situation to Alicia, Bart and Stink, "Why would Molly want to help shirley?"

"Because she would rather destroy her than have her be destroyed" "hmmm... here i thought she actually had a heart!"

"She does!" proclaimed Stink the others rolled their eyes and were on their way to the Holmes' residence.


"This is great I can have Bo, you die, Molly dies, everyone s happy!"


"Here i thought you would have figured it out by now! See in the beginning the plan was to get Bo, and get you two to practically hate each other, until Molly my ex ally turned on me.."

"Ah I see, Molly was the one I saw in the woods two days ago in the park, you and her were meeting there and coincidentally met up with Bo and I. Molly began to go back on her word and it blew up in your face! You were angered by it all and decided to shoot Molly!"

"Correction kill Molly! And now you ve got no one to save you, they are all saying goodbye to Bo!"

"Heather I dont understand you, if you love Bo why arent you saying goodbye to him right now?"

"Because the minute i get rid of you, i m going to conveniently move to Ukraine and meet up with Bo, and well start over with him and live together forever!"

"You dont think he ll want to know why I wasnt there to bid him farewell?"

"He thinks you hate him, he has no reason to think that you were to come ! And now you ve no one to save you, not a single soul on your side! How does it feel Shirley?"

"Your not going to kill me Heather, you cant, you know deep down that Bo never loved you! And never will, nor could he, despite our arguement he still cares deeply for me and if you kill me there is no way he ll forgive you, he d kill you himself!"

"You keep assuming that Bo still cares for you! HE DOESNT! HE NEVER DID ! So give up the act your trying to buy some time! What are you secretly hoping that someone will come to rescue you? HA! Even Matt he's probably making out with that Hally girl! Face it Holmes your finished!"

Shirley then saw Matt behind Heather, he walked right behind her, slowly...

"Goodbye Shirley, I wonder why Molly thought it was so hard to be rid of you it's easier than i thought!" Heather aimed her gun at Shirley, she pulled the trigger the same time Matt began struggling to free the gun from her grasp when the gun went off a body fell tumbling to the ground.......


Bo, Alicia, Stink and Bart had just gotten out of the car to hear the bullet being fired!

Bo scared beyond belief ran through the front door to find Shirley tied up to a chair, Heather aiming her still loaded gun and Matt Harris' lifeless body on the ground!

"Bo! What are you doing here?"

"Heather! How could you????why????"

"BECAUSE! I love you Bo! And she kept getting in the way, i couldnt risk losing you!"

"...Heather you cant change how I feel...and I dont feel that way for you!" "Alright then! Tell me you dont love Shirley and i ll leave right now, look her in her eyes and look me in mine and tell me you dont love SHIRLEY HOLMES!

*Oh no what do i do! Am i strong enough to look them in the eyes and deny how i feel? How can i risk not to!? Shirley is dead if i say the truth and Heather wont believe me if i said i didnt there s no way we'll all leave here today alive!*

"Heather please leave Shirley alone...why does this matter, Im going to Ukraine, im going to stay there for a really long time, either way we wont be together!"


Heather angered more than ever began shooting at random! She shot all around while ranting and raving. During this time Matt had used any strength he had left to untie Shirley just in time for her to move out of the way and dodge a bullet.

"YOU CANT HAVE HIM! Bo finally gathered up all his courage and tackled Heather to the ground sending the gun to the ground.

Suddenly the gun went off........

"BO!!!!!" ************************************ ~It had been a hecktec weekend, Heather had tried using her best efforts to salvage her relationship with Bo, but she tried too hard and in doing so she lost his friendship as well. Matt had saved my life and had gotten shot but he would soon be released, wether or not he was going to stay here in Redington, that still remained unknown, Alicia had asked me if there was a chance of reuniting Matt and I, well anything is possible-just not anytime soon. As for Bo, well his plans would soon be determined. My feelings for Bo will never change but the depth of them..well that's something that will remain a secret for a while...

Shirley lay in the hospital bed staring up at the ceiling....


"....Bo...uhm hey..."

"Look Shirley i uhm need to get a few things out in the open....."


"Uhm I want you to know how sorry i am for everything....I never meant for you to get hurt in any way....and if your happy with Matt then...

"Bo...hear me out, Im not with Matt, I never really was, it turns out Matt had a girlfriend all along, and just never said anything, Im sorry for completely over reacting it was not fair to you, and i hope you accept..



"Im sorry, im sorry for everything i said two days ago, Im sorry for the whole mess with Heather, Im sorry you ended up in the middle..."

"Bo, we never stopped being best friends did we? Were ok are nt we?"

"Shirl, nothing has changed, were still as close as ever...but that's not all.."

"Well what else do you have to say?"

"Just that...Ive decided to stay..Ive decided to stay here in Redington."

"Bo..are you sure? I mean this is pretty important.."

"I know..that's why I realized that I cant...I cant live without you...GUYS..without you GUYS, your..ALL too important to..lose..the point is ive decided to stay and i would really like if you didnt dicect every word ive said..and.."

"Uhm..ok ive got a question...why did you guys come back? how did you know? and what happened to Heather?" "Well your not going to believe this but..Molly saved our butts, she escaped from the hospital, shot Heather in the shoulder, and now they are both undergoing treatment!"

"Wha??really? Why did Molly ..."

"Shirl, I tell you i have no clue what so ever"

They both laughed ...

"So Bo, when s your flight?" asked Shirley trying to sound happy.. "What..Shirley i just said..." replied Bo

"I heard what you said...Bo I get the feeling that your throwing away this oppertunity for and are you sure you want to do that?" "Well..."

"You want to go..what's holding you back?" "...everything, this is my home, i dont want to lose that and besides if i leave chances are you ll get into lotz more trouble and someone needs to keep you alive Shirl" replied Bo with a chuckle.

"Bo...I..I think you should go to Ukraine"

" that want?"

"..ya, i think you should take advantage of this chance if you worried about how we ll be, dont we're all happy for you and we want what's best for you, and it's not like you ll be gone forever you ll come back for holidays, dont worry everything will end up ok, trust me"

*she wants me to go? well i guess i shouldnt dissapoint her..*

"Alright Shirl, if your ok with this.."

"I am..we are.."

"Ok then i ll go soon after your release from the hospital"


They both smiled but although neither of them wanted to admit it was going to be a lot harder than they picture it..

"Well i'd better go .."

"Hey Bo.."


"Im glad the nightmare is finally over..."

"Me too too...Oh and Shirley...this will only be see you later, not goodbye...right?."

They both smiled and knew that it wasn't the end...not by a long shot... be continued in the sequel to The Case of Conscious Nightmare in "The Final Cut".
Final Cut preview:
Shirley's english class are studying Shakespeare when they get an assignment to recreate one of his plays being as creative as they please but not so much that the plot is lost within the changes.
Where's Bo? Take a guess *sobs* but dont worry it wont end me...hehe