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Chapter 7: Tradition

Mrs. Jacob Ephriam Black. The name seemed to resound in my head.

The ceremony was small, quaint and perfect. My mother, Angela and Emily had been my bridesmaids. Sam, Embry and Ben had been Jake's groomsmen.

At the reception I was met with miles of linen: much of which was tulle and satin.

I didn't pay much mind to the dinner as I ate it. I was more intensely aware of Jake's leg next to mine. His heat seared through both his pant leg and my gown.

I was acutely aware; even more so then often of Jake's towering height during our first dance. I can't quite remember what song we danced to, for I had lost myself in his eyes. I had a feeling that he had to shake himself out of the same stupor that I had found myself in. He had bent down to kiss me at the end of our dance, but I soon felt myself bent over backwards in a swooping kiss. I was vaguely aware of the whistles and wolf-calls. By now I had found the latter oddly ironic. Though I expected they came from the "wolves" themselves.

Soon after came the cake. It had three tiers and was covered in ivory fondant instead of icing. Small blossoms in varying shades of blue covered the cake, and vines hung around the base of each tier. Each tier was chocolate and yellow cake with butter-cream icing separating each layer.

As we cut the cake, Jake's hand not only covered mine but part of the silver handled knife as well. I was the first to feed the piece of cake, and though I had first gently put it to his lips; I shoved the rest in his mouth, causing him to look like a rapid, foaming animal. Camera's flashed; capturing my audacity.

He finished eating the cake, but I saw the evil glint in his eye. I had half a mind to run. But being the sweet person I loved (and married; I mentally did a happy dance) he tenderly placed the cake in my mouth without any icing touching my face. I leaned in to give him a kiss, and as he did so I felt a splat against my cheek, and I looked up into Jake's glee-full eyes.

I took my hand to wipe the icing off, and without a second thought flung it at Jake's face. However, due to my infamous aim, I hit the photographer right on the front of his shirt. I raised my hands to my mouth in shock. And Jake being the helpful person he was doubled over in laughter. I grabbed a napkin off the table to help the poor man wipe the butter-cream icing off his shirt. He laughed good-naturally and waved me away so he could go clean himself off in the bathroom.

I turned to Jake who was still shaking in attempt to control his laughter. However, he did take a napkin from the table, wiping the remaining icing off of my cheek.

"Bella, Bella." He said, shaking his head.

At that moment I was glad that I had not worn blush; I was certain that it would have given my face a purple tinge at that instant.

We walked back to our table and watched the others dance. I was happy that he held my hand for it was an anchor in my elated state.

I soon saw the photographer, and went to apologize to him. He said that it was no problem; it was reasons like this that he brought an extra outfit. And indeed he had a new shirt on.

Angela intervened my way back to the table, congratulating me and thanking me for letting her be a bridesmaid, and Ben a grooms'. She then suggested that I throw my bouquet: I complied.

Jake saw what I was about to do, and had the rental DJ make an announcement.

After all the women had gathered in the center of the floor, I turned around and threw the bouquet at the crowd. Who caught it but Emily? She smiled widely, and breathed the floral scent in.

It was then that I noticed the chair that had been placed beside me, Jake stood by it with a Cheshire cat grin.

"Jake…?" I questioned.

"Sit." He ordered.

I sat, and as soon as I sat down I realized what was about to occur. I nearly jumped out of my chair.

I had quite conveniently forgotten about that annoying piece of lace around my thigh. I had forgotten why it was there too; the garter toss.

Jake had kneeled down, much in the fashion as he had proposed to me. His hand started at my ankle, and teasingly at a dangerously slow pace made it's way up to my mid-calf, to my knee and as his hand reached my thigh, the pressure of his hand increased just enough to send me up the wall. He finally found the annoying piece fabric, hooked his index finger in it and as slowly as he had before, pulled the garter down. Not once did his eyes come off of mine.

Uproars of wolf and catcalls and claps and whistles reached my ears as Jake held the piece of fabric up in the air like a trophy.

I put my head in my hands not wanting to look up. Though when I heard the gasp I looked up and saw the garter on top of Sam's head.

I broke out into laughter and offered Emily my seat. I did not stay around to watch but I could take a wild guess at what happened after the crowd went "Awww…"

Jake followed me to the window where I was.

He laughed at me when I mumbled "Stupid traditions."

"Now it wasn't that bad was it? You can't tell me you didn't enjoy that last one."

I giggled, but still blushed remembering the photographer and the amount of camera flashes during the garter toss. I would hunt down every guest demanding to see their photos.

He sat himself on the sill and placed myself in his lap.

Laying my head on his chest; I calmed my heart down at the sound of his. His arms wrapped around my figure as he kissed the crown of my head.

I sighed into his chest.

"Thank You."

"Now whatever do you have me to thank for?"

"You kept the pieces of me together. You were there when I needed you. You helped me get over him."

He looked at me with large eyes. This was normally an untouchable subject. But I meant what I said; I still hurt, but I had Jake now, I was over what had happened. I settled back into his chest.

"You're welcome Bella, always welcome."

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