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Kankuro's 22 and Temari's 20 Garaa's nineteen too. Naruto killed Sasuke while trying to bring him back.

Regular talking: "Temari Drool"

Regular thinking: 'Temari Drool'

Kyuubi or Inner Sakura talking: "Temari Drool"

Kyuubi or Inner Sakura thinking: 'Temari Drool'

Ranks: All of the Konoha teams : ANBU( Naruto is commander, Sasukes dead. Killed by Naruto ), Sand Sibs: ANBU.

'This will be real fun' was the first thought to cross his mind when hearing the mission brief. He was about to change his mind after 3 hours on a freaking train. 3 HOURS! That's way too much time for Naruto to sit still.

He sighed, his breath rebounded on the white mask covering his face, it smelt like ramen.

"I'm bored" he said. Naruto felt VERY uneasy when Ino, Sakura, Shikamaru, Kiba, Temari, Kankuro and GARAA deathglared him(Garaa's deathglare is VERY unpleasant)

The only one not deathglaring was Hinata, Shino, and Chouji

Hinata would NEVER do that to Naruto. Shino just never showed emotion. And Chouji was busy stuffing his face with chips.

"Not anymore" he replied VERY fast.

He took his mask of and leaned against Hinata who blushed a little, years of working with him had almost made her stop blushing, not completely, but at least she didn't faint anymore.

"Neh, Hinata how do you think this Hoart place will be?"

" It's HOGWARTS Naruto-kun, and i don't know"

"You think they have ramen there, i didn't see a single ramen stand in that big city we where in?"

" I don't know Naruto-kun"

Naruto then stretched his arms out and yawned. His sleeves fell back showing off deep red wounds over his wrists and arms. Hinata gasped and got tears in her eyes. Naruto blushed and threw his sleeves back. Everyone was looking at him with grim looks.

"I'm taking a walk down the corridors" he muttered and left.

Hinata started crying as soon as he had left the compartment.

Sakura and Ino scurried up to comfort her.

It wasn't the fact that Naruto was injured that had pushed her over the edge it was the fact that the wounds were self-inflicted. Ino and Sakura calmed her down and then started talking why the Kyuubi wasn't healing him.

"It's probably because he mended with it." Sakura said the "Kyuubi's chakra is now his own so it can't heal him and stuff like that. Why would he cut himself though?"

"Sasuke" the Konoha nins said in unison. The Sand Sibs looked confused

"What the cute one?

"Hai." Sakura said

"What they were dating and they broke up or what?" Sakura sighed.

"If it was that easy"

"Whaddya mean then?

"Well Sasuke ran off to Orochimaru for power when we were twelve Naruto almost died trying to bring him back. Last year we set out to bring him back he wouldn't cooperate so we had to kill him. It was Naruto that killed him with his own hands, he was devastated, Sasuke was like his brother."

"Poor guy" Temari actually sounded genuinely sorry for him.

Garaa then stood up and walked out

He found Naruto on the roof gazing at the horizon. He sat down next to the blond and said

"I know how it feels. Naruto looked up at him eyes red and puffy

"I killed my uncle when i was a kid. He tried to kill me too. Naruto then spoke up his voice cracking.

"I just can't forget when he coughed a mouthful of blood at me and thanked me. The last words he said was. Arigatou Naruto. Then he just went limp. Right there in my arms."

Some sand got out of Garaa' gourd and he lifted the blond boy to his feet and said

"Come now, you need to apologize to Hinata.

"Why?" he asked

"She started crying as soon as you left."

"Oh" came the reply "Ok"

They all watched when Naruto entered the compartment with eyes as puffy and red as Hinata's.

"Gomen, Hinata i didn't mean to upset you. Hinata managed a smile and said

"It's okay Naruto, i shouldn't be so easily upset anyway, i am an ANBU, i should be used to it. Naruto didn't reply he just sat down next her. Twenty minutes later the train stopped.

Soon after that they heard hundreds of people outside they saw mothers hugging and kissing their children, younger siblings crying and fathers telling their children to be good. Naruto looked away, like the scene burnt his eyes.

"Well work time i guess" he said and pulled his mask on. Everyone followed his example

"You stay here i'll find the boy" He stood up and opened the window and jumped out. He took on his commander voice and bellowed

"ATTENTION!" everyone suddenly went quite and looked at him.

"Is there a Harry Potter here? A scrawny boy with messy hair and ugly glasses walked up too him

"That's me" he said hesitantly.

"Grab your friends your coming with me. I'll explain later." Harry walked up too a redheaded boy and a girl with brown bushy hair. They slowly walked up too him. He gestured for them to follow him onto the train they walked up to the compartment where the shinobi had been sitting

The sixteen year-olds got shocked when they saw eleven people dressed up as the blonde with different masks of porcelain. Ron then said

"Dude whats up with mask?" Naruto shrugged

"Part of the uniform" he replied

"TEAM" he bellowed "Masks off please. Everyone except Naruto took their masks off

"Harry can you introduce you and your friends please." He said with a nice voice and looked at them.

"Hello i'm Harry Potter." the boy with the glasses said

"Ron Weasly" the redhead said looking pale

"Hermione Granger. The girl said

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto ANBU in command over this team.

"Haruno Sakura medic.

"Yamanaka Ino interrogator"

"Nara Shikamaru team strategist."

"Akamichi Chouji regular ANBU."

"Inuzuka Kiba tracker."

"Hyuuga Hinata scout."

"Aburame Shino spy."

"Temari long range support."

"Kankuro regular ANBU

"Sabaku no Garaa Tokutei ANBU."

The teens still stared until Harry said

"Why are you here?"

"You have not been informed of this?" Naruto said

"No!" Came the reply. Naruto sighed, ramen smell again

"A man named Dumbledore signed a contract with us to guard you over this year."

"He did?"

"Hai"( No Harry doesn't know Japanese i know he just guessed what Hai means AN//) Harry looked perplexed but said nothing, Naruto was the first to break the silence.

"Go get your bags the train's gonna get moving soon. Come back here when you have them you will be travelling with us. The teenagers complied and got their bags and returned.

"Good." Naruto gave them a smile unseen behind the mask, and sat down next to Hinata, when the trained started moving.

After half an hour the three teenagers understood that these people actually were human when Ino and Sakura started to gossip, Shikamaru played Go with Chouji and Garaa was reading some book in a language none of them understood. The rest started to talk. Naruto smiled when he noticed the teenagers expressions.

"Uzumaki" Harry looked at him.

"Please say Naruto where we are from the last name comes first,"

"Oh okay. May i ask something." Naruto nodded in approval.

"Where are you from?"

"Konoha" came the reply.

"Okay but what country?"

"Can't tell you, The location of the village must remain secret.

"Oh okay" He looked a little confused but sat down with his friends. Naruto thought about the mission.

"TSUNADE-BAA-CHAAN" He yelled walking trough the door, WHAM, and flew back out

"NARUTO NO BAKA DON'T CALL ME THAT!" Everyone sweatdropped.

"Itai" Naruto whimpered. Tsunade took a zip from a cup, Shikamaru didn't think it was coffe but didn't comment this.

"Mendokousai. Tsunade-Sama you had a mission for us."

"Hai your right as usual Shikamaru. Your mission is to protect a boy called Harry Potter and the school he attends to, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as some might have figured out by now it teaches magic"

"NANI" was heard from Naruto,

"Tsunade-Baa-chaan how much sake have you had today?" he giggled, WHAM, he flew out of the room and hit a wall.

"Itai" everyone sweatdropped again,

"Tell us about the school Tsunade-Sama" Shikamaru said.

"Well they teaches some kind of weird jutsus they use wands for though they call them spells, but you dont need to know that and i cant tell you about the terrain either as i haven't received any information on this, you will have to gather info yourselves, you will only need to pack clothes and weapon as food is given in three head-meals three times a day(DUH!), you will meet me here tomorrow at eight don't be late, and yes i mean you Naruto." Sweatdrops again.

"Any questions?"

"No" everyone said simultaneously

"Good remember eight tomorrow, IKUZE.

Naruto felt himself drifting of to sleep.
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Baka : Idiot

Sake : A kind of liquor

Ikuze : Go

Mendoukosai : Troublesome

Tokutei : Special