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Kiba's Suspicion Chapter 2

Kiba ran all the way to the Aburame compound. From there, he nervously made the journey to Shino's house and knocked on the door. Shibi Aburame, Shino's father, answered.

"May I help you?" The bug master asked, a scowl evident on his limited visible features. The dog-nin knew that the man did not approve of his clan yet he decided to put his best foot forward and hopefully make a decent impression.

"Is Shino in?" he asked politely, his most earnest smile plastered upon his face. "He has yet to return from training."

"Oh…I see," Kiba replied dejectedly, looking back down at those oh-so-interesting feet of his.

" Is there anything else I can help you with?" Shibi asked after a few minutes, his voice drenched in annoyance.

'Oops! So much for making a good impression,' the teen thought as he turned his attention back to the man. "Sorry for the inconvenience, see you later," he said as he quickly bowed and ran out of the compound.

"I wonder where he is…."


Little did I know, at that very moment the Aburame in question was headed to the compound of a certain Dog-taming clan.

'Kiba has not been himself lately. He zones out at the most inopportune moments and has become more clingy than usual, at least towards me. He is sick; that is the only explanation I can find. That idiot, he has fallen ill yet is trying to act as if nothing is astray. If left to his own devices, it is very likely that he shall get himself killed.'

Those were the thoughts that ran through the stoic boy's head as he entered the compound.

Upon entering he immediately made a beeline towards Hana's Veterinary Clinic. If anyone knew what was wrong with his teammate, she would. She is by far the closest person to said boy outside of his team.

As he entered the clinic he was greeted by the booming voice of the older half of the spandex donning duo. "So he is ready for action?"

"Yes Gai, It was just a check up, nothing to worry about."

"Tracking the voices, Shino found himself in a small examination room along with Kiba's older sister, the self proclaimed 'green beast', and a giant tortoise.

"Shino, you smell worried, what can I do for you?" The Inuzaka asked without looking up from her charts. Not that she had too, she had detected his approach before he even stepped foot inside her clinic.

"Is it your bugs?" she continued when she did not receive and answer, "I already told your father that I do not know enough about insects to be of any use, it's best to seek help from another Aburame."

The younger ninja was surprised, since when does his father willingly associate with Inuzakas? He must have been desperate, Shino decided before returning his attention back to the reason he was there.

"Kiba is ill"

"Little brother? Where is he? What happened?" she questioned, her concern quite evident.

Shino would have sweat-dropped if Amurames where not above such things, "Nothing has happened and I am unaware of his current location."

She narrowed her eyes, "what exactly do you mean then?"

"Kiba has become clingy - more clingy - and spacey."

Acknowledgement flickered across her eyes and she began to laugh, much to the chagrin of the bug-nin. "You have noticed similar behavior, yet you find his ailment amusing?"

"Oh, little brother is sick all right, just not in the way you assume," She almost tauntingly replied before flashing a knowing smirk towards the still present, flamboyant jonin.

Puzzled Shino inquired, "Have you taken him to the hospital?"

"Nah, this particular 'illness' can only be cured by you, Shino."

More bewildered than before, Shino turned his gaze to the other male, hoping that he would be more forthcoming with answers.

Unfortunately for him, all Gai replied with was a nice guy pose.

After adverting his gazed from the obnoxious gleam, he questioned, "Me?"

Sadly, Another patron had come in and Hana had quickly retreated to attend to him or her, leaving only the green-clad 'beast' to receive his inquiry.

Deciding that any answers from said 'beast' would only drive him deeper into confusion, he receded into his thoughts to properly analyze the situation.

'Clingy, zoning out, acting unlike himself, and only his best friend can help him…if I recall the symptoms correctly, he must be depressed!' He concluded while remembering the classes they had at the academy about common ninja ailments.

Politely, he excused himself from Gai's presence to pursue his quest to save his friend from depression.


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