Level Rising

By Copper Thrice

Pt. 8: Epilogue: The Path of the Duelist

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The GX tournament had ended. Jake managed to defeat three more opponents after his match with Ellie. Then he lost to some guy called Aster Phoenix. (The guy grumbled something about a Destiny card, searched Jake's deck for something, and left.)

A few days later, Jake was talking to Ellie when a beam of light shot from the sky and hit the island. Jake had a feeling that there was something going on and headed to the Society of Light dorm. Ellie followed him.

They arrived to find Jaden, Cyrus, Aster and a girl who Jake assumed to be Alexis Rhodes. Jaden told Jake about how he had just defeated Saartorius. Ellie wished that she could've seen the duel. Cyrus said it was awesome.

Apparently, Saartorius' was taken over by something called the DarkLight. Through it, he created the Society of Light. Jaden and Aster had been given keys to some kind of satellite and Saartorius almost it to… take over the world or something. Jaden kinda hurried his speech and ran off after something, so Jake didn't get the whole story.

A few more days later, Jake sat with Cain and Ellie while the awards for the tournament were being handed out.

That night Jake lay in his KC embassy room for the last time. Tomorrow, he was to leave the Academy and return home.

Jake felt around for the award he got at the Ceremony earlier. The top ten duelists at the GX tournament received medals. Jake held up a medal in front of him with his rank on it. It was a bronze medallion with a GX on one side and a 10 on the other.

"Did this really happen?" Jake wondered, "Did the last few days really happen?"

Jake picked up his deck and selected a few cards from it. He then got up and placed them on the desk in the corner of the dark room. He looked them over.

Silent Swordsman


Mystic Swordsman

Armed Dragon

Silent Magician

Jake grinned. "Thanks, guys," he said to the cards, "Thanks for everything."

Jake then went to bed and chuckled. He knew that he had placed his trust in the right cards. Maybe Ellie's advice from so long ago was useful after all.

Jake then let sleep take him.

The next morning, Jake found himself in his KaibaCorp silver blazer and in front of Chancellor Shepherd's office. He had been asked to meet with the Chancellor himself.

Jake swallowed nervously and entered the office.

Later that day, with the sun almost setting over the waves, Ellie leaned against a tree watching the pier. She was now wearing her Obelisk Blue uniform with a pair of blue jeans.

Ellie had received an e-mail from Jake to meet him here at this time.

Jake was running a little late.

Just as Ellie was wondering about what she would do to Jake if he made her wait for a long time, Jake appeared.

When he saw Ellie, he grinned and rushed over to her.

"How's it goin?" Jake asked.

Ellie shrugged, "Fine, I guess. What did you want to talk with me about?"

Jake sighed and looked off into the waves. Ellie patiently waited his reply.

"Ellie…" Jake said still watching the sun set, "Shepherd offered me a scholarship to Duel Academy and a placement in the Obelisk Blue dorm."

Ellie's eyes widened, "Jake, that's awesome! That means—"

"But," Jae said interrupting Ellie, "I had to turn it down."

Ellie's mouth dropped. "Why?" she asked quietly.

Jake turned to Ellie, there was a seriousness in his eyes that Ellie had never seen before. "I told you about the Level monsters and the coming Darkness, right?"

Ellie nodded slowly.

Jake clenched his fist, "It's not that I don't want to stay here. I really want to stay at the Academy with—" Jake cut himself off and turned a slight hint of red. He returned is gaze to the sunset.

"It's just that I can't." Jake said sadly. "I have a feeling that something bad is coming… and I have to help stop it." He returned his gaze back to Ellie. "I want to make a difference. Jaden took care of DarkLight, now I'll face Darkness. I feel…"

Jake held up his duel disk and looked at his deck.

"I feel like I have to do this… Sorry…" Jake watched as a KaibaCorp helicopter flew in and landed on the pier. He also saw Cain waiting for him.

"I told Shepherd about it. He's covering for me and telling my parents that I'm going to the Academy. I'm really going to Rome, that's where this Darkness is growing. That's where I need to be."

Jake walked past Ellie, "Bye." Jake walked to the pier.

"Wait," Ellie said holding back a sob. Jake turned. She faced him, holding back tears. Crying wasn't her way. "Just make me a promise. Promise me that you'll take care of yourself."

Jake smiled, "Yeah, I promise… and you know me…"

Jake turned to the copter.

"I keep my promises."

Level Rising: THE END

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Level Rising:

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