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-A Tale Of Wooing Parents-

Her breathing was ragged in the dark, quiet room and her entire body was scorching hot as his lips dragged down her jaw line to the malleable skin of her neck.

Their snogging session was getting way out of control and fast. She honestly had no idea where her shirt had suddenly disappeared to, and how her bra had popped off just by him looking at it. Perhaps it was wandless magic, but oh really, who cared when his mouth was so talented?

Her parents were off visiting Petunia's new place and had left her and James alone.

Pfft, honestly, trusting parents were so ignorant at times.

They had somehow managed to get from the living room to her room in a matter of two seconds, a new record.

"Lily," He whispered, his lips pressing on her pulse point deliberately, leaving his mark on her.

She moaned in reply and he looked up into her shining eyes, gulping hard. She nodded encouragingly, although her entire body was tense and she was shaking a trifle underneath him.

His response was to kiss her hard, her mouth open against his, her lips yieldingly pliant underneath his, the strong shape of her teeth under them driving him towards madness. One of his hands slid down her neck, lightly stroking at her collarbone before descending south and slowly, almost shyly massaging her breast. His other hand was caressing the soft fiery hair at her temple, and he moaned a little in her mouth.

"More," She sighed against his lips, her breath cold against his burning face, and he felt his heart tug painfully. "Make love to me, James," She whispered, her mouth on his ear, and it sent a shiver up his spine, his breath getting stuck in his throat.

"W-what?" He stuttered, his voice rusty, his eyes widening.

She seemed startled for a moment, blinking several times. "Oh, I-I'm sorry, I-I didn't mean…I just thought you wanted to…" She muttered and he stared at her completely baffled.

"Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no," He cried quickly, shaking his head. "I want to, gods, I want to so fucking much, I just, I was just, er, never mind…" He muttered, looking away from her.

She tugged his face back towards her own and held it between her hands, the soft feel of his stubble against her skin making her tingle. "What?" She urged.

He responded by kissing the corner of her mouth, his tongue tentatively stroking her bottom lip. "I-I love you," He whispered.

Her eyes were wide, her cheeks flushed, her lips swollen and rubbed red and he could feel her heart speed up under his palm.

"W-what?" She croaked unattractively, but she really didn't care at that moment. Her heart was beating so fast she could hardly feel it anymore, and a deafening alarm was ringing in her ears.

He blinked and averted her eyes away from hers. "I- er – love… you?" He repeated.

She frowned. "Are you asking me?" She asked, a trifle indignantly, and she couldn't help the shrill in her voice.

He winced. "No, no, of course not! I'm sure, I just, I saw how frightened you were and I didn't want to scare you, and I…I… I have no idea what to say," He mumbled.

She sat up a little and he scooted away, removing the hand still on her bosom. "Are- are you sure? I-I mean, are you sure that you love me?" She whispered and he stared at her dumbly for a moment.

"Y-yes," He replied and although his voice wavered a little, he hadn't been more sure of anything in his life.

She swallowed thickly, her gaze soft. "I-I love you, too."

He shook his head. "You don't have to say it just because I have—"

"I'm not," She cut him off, giving him a reassuring smile. "I love you," She repeated, her voice firmer and he grinned jubilantly.

When he kissed her again, it was different: rougher, needier, headier, more passionate. It was full of pent up love and desire and need.

As time melted and as they both got lost in the burning sensation that was love, they lay with their foreheads touching, and when he found his way into her, she felt pain melt into sweetness like some wild and exotic herb that may only be tasted once in each lifetime. She held that taste as long as she could, until at last the sweetness overcame it and she gave into that, moaning deep in her throat and rubbing her forearms against the sides of his neck.

They made love on Lily's old bed, the bed where she slept many nights in her childhood, not minding in the least, and towards the end of it, Lily discovered there was more than sweetness; there was a kind of delirious clinching of the nerves in the part of her that had opened before him like a flower; it began there and then filled her entire body.

She cried again and again, thinking there could not be so much pleasure in the mortal world; she would die of it.

James added his voice to hers, and the sound of the soft breeze outside wrapped around them both.

As she pulled him closer to her, locking her ankles together behind his knees and covering his face with fierce kisses, his going out rushed after hers as if trying to catch up.

Her breathing was heavy in the dark room, his own joining hers.

"Merlin," She breathed, a hand on her chest as it rose up in down with her panting breaths.

His response was a deep, guttural chuckle that made the hair on her arms stand at attention. She loved that laugh. Yearned for it.

Slowly turning on her side, she observed him from under thick lashes, eyes dark and intense, a look that made him shake uncontrollably.

"What do you want from me, James?" She whispered, and even though she had no idea what she meant by that question, she knew she had to ask it.

"I want you, Lily. Just you. You, you, you, you, you," He replied, turning on her and pinning her arms above her head, raining tiny kisses on her forehead, on her nose, on her cheeks with each 'you'.

She giggled childishly, her heart clenching so painfully, her insides turning to mush at the sight of him. She had never felt anything so strong for anyone her entire life. She never thought James Potter was the one she'd care so deeply for.

"We should probably get dressed," He whispered, his nose rubbing against hers. "Your parents should be here soon."

She nodded drowsily, nipping at his lips, which he returned with much more fervor. He groaned and pulled away. "No, we can't," He muttered, licking at her lips.

She pouted and wrapped her arms around him, disabling him from moving away.

"Lily," He moaned miserably, her kisses growing heavier. "Lily," He warned again, but his protests were swallowed by her mouth.

The front door creaked open. The two lovers froze.

"Were those your parents?" He hissed, his face so close to hers, they were breathing in each others' mouths.

"Lily, we're home," Her mother's voice announced from downstairs.

Two seconds later, James was flying out of bed and was unsuccessfully trying to shove his t-shirt inside his legs.

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God," Lily was whining, as she grabbed her nightgown and threw it over her head.

"Lily? Lillian?" Her mother called again, her steps resounding up the stairs.

Giving James –who was still trying to get dressed, in vain – a terrified look, she cleared her dry throat. "Yes, Mum, I'm up here, in my room!" She called.

Her mother's steps ceased. "Alright, Dear. Is James around?" She asked, and Lily could distinctly hear the accusation in her voice.

"Erm, he's, er," She mumbled, looking at James –who was finally dressed- in panic. "He's taking a shower," She called.

Her mother's steps approached and stopped right outside the door. "Can you open the door, please, Lily?" She asked.

Gesturing widely at James to go hide in the bathroom, she took a deep breath and made her way towards the door, chewing on her lip so hard she was afraid it might start to bleed.

Her mother observed her carefully, starting from her tousled hair, her flushed face, the love-bite on her neck, her skimpy nightgown, and then she sighed deeply. "I think it's time we have a talk, Lily," She stated, moving inside the room and taking a seat on the bed.

Lily's heart was beating madly. She was certain her mother knew what had happened only mere minutes earlier, and if her disheveled appearance didn't give her away, then the messy bed and the stench of the room that simply cried out 'SEX' certainly would.

"Lily, I know you're seventeen and it's completely natural to feel curious about the human body and want to experience in sexual intercourse, but the most important thing is to be safe because you don't want to end up pregnant, without a husband to support you, or a job, or a house to live in –even though you're always welcome to come and stay here-, or a future—"

"Mum! Mum!" Lily cut her off when she noticed her mother was starting to babble. "I-I –we were safe. I'm a witch, remember?" She muttered timidly, avoiding her mother's gaze.

Her mother took another deep breath and stood up, putting her hands on her daughter's shoulders. "Oh, my little baby girl is all grown up. I only wish I could have been there –"

Lily jumped. "Er, yeah, I don't think so, Mum," She muttered, biting back her laugh.

Her mother shook her head and smiled tritely. "I hope you've made the right decision, Lillian."

Lily nodded. "I have. I love him, Mum."

Bringing her into a hug, her mother whispered into her ear, "He's in the bathroom listening to us, isn't he?"

Lily giggled tearfully and nodded.

"Well, I'll see you later." Winking at her, her mother exited the room, leaving Lily with a small smile on her face.

Her breathing was heavy in the dark room as she leaned back against the closed door and stared blankly ahead. James had carefully sneaked out of the bathroom and was standing in front of her, giving her a quizzical look.

"You promise you'll never leave me, right?" She asked suddenly and he frowned, approaching her.

His palms on both her cheeks, he whispered something, his breath warm against her face. "Oh Lily, oh my dear, you are stuck with me for eternity."

She smiled.