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The first night at the Potter Manor closed in around the magnificent manor. The occupants had just retreated to their respected bedrooms. Harry was going through the drawers in his room, which looked a whole lot like the bedroom at his house except for it was much bigger.

There was a tap and the door opened and Lucius stepped in. Harry smiled, "Everything go well with dad?" asked Harry concerned.

"It went well." said Lucius, closing the door lightly. "Much better than I expected. I believe we may have found a common ground."

Harry smiled, "That's good. It's a whole lot better this time around than summer." He shuddered, "That was bad."

"Yes, it is much better. And your manor is lovely."

Harry laughed and stepped into Lucius' loving arms. He leaned up almost on his toes and gave him a kiss that clearly stated, 'It's only been a few hours, but I miss you.' Lucius returned the kiss in full.

"Are you accompanying me tonight?"

"I had no plans on staying in this cold room all by myself." answered Harry. "I'd never be able to sleep without you."

He was kissed succulently for that, "Good, I don't want you to sleep without me."

Harry laughed, "Why would I even attempt?" He smiled and pulled out some clothes and walked out with Lucius to his room.

Although the couple were in bed most of the night, it never meant they slept. Harry was a little more frisky than usual and Lucius had to restrengthen the silencing charms every time Harry deviously slid on top of him.

Harry lay there on top of Lucius with his chin against the man's chest. "At this rate, we're never going to get to sleep." said the aristocrat. "What has come over you?"

Harry giggled, and drew the silk sheets up around them. He kissed Lucius' chest as the man stroked his jet black hair affectionately. "I don't know." admitted Harry.

"Well, it is a good thing that I can keep up."

Harry's laughter got a bit louder as he raised his head and kissed Lucius on the lips, the overwhelming sensations seemed to be growing with every kiss and touch. The two were completely naked underneath the covers. It was skin on skin enraptured by the silkiness of the emerald green sheets. He lowered his head and pressed his cheek against Lucius' chest.

Lucius locked his arms around Harry and they remained like that until both of them fell asleep.

Lucius hated to leave Harry the next morning but it was already nine o' clock when he awoke. He could feel that Harry was fast asleep and wasn't waking anytime soon. He kissed him twice on his immobile lips, slid out of the bed and covered him back up. He was so deep in his sleep that he didn't even shift.

Once Lucius was dressed he slipped out of his room, he ran into Remus Lupin in the entrance hall. "Poor Harry." said Remus, handing Lucius a letter. "Give him my condolences, really."

Lucius took the letter and saw that it was an invitation to a Christmas Ball on Christmas Eve at Cornelius Fudge's manor.

"I will."

"Yours I believe, Draco retrieved it to keep from waking you."

"Thank you, Remus."

The dining room was much less formal than Lucius had ever seen it. He now saw where Harry got his eating in pyjamas habit. Lily was sitting on a chair curled up in indian style wearing blue and white cloud pyjamas with her hair messy everywhere and snacking on pancakes without syrup.

Draco was sitting next to Hermione, and Lucius noticed they were closer than usual. Severus was next to Sirius remaining quiet fully dressed. Sirius looked as if he was having the time of his life while James rubbed his head, apparently sporting a headache from too much scotch last night.

"Lucius, do you think Harry will actually go to the dance this time?" Lily wondered hopefully. "We don't want to force him like we did last time."

"I'm sure he'll agree to it, if I speak with him." said Lucius, casually, sitting next to his son. "I do believe it will not be anything like last time."

"That was disastrous." mumbled James, rubbing his forehead.

"Would you prefer a hangover cure, Po- James?" asked Severus, slowly.

"Please?" James looked up desperately. "Lily won't make me one."

Lily smiled impishly, "No, I won't."

Severus flicked his wand and summoned the potion straight to James who could not have snatched it quicker.

"Is Harry still asleep?" asked Lily. "Yes." answered Lucius. "He was quite tired when he finally fell asleep."

Remus came into the room at that moment, he was grinning and looked very happy with himself as he took up a seat on Severus' other side.

"Oh, bloody hell, Moony what are you smiling about?" asked James warily.

Remus laughed out loud and shook his head, "Absolutely nothing you need to be concerned about Prongsie."

James scowled and threw a biscuit at the werewolf causing it to hit him in the shoulder. "Nothing my arse. Your laughs scare me more than Padfoot."

Sirius snorted, "It should, at least you know when I'm being a git. With Remus you never can tell."

"You're so bloody vain." retorted Remus. "If it had something to do with you, I wouldn't be smiling in your presence. In fact I would be consorting with Lily and Harry or possibly Severus."

Severus smirked, as James paled. "Not another one to consort with. Ah, damn. Lily and Harry are bad enough, they're so bloody subtle."

Lily burst out laughing, her shoulder's shook. "I'm right here, James."

James sighed, "Well, then, what are you grinning over?"

Remus arched an eyebrow, "You're not going to let it rest are you?"

"Not until I know I'm safe."

"Honestly, it has absolutely nothing to do with you." said Remus, almost gleeful. "Well, inadvertently it may..." James' eyes narrowed. "But, I'm keeping my mouth shut until the proper people know, what I happen to accidentally know."

The table exchanged looks.

"Did your senses pick something up?" asked Hermione, who had been quiet the entire time.

"More or less." answered Remus, his smile continuing to shine.

James groaned, "You scare me, Moony." said the elder Potter picking up some toast and jam.

Harry yawned greatly as he staggered from Lucius' room and down the corridor. Why was he so unexplainably tired? He shook his head and pressed the creases out of his thin dark blue sweater. He was wearing dark blue jean trousers that were loose in the legs and thighs while fit just right around his waist. He hadn't been in the mood to overly dress up today. His hair was thrown back and he had yet to change his earring.

He pushed open the door to the dining hall to see everyone sitting around and enjoying themselves. Harry was pleased to see that his dad was having a pleasant conversation with Lucius and Severus was found whacking Sirius over the back of the head, while Remus laughed and ducked before Severus could do the same. Draco and Hermione were engaged in a conversation and Lily was sneaking into the kitchen, trying not to be spotted by the house-elves.

Remus looked up and his face brightened, "Morning cub."

Everyone looked over, and Harry found himself smiling sheepishly, "Morning." said Harry, going over to Lucius, who curled his arm around the boy's waist.

"More like nearly afternoon." said James, checking his watch teasingly.

"How you feeling?" asked Remus, conversationally.

Lucius looked at Remus oddly, as Harry nodded, "Tired, but good." said Harry, as he was nudged into his companions lap.

Lucius pulled something out and placed it in front of Harry who had been reaching for the blueberries and strawberries. He groaned most desperately. "Nooo."

James looked up to see Lucius opening Harry's letter. "It won't be bad this time." reassured Lucius. "I'll see to it."

Harry bit his lower lip, "Hmm."

His lover's hand came around and cupped the boy around the waist and pressed a kiss to his cheek. "I am attending and I would love for your company."

Harry laughed softly, "You know I'm going. I'm just complaining and whining." He said, going for the french toast without syrup.

"Wow, that was the quickest I ever heard you to agree." said James.

Harry looked over the letter, it was the orphanage again. "Lucius? Will you fix the check?"

"Yes, I knew you would be asking."

"Fix the check?" asked Hermione.

"So that Fudge doesn't take half of it."

"He'd do that?" asked Hermione, in shock.

"Unfortunately, Hermione he will." answered Lucius. "He always does. He'll take his percentage just for holding the ball."

"And if he's not holding the ball?" asked Hermione, scandalized.

"Then he will tax it just for him being there."

"That's horrible!" said Hermione, shaking her head. "Those are little kids who need that money."

"I've already made up 300 quilts." said Lily, coming back into the room. "Now all's left is 100 more and they're ready to go."

"Can I help?" asked Hermione.

"Of course you can."

The afternoon began and then soon ended with the occupants doing different things. Apparently, Sirius and Remus were doing well to keep Severus occupied and amused at the same time.

James joined Harry and Lucius in conversation. It was much more pleasant and didn't hold any nasty aftertastes. The next few days followed along in much of the same fashion. Everyone seemed to be getting along, and they all seemed to be able to amuse themselves with something or nother.

Christmas Eve was upon them and Harry pouted very little about going to the ball while he was figuring out what robes he would be wearing.

He decided on the beautiful pale white robes of satin that had a trace of silver along the edges of the cloak. On the back of the cloak was a silver outline of a dove with its wings spread out. Harry's hair was pulled back low with a white ribbon and in his ear was a silver dove dangling. His mind was spinning with thoughts.

One of the thoughts happened to be Lucius and the gifts he had, he didn't really fancy giving them to him while his parents and everyone else were in the room. It was something more special than that.

The man on Harry's very thoughts sauntered into the room for him, however, he stopped when he saw Harry in front of the mirror dressed in all white. Something odd, had taken over his mind and heart. He was frozen to the floor, hardly able to move.

When Harry look back, he blushed, when Lucius tilted his head to the side. "Wow."

Harry laughed, "What?" Bringing his shoulder up to his ear in a sheepish gesture.

"Of every colour... no one can wear white like you can." Lucius stalked forward and ran his hands up and down Harry's arms. He leaned around to kiss him lovingly. Lucius took Harry's hands in his and played with his fingers. He pressed them against his own and smiled at the size difference.

"What are you thinking about?" asked Harry, placing a kiss on the man's cheek.

"You." said Lucius, honestly.

"Care to elaborate?"

"Not yet."

Harry smiled, "Okay, well, when you do, let me know."

"Indeed." He pressed a kiss against his temple, cheek, and then his ear, causing the boy to laugh lightly and raise his shoulder up from the tickling sensation. Lucius captured Harry's lips and drank them, with an everlasting addiction.

"Before we leave." said Harry, pulling back almost reluctantly. "I want to give you something. Your gift - early."

Lucius arched an eyebrow, "Oh? Is it that intimate?"

Harry laughed softly and pressed his lips delicately against Lucius, "Yes and no. But not in the way you think. I just - don't want my dad and godfather acting ridiculous-" He moved from Lucius' arms and to a small wooden music box that had not been there before. There was a green diamond symbol on top and the wood was a dark cherry oak. He opened it and a soft classical melody came from the box itself.

Harry stared into the velvet blue interior at both of the gifts he had bought, his eyes lingering just a moment longer on the ring. He pondered taking it out - but then he shook his head mentally. Maybe another time. He took the wrapped watch and closed the box back. He turned and held it out. "Took a while." Was all he said.

Lucius arched an eyebrow, "Shouldn't have taken any of your time Harry." He said, but he smiled and took the box in his large hand and slowly unwrapped it, his eyes never leaving Harry's face, who was staring at the gift almost nervously.

When he finally looked down at the unwrapped gift he opened the case and blinked in twice. A look of apparent surprise marring his aristocratic features. He had not expected a replica of the famous Slytherin Watch.

"Remarkable." breathed Lucius, his eyes glittering as he fingered the face of the watch.

Harry blushed and walked closer, "It was luck - that I found it."

"He's never shown me this." said Lucius holding it up in awe. "That's an amazing replica."

Harry grinned, "It was on display."

"Not when I was in there." said Lucius. "Which was about ten years ago." He looked up from the piece that had overwhelmed him. "Thank you Harry."

The teen leaned up against Lucius and kissed him once more and smiled in response. He looked faraway for a moment.

Lucius noticed the look and curled his arms snugly around Harry, pressing in against his slender waist, "I love you, you know that don't you?"

Harry's chest flamed and it caused everything to kind of slow down. He'd always felt that Lucius had love for him - but it had never actually been said. The burning feeling in his chest got stronger and stronger and the stinging in his eyes became sharper. He swallowed and pressed his face into Lucius' neck. He never wanted to leave the scent.

But, like all good things, they must come to a pause.

There was a tap on the door and James poked his head in. He cringed slightly, but smiled, "Are we ready? We have twenty minutes. Lily wants to get there early."

"We're ready." said Lucius, slowly moving from Harry, who was smiling. He had no blush on his face, like he normally was. Except he had a peculiar glitter in his eyes. One that hardly anyone could describe.

James beamed, when he saw Harry. He whistled, "You'll be all over the prophet gorgeous, for best dressed."

Harry straightened and scowled at the remark but it was more playful than anything, "I hope not." he said, walking to his father.

James smiled, and to Harry's utter surprise, his father wrapped his arms around him and pulled him close. Lucius turned away and gathered up a few items and placed them in his pockets. "Really, you look great Harry and I'm proud of you." He cupped the boy's cheek and kissed him on the cheek.

Harry stared at him, "You haven't done that since I was - five." He was receiving one surprise after another tonight.

"I know, and I missed it." He said sincerely.

Harry bit his lower lip trying hard to push the swelling emotions back down from his throat and into his burning heart. "So have I." He kissed his father back, just as Lucius came up behind them. His fingers snapping against the watch that was now residing upon his elegant wrist.

"Well, let's get going before Lily kicks me in my arse." said James, his smile was exceptionally wide and it looked to Lucius as though the man was proud of himself for doing something right.


When Harry appeared with his arm through Lucius' he laughed out loud when pale flakes of snow tumbled from the darkening sky. It was exceptionally cold and the driveway of the splendid manor of Cornelius Fudge's was being bathed in white. The snow stuck to the black paved driveway and the steps were continuously being cleared off magically so that those entering did not slip or fall.

Lily and James appeared just behind them, then Draco and Hermione. Harry glanced over at his best friend, who was looking sheepish and beautiful at the same time in a cyan blue low cut silk dress. Her curly brown hair was pulled high in a silver beret with almond brown curls spraying around her face accenting her gentle cheeks and the rest of her facial features. Draco was standing there with a smirk as he held out his hand to Hermione. He was wearing silver and emerald, the perfect colours of Slytherin.

Remus, Sirius, and Severus decided to have the run of the manor while everyone was at the ball.

You could hear soft music playing as they moved forward toward the massive steps. The entrance had glowing yellow light and there were people lining up, shaking hands, smiling, and greeting each other with warm or cold hugs.

They got to the top of the steps, when Lucius pulled something out of his pockets and handed it to Harry. "Here, it slipped my mind earlier."

Harry glanced down and smiled, when he saw thin satin white gloves. "Thanks." he said, taking the gloves and slipping each one on. "I really don't want to spend an hour in the bathroom washing them."


As soon as they were on Harry was rewarded with a vigorous shake of hands by Cornelius Fudge, his wife, and his two sons. One which happened to have sweaty palms, from the look of his glistening round face that was a carbon copy of his father.

Lucius introduced Draco and his date to Cornelius so that he knew Hermione was well with them. The Minister didn't hesitate to shake her hand, and although she was kind she couldn't help but roll her eyes to Draco when he was out of range. She was apparently, not very happy with the idea of him stealing from the donations.

Lucius had them all a table reserved, and they sat for about five minutes before Harry took his father's check and handled it personally. Afterwards, Lucius took him out onto the dance floor and the ball became one of his favourite social events. Harry remained at the man's side the entire time. He only left when Hermione asked him to come with her for a drink.

They were by the bar and Harry ordered Hermione a white wine and then a gin and tonic for himself. "You seem to be having a blast out there with Draco." said Harry with a smile.

The girl blushed, "Oh, Harry." breathed the brunette swallowing. "I like him."

"He likes you."

"But, Ron would die." whispered Hermione. "A second best friend with another Malfoy?"

Harry paid the bartender who eyed him shrewdly, as if remembering him from last time. "It's not Ron's relationship, Hermione. It's yours."

"I know, he's really a nice guy. He's a bit of a smart alleck..." she giggled, "But I like it. It's refreshing. He's also got a lot of class."

"Of course he does. He's a Malfoy."

Hermione giggled and sipped her wine, "I don't know what to do. We were dancing and - it was just weird." she said quietly. "I don't want to ruin our relationship. I saw how bad it was with you and Ron, I can imagine how he'll take it when he finds out I'm involved."

"He'll get over it or lose out. You can't be miserable just to make him happy."

"I know." said Hermione, with a tender smile. She lifted her gaze. "I like him. I really like him." she corrected. "Yes, I can see that."

Hermione giggled and placed her drink down and hugged Harry around the neck. "Oh, Harry. What would I do without you?"

Harry laughed and rubbed her back affectionately, "You'd be a miserable little girl constantly knocking heads with Ron."

She sniggered, "I've never heard words more true in my life."

"Come on Cinderella, why don't you have a dance with me?"

She laughed, "Then what are you? A prince? I guess you could be one but you look more like a male version of Cinderella than a prince."

Harry laughed again, placed his drink down, and took her by the hand. He led her out onto the dance floor.

After the dance, they went back over to the table, "Trying to steal my date?" teased Draco, as Hermione laughed aloud and sat down next to Draco.

Harry smirked and pressed himself into Lucius who brought his hand up and gripped the teen's hip. "What of it?" he challenged playfully.

Draco rolled his eyes but smirked, "Unlike Weasley, I would lose drastically to you." Hermione's cheeks were flushing even more of a brighter scarlet and she looked away sheepishly.

Harry arched an eyebrow, "She's my sister Draco. A lovely sister who couldn't be more than a godsend."

Draco laughed, "I gathered that months ago."

Lucius who had been talking to a man from the Law Enforcement Department pulled lightly against Harry's hip and it took nothing for the him to slip down onto his knee.

When the man walked away Harry shifted to look at him, "Want to dance some more?" asked Harry.

"That sounds lovely." He leaned in, "Better than talking to half of these gold digging swindlers." He whispered in Harry's ear.

In the protective arms of Lucius, Harry could not have felt more complete or more wanted. His bright green eyes only ever left the light blue ones to press his cheek against the man's chest or shoulder and his eyes would linger on the watch around the man's wrist. His mind and heart stirred even more, as Lucius' lips pressed against his ear so that they could talk without being overheard. The words of earlier simmering underneath the surface of his heart and soul.

With Lucius at his side, Harry felt oblivious to everyone around him. He didn't care one bit that someone in a corner might be scribbling frantically about him, or people watching from the sidelines. All that matter, was the fact that he was here right now at this very moment with someone who loved him.

After the second cord was finished, Lucius pulled Harry close and whispered, "Let's take a walk outside. I will keep you warm."

Harry smiled serenely, "I know you will."

The snow outside continued to fall and it looked heavenly against the darkened night. The light of the moon was immaculate, and by New Years, the full moon would be in place. Icicles lined the rails and a chilly breeze rushed absentmindedly across the two wizards that made their way down the steps and toward a small garden that had glass statues of angels and phoenixes in place of blooming flowers that sprouted up in the summer time. There was a lit up gazebo in the middle with frozen leaves of ivy racing up and down the white wooden rails and the opening looked welcoming and elegant. Lucius led Harry toward it, crunching through the snowy path.

When they entered the gazebo the freezing cold winter weather disappeared and was replaced by a lukewarm sensation that caused Harry's skin to ripple at the change of atmosphere. Although, from inside the gazebo a person could view the chilly night air, none of the wind made it into the simple enclosure.

Lucius let go of Harry's waist and walked the floor for a few moments. He pinched the middle finger of his glove and pulled both off gracefully.

He was quiet for a moment and then, "It's early." Lucius began his eyes fell on Harry who was watching with intent. "I am not a man who rushes." Harry didn't know how to reply so he remained silent and listened. "We've only been together for three months, maybe a little more, give or take. But the three months feels like three years. I'm not a very sentimental man. I've had very little reason to be sentimental outside of my own son." Lucius turned fully and stared at Harry, his blue eyes glowing with an unreadable expression. "But, you've done something to me. You've gone and wrapped me around your finger, without hesitating."

The teen giggled and lowered his head to the ground. "Don't you dare apologise." said Lucius, firmly. "There's definitely nothing to be sorry for. The last few months have been the most enjoyable. I never realised just how much love you had to offer a person if given the chance." He reached out and drew Harry into him.

The teen was biting harshly on his bottom lip, he was trying desperately not to go into tears. What was Lucius saying? Whatever it was, it was causing his heart to drum harder and beat faster. Lucius eyes had so much empathy in them, more than Harry had ever witnessed before in his life. All Harry could do was lean up and kiss the man swiftly on the lips, to tell him that while he was silent, he was listening wholeheartedly.

Lucius smiled, and brushed his thumb across Harry's cheek, "Without even lifting a finger Harry, you've done me in good." Harry laughed softly. He lowered his head at the remark, but Lucius lifted it back up again. "That is why, I am moving so quickly, my mind and heart will not allow me to move slower. I love you, Harry. I would like the chance to be wrapped around your finger permanently."

Harry's mouth opened in a surprise, did Lucius want him that badly? His burning heart forced his eyes to fill with tears. Those green eyes sparkled like emeralds as he flashed them on Lucius, his lip turning red from the bite.

"I mean it. I want you forever." Without warning Lucius was holding a velvet black box in his hand. The box was open and inside was startling gorgeous man's engagement ring. A soft yellow gold with star shaped diamonds in a row across the top and underneath it was Harry's name and the date.

Harry's mouth opened and he stared at it, his lashes blinked and that caused his tears to be released. "My god-" gasped Harry, bringing a hand up to his face, but Lucius had already beat him to it and wiped the tears away. "Y-" He closed his eyes and reopened them causing more tears to drift. "Y- Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes." cried Harry, laughing quietly. His hands were trembling along with the rest of his body. The drumming in his heart had stopped and the red muscle seemed to explode with something mystifying and earth shattering.

Lucius used his kisses to calm Harry's emotional stature, but it caused him to laugh erratically and cry even more before he grabbed Lucius around the neck and squeezed him tightly.

It seemed like the moment was going to go on for an age. The moment hung there in the silhouette of the night caressing and twinkling the embraced couple with a light that was unseen to their eyes but open to their hearts, forever.

The End