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He was so beautiful. So much I could not ruin Kyrria for him, and could not be the downfall of the country. The only consolation I had was that maybe I would see him again, but it would a bittersweet meeting, far away and under countless layers of soot. That and it was not idea to host these balls. Most likely he would marry the blond haired wench that had captured his interest, his idea or not. While I sat there in the garden with char, comforted by the closeness of him, Hattie ran out to us.

"Prince Charmont, your parents are wondering where you are. Don't you think it would be best to enjoy (here she sneered not so subtly at me) company? Don't forget the dance you promised me." Hattie smile intergratingly at him, and clutched his arm.

Did she not notice the piece of spinach caught between her two front teeth?

Char protested, glancing at me, but I rose and swept the two my finest. I felt drained of energy and dried of tears. I no longer wished to hear Char perform his song. All I wanted—well, it could never be fulfilled, so it was useless wishing, wasn't it?

"My Lord, I was rather tired, and expected soon, so if you'll excuse me." I ignored his shouts and Hattie's smirk. He didn't go after me, with Hattie restraining his arm. Luckily I did not pass anyone on the dark road home. The rain was in full force, and one glass slipper was stuck in the mud. With a cry of exasperation, I left it there, a lone sparkle in this dreary night. Suddenly I was angry at everyone, at everything. I could not surpass my curse. Was I stuck forever serving to witless Olive and cruel Hattie? Was I to sneak around, depending on my fairy book, wringing every last drop of information to feel close to Char? Arriving back at the manor, I found Lucille and Mandy waiting for me.

"Oh honey…." Mandy clucked sympathically at my muddy petticoats and drenched frame. Lucille magicked me clean. Neither commented on my missing slipper. I walked upstairs with only one slipper. Closing the door, I slowly tugged the shoe off my foot and hurled it against the wall. The expected crash did not come, and the slipper fell to the ground unharmed, thwarting my temporary satisfaction and spending my anger. I undressed later and found I was wrong. I would never be dry of tears.


"Ow!" Something hit my forehead quite hard and bounced off.

"Wake up Ella!" An order. I climbed out of bed to find Olive staring at me. It was her delight to wake me up in various ways, from dumping water on me or bouncing KJs off my head, as her hand was squeezing one now. I scrambled off onto the floor and donned my daily rags. My forehead was still tender, and was sporting a wisteria purple. Definitely a keeper.

"Mother told me to bring you to her. But first…" She held out her hand. I sighed and produced a little white cake, baked the yesterday. Since I received no pay as a servant (pft more like slave) Olive demanded a white cake baked everyday just for her. With all the cake and coins lining her dresses, she'd soon be able to surpass Mum Ogla in …um…size.

"Come on then." She walked away, leaving me to follow in dread. What did Mum Olga want?


"Char! Wake up!"

"Umph! Mmmff…argh!" The weight that stubbornly held on to me was officially suffocating me at the same time. "Elise! Get off."

"But Char!" My little sister held on to me, dragging out my name. Elise was 10 years old, but like she was acted 3. 'Her naivety adds to my brother complex' I sighed. Elise ran downstairs, happy at finally rousing me. It was just as well, since I wanted to be alone now. I sat at the edge of my bed, not ready to endure a day of grueling lessons and princeliness. The tiredness would not go away. Maybe a quick write in my diary would help.

'The ball had continued to two in the morning, with many people clamoring for an encore of my song. That girl Hattie-ugh!-was most obnoxious after Lela left, repeating the same things; aging, deformity, known bandit….Lela was a true friend during these balls. Thank goodness there are over! I just realized! I have no way to contact her! Well, I know she lives and Bast and has an orange carriage, but she said those are fairly common over there, right? I wish she did not have to leave early. She promised to listen to my song. Lela reminds of a person I can't quite place, and makes me laugh often. Regardless of her mask, I would say she was quite pretty, with he white gown and glass slippers….'

Glass slippers?

I stopped writing and stared at my words. Ella. Memories flashed before me, my fingers twitched as if I could run my hands through her hair and—no! My mind was betraying me again, full of thoughts I had banished-or thought I had. Although…didn't Ella have glass slippers from the wedding? Was there a connection between those two? I shook my head ruefully, getting up from my bed. My wishes had simply leaked out, bridging fantasy and reality together. My paranoia had linked a married Ella and a masked girl in Bast. I needed to douse myself in cold reality, fast. Ella was a heartless minx who played me for a fool, end of story. I strode out the door, and slammed the door a bit harder than necessary.

But no matter how hard I tried, from my lessons to sparring, a pair of glass slippers twinkled in my, firm and resolute.


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