Toph and Ty Lee were fighting. Ty Lee moved fast. Toph tried to get her but she was almost as impossible as Twinkle Toes. Sokka was nearby also fighting Ty Lee.

Rock after rock and Toph was getting annoyed. Suddenly Ty Lee appeared behind Toph and before Toph could do anything Ty Lee hit her. She suddenly couldn't see anything. She couldn't feel and she couldn't move any rocks. She really was blind. She heard Azula call Ty Lee and Mai off. She was scared. She really couldn't see for the first time in her life.

"Sokka!" she yelled desperately. It hurt and she was scared. "Sokka!" she said. Sokka ran over to her.

"What is it?" he asked. She didn't know where he was but she started groping. Aang and Katara were somewhere around but she needed Sokka.

Sokka seemed to realize as she started to wave her hands around.

"I can't see." She said her voice breaking. She started to cry. He quickly took her arm. She hugged him. She could hear his heart beating. He was uncomfortable she could tell and so was she but she was also scared.

"It's ok Toph. It will go away soon." He said. She continued to hold him. A little farther away were Aang and Katara. They all helped Toph onto Appa. She was so scared Sokka continued to hold on to her arm and she clutched at him not wanting to let him go. They helped her off of Appa and Katara and Aang set up camp while Sokka sat on the ground holding Toph. She wasn't crying anymore but she was still scared. She couldn't make a rock tent so Sokka let her sleep in his sleeping bag but when he got up to leave she whimpered and he sighed. Not in annoyance but in compassion and worry. He climbed into the sleeping bag with her. The next day she was up before them and slowly climbed out of the sleeping bag. She could once again see. When the others were up she went to Sokka to talk to him.

"Thanks Snoozles." She said. "I really appreciated what you did for me." She told him.

"No problem Toph." He said. "I can't imagine how you would feel." He said.

"No, you couldn't." she said thinking of something entirely different.

"Toph it may seem kind of abrupt but when that happened to you… and I realized how much I didn't want you to be…um… scared… I realized… um… how I felt…um… about you." He said stuttering. She stared at him waiting for him to continue. "I really care for you Toph and I don't want you to be in pain or to be scared. I really want what's best for you." He said.

"I care about you to Sokka." She said. He smiled.

"So… would you consider going out with me?" he asked. She thought about it.

"Yes. I will go out with you… but um… where?" she asked. He thought about it.

"Um maybe just next time we stop by some village." He said. She nodded. He was hesitant but then leaned down and gently pecked her on the lips. She smiled and she could feel him smile as he kissed her. He moved his head away and she felt Aang gaping at them. She kicked her foot and he flew through the air.

"Ow!" she heard him yell and Sokka started laughing. She smiled. Next time she saw Ty Lee she should remember to thank her.