A/N: Well, this is my first shot at Narnian poetry. I've done a few Narnia-related articles, but this is my first poem. Narnia is most definitely NOT mine, I can't even compare to the genius of C. S. Lewis.

In Spare Oom they lived, from War Drobe they came,
And struck down the witch in the Great Lion's name.
Delivered us all from her dark power so strong,
Ruled over the land and righted the wrong.

King Peter, the brave, as High King did he reign,
Queen Susan, the loving, helped us all through our pain.
King Edmund, the judge, counseled the foolish and wise,
And Queen Lucy, the golden, with bright laughing eyes.

Beloved by their people, we were blessed they were here.
The Golden Age was upon us, no remnants of fear.
But now they have gone, only Aslan knows where,
And to keep what they worked for, we all must take care.

From the dreary, dark times they helped us to turn.
Now we must strive to never return.
The Magnificent, Valiant, Gentle and Just,
Remember we will…and remember we must.