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Kankuro's 22 and Temari's 20 Garaa's nineteen too. Naruto killed Sasuke while trying to bring him back.

Regular talking: "Temari Drool"

Regular thinking: 'Temari Drool'

Kyuubi or Inner Sakura talking: "Temari Drool"

Kyuubi or Inner Sakura thinking: 'Temari Drool'

Ranks: All of the Konoha teams : ANBU( Naruto is commander,( Sasukes dead. Killed by Naruto ), Sand Sibs: ANBU.

Hinata was running. She was running from an enemy hidden in darkness, the urge to kill emanating from it was enough to make her, an ANBU run like a little scared gennin. Then Naruto grabbed her hand, she swung around to face him and tripped onto him, he fell on his back Hinata landing on him.

"Hinata-ch-" was all he got to say before his lips was caught in a kiss, a kiss as gentle as the mind of the petite girl lying on him, he was just about to put his arms around her neck when she started coughing blood.

"Aroigatou Naruto." She said and went limp. He screamed. He screamed in anger, fear, pain and sorrow. He was awake now, but he was still screaming, all the Konoha shinobi was gathered around him, looking scared.

"Naruto what happened?" Shikamaru said.

"It's nothing just a nightmare.". they looked at him.

"Seriously it was just a nightmare, just let me sleep."

"Okay." Sakura said.

"Goodnight." The girls walked out to their dorm while the guys laid down on their respective beds.

Naruto walked out of the room and towards the bathroom. When he was there he pulled out a kunai(they are ninjas they're always armed AN//) and brought it down to his wrist. The blood was dripping to the floor. He didn't care, he was just cutting and cutting and cutting. The pain freeing his mind from the dream.

"Naruto-kun." Naruto turned around to see Hinata looking at him, silent tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Why do you hurt yourself?" he looked at her.

"I just want to get away. . ." she took a hold of the unharmed arm and dragged him into a embrace. The dam holding his feelings burst showering his mind, tears started forming in his eyes.

He started crying out nineteen years of pain onto her shoulder. They sank to their knees, she was cradling him now and he was just crying. He was thinking about the villagers calling him demon, refusing to let him buy clothes at a decent price, how they were ganging up in him in dark alleys beating him and the people trying to kill him if the ANBU hadn't reluctantly saved him. How he had always been the dead-last.

Hinata was shocked, she had knew for long that the younger Naruto had been a mask, but this much pain.

'No one deserves this, those idiotic villagers.' She thought looking at the blonde boy. He had always been strong but now seeing him crying like this. Hinata felt like her heart had been stabbed multiple times. Her nightgown was soaked with tears and Naruto wasn't stopping anytime soon. When he finally did he slowly rose to his feet and planted a kiss on her forehead.

"Arigatou Hinata-chan." He said and walked away. Hinata just sat there looking after him.

"Aishiteru Naruto-kun."

Naruto was going to bed when he felt Kiba looking at him, he sighed.

"Kiba i'm not in the mood for this nor do i have the energy just let me sleep." Kiba glared at him.

"Well we wouldn't have to do this if you didn't go around stealing other peoples girls!"

"Kiba i'm not interested in Hinata that way."

"You sure of that kit?"

'Shut up you idiot fox, yes i'm sure.'

'Or are you?' a little voice in his mind said.

"What do you mean with that? Her smell is all over you. Again, and you smell like!" Kiba sniffed.

"Blood. Naruto why are you smelling blood? What did you do at the bathroom?"

"Nothing" Naruto answered and put his arms behind his back as casually as could, hoping Kiba wouldn't notice. Kiba grabbed his arms and looked at them, they were bloody from the shoulders down.

"Naruto i-i'm sorry i was so angry i didn't notice."

"Notice what?" a tired voice said.

"Nothing, its fine, go to bed Shika." Shikamaru looked at him.

"Naruto your sleeves are bloody from the shoulders down. You seriously thought i wouldn't notice?" aforementioned man said.

"Umm . . ."

"Baka." He said and went back to sleep." Kiba didn't really feel like arguing anymore so he just said goodnight and went to sleep. Naruto lied down in his bed.

'What if i really like Hinata-chan' he thought.

'i'll think of this tomorrow i need to sleep now.' He yawned and stretched his arms up into the air, he saw the cuts.


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