Summary: Sakura is the beautiful, new girl, with a secret she's running from that could endanger herself and all of her new friends. Sasuke is the always-stoic, cold-heartthrob, with a couple secrets of his own. Little does he know, he is in for the most interesting year at school yet, becoming caught in this complicated web that this new girl weaves

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Chapter 1

"Enter, Haruno Sakura"

"Sakuraaaa! Honey! Hurry up or you'll be late on your vert first day!" shouted a female voice from downstairs.

"Coming mom! Just few more minutes!" A pink-haired girl shouted back.

This girl was Haruno Sakura, an eighteen year old who is sweet and kindhearted, and will do anything for the people she cares about. However, she has a temper that equally rivals the care she has for people important to her. This temper somehow gives her crazy, inhumane strength at times, so people would do well to get out of her way when she is in a bad mood! Despite this temper, Sakura is light-hearted and usually at ease. But this is often a façade and masks her hidden, paranoid state of mine. This is because she has been running from something for almost her whole life…but from what?

Now for the physical description. Sakura has the body of a goddess: long, creamy legs; a small waist; C-cups; and standing at 5'6'' tall. Her body is everything a girl would want. Sakura did used to have a rather large forehead, but she grew out of it by the time she reached high school and now it would be extremely difficult to find a single flaw on her. The natural pink shade of her hair is what really makes her unique, though. The silky locks that cascade down to the middle of her back are the most distinctive trait about her: the most distinctive trait, along with her emerald-green eyes, of course. Her big, emerald eyes have the power to capture anyone's attention and hold it there, and they used to have an array of emotions flashing through them. However, the light in her eyes have dimmed because of the constant and taxing burden she has been running from. Her eyes hold much experience and have been trained to hide emotions, making her almost unreadable to many, save few.

But when Sakura was alone, she let down her guard and was able to be herself. "Sakura, Sakura what should you wear? Tsk tsk, this is so difficult!" She spoke aloud, looking through her closet. "Aha! Purrrrfect."

What she pulled out was a white, Hanes, v-neck, t-shirt, and a pair of light blue skinny jeans. She tucked the shirt into the jeans and wore a brown, leather belt. For accessories, she wore a silver Tiffany's necklace, a matching bracelet, and matching heart earrings. She decided to keep her hair down, and added a light layer of lip-gloss and some mascara. To top it off, she chose her favorite pair of shoes: black, high-top converses. Sakura chose such a simple outfit because her goal today, her first day at her new school, was to actually not stand out. Little did she know that despite her simple attire, she would still manage to stand out amongst the crowd because of her natural radiance and beauty. The white t-shirt was made of a thin, see-through fabric, showing her slim figure, while her skinny jeans hugged her curves and showed off the shape of her legs. Everywhere she went she gets attention – no matter what she's wearing.

"HARUNO SAKURA. ARE YOU READY YET?" the same voice from earlier called, trying not to sound rude and impatient, though their efforts were thoroughly futile.

"Coming!" Sakura yelled as she quickly ran down the stairs, trying not to trip on the way down. Running through the kitchen, Sakura grabbed the bagel from the woman's hand – who looked very similar to Sakura – and pecked her on the cheek and dashed for the door.

"Oh Sakura, you look cute today-"

"SorryMomgottagobye!" Sakura said as she slammed the door behind her.

"You have a nice day too…" the woman now known as Sakura's mom said as she just sighed and went back to washing the dishes.

With Sakura

Sakura was walking quietly to school, keeping to herself mostly. When she would pass by some neighbors, she would wave, and put up that smile that she was so used to wearing. At one point, she saw a mother working in her garden with her young daughter that was around eight. The little girl was helping the mother plant the flowers, but found a worm in the dirt and almost ate it. But then the mother quickly stopped her and chastised her. The mother had some dirt on her cheek and the daughter then put some on her own cheek pointed out that they were now matching. They both laughed together and proceeded to paint things in the dirt. Sakura smiled to herself at the scene, as it reminded herself of her own, close relationship with her mom.

But then a man came to the garden from the backyard; Sakura assumed it was the father because he bent down to check on their progress. The daughter lifted her finger and smudged some dirt on his face so that he would be matching, too. All three family members started laughing together and looked so happy, and Sakura's smile slowly faded and turned into a scowl.

"Tch." She said as she finally turned away from the scene. Humming to herself to shake off her ill feelings, Sakura moved on and kept an eye out for the time. But suddenly, someone grabbed her.

"What the-" Sakura started, as she was about to go karate-style on whoever this pervert was and kick their ass, but then looking at the person, she saw that it was just a girl. Sakura eyed the girl and noticed that she was a bit taller than herself: standing at about 5'7''. She had long, blonde hair that was tied up in a high ponytail, with her bangs out to frame her slim face. She had deep sapphire-blue eyes that were like the color of the ocean. She also had a very good body, although Sakura mentally noted proudly that her boobs were slightly bigger than this girl's. But what she had Sakura beat in was her sense of style. She wore a white baggy graphic t-shirt that hung off of one shoulder and had a drawing of a girl on the front in bright colors. She wore a lime green tank top under the t-shirt. Her shirt was tucked into her high-waisted jean shorts. She wore a matching neon pink bracelet, bright blue stud earrings, and black gladiators. Sakura looked her up and down in awe, wishing she could have the same sense of fashion.

"You know, if you take a picture, it'll last longer." the girl stated bluntly, snapping Sakura out of her reverie. Sakura blushed and turned around to discreetly wipe away the bit of drool that was on the side of her mouth (lol).

After recovering, Sakura turned back to the girl and looked at her with the same blank stare she always wore and forced the friendliest smile she could make, and said, "Oh I'm terribly sorry! I didn't mean to. Is there anything I can do?"

The girl just looked at Sakura for several seconds like she was an alien. Then she laughed and said, "You're weird! I was just kidding! So where ya headed, Pinky?"

"School…" Sakura said hesitantly, a bit surprised at the girl's answer.

"Which one?"

"Konoha Tokyo High." Sakura replied, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh my gosh YAY. That means you go to the same school as me!" The girl screamed, while crushing Sakura in a huge bear hug, taking Sakura totally off guard (which doesn't happen very often). Sakura started blushing and tried to pull away.

"Um, yeahh…" she mumbled into the girl's shoulder, laughing awkwardly.

"Oh, right! Sorry!" The girl said, letting go of Sakura. "The name's Yamanaka Ino! Nice to meet ya!" Ino said as she winked. "What's yours?"

"Haruno Sakura" Sakura answered with a smile – a genuine smile. She got a good vibe from Ino. Sakura felt like she could be herself around her and that she didn't need to put up her usual mask, which is crazy considering she just met the girl.

"You know…" Ino started, placing her delicate fingers on the edge of her chin, looking Sakura up and down, causing the pink-haired girl to shift uncomfortably. "You're SOOO pretty"

Sakura flushed at the sudden compliment. "T-thanks. You're not so bad yourself" Sakura said with a smile.

"Awww thanks Sakura! That's so nice of you!" Ino said, smiling brightly. Well, Ino was pretty, so it's not like it was a lie.

Ino and Sakura continued on their way to school together. Ino filled Sakura in on all of the details about school, including the dirty info she had on different people. She gave her tips on who is cool and who to stay away from. Ino might not have been the smartest girl in her class, but she sure was smart when came to knowing her way around, so Sakura thought to herself to make sure to keep this girl as a close friend.

Sakura told Ino about where she was from, why she moved, and stuff about herself – selectively leaving out a few parts here and there. Sakura explained that she had come here because of her mom's job and that she had been homeschooled for her whole life. After mentioning this, Ino suddenly stopped short and turned to look at Sakura, with her jaw dropped down to the sidewalk.

"Uhh you okay there? Sakura asked, confused.

"Shut up." Ino stated shortly. Sakura just raised an eyebrow at her strange behavior. "SHUT. UP!"

"Um I didn't say anything..." (A/N I know I know, it's from Mean Girls haha. Love that movie!:)

"Are you kidding me? How did you…how did you survive?" Ino said, acting as if Sakura had spent a long time on some stranded island with no food or water. But Sakura just shrugged like being homeschooled her whole life was normal.

"It wasn't bad, really. My father just paid for private tutors to teach me everything that I needed to know since he wasn't around much, and it also taught me to be more independent. I didn't mind being alone. To be quite honest, I actually rather enjoy it sometimes." Sakura said, becoming a bit nostalgic as she looked forward. Ino just stared at her like she was crazy.

"But you were homeschooled!"

Sakura rolled her eyes, laughed at the girl's density, and kept on walking. Ino followed suit but kept naming reasons why homeschooling was apparently such a bad thing – mostly to herself, though.

"I mean there's no seeing friends everyday no skipping classes no flirting with hot teachers no homecoming no Sadie Hawkins no prom no shoving kids into lockers no dressing up like a hooker to impress all the boys with your rockin' bod and no boys to even impress for that matter and OMG THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!" Ino yelled as she grabbed Sakura's shoulders and forced her to look at Ino. "THERE'S. NO. UCHIHA. SASUKE!" Ino finally finished, out of breath from her long, extremely fragmented sentence.

Sakura just stared blankly at the panting girl. "…Who dat."

Ino stared back at Sakura, and they stayed like that for about a minute until Ino seized Sakura's cheeks in both of her hands and said, "Are you crazy? Are you stupid? Are you delusional? Uchiha Sasuke is only the most popular guy in school! He's super amazingly hot, he has a GPA of 5.0, and he doesn't talk to anyone except for his best friend Uzumaki Naruto, which makes him that much cooler because allll of the girls in school want to get with him! Plus he's suuuper athletic, so his body is freaking amazing. Ohhh how I would love to bake cookies on that hotness…" On every compliment she gave him, Ino emphasized it using extremely flaring hand gestures, and her eyes turned into hearts as she clasped her hands together lovingly.

"Really?" Sakura said, finding it hard to believe that such a so-called human being could exist. "He sounds kinda overrated if you ask me." Sakura was hard to impress.

"Uh, HE'S NOT. He's the #1 super guy ever! Some say that he's even well-known and famous around the whole country!" But then the hearts around Ino popped as she stood upright and looked like she realized something. "Well, he comes after my Shikain all of this of course."

"Your Shika…?" Sakura questioned, raising an eyebrow. "What is that, a dog or something?"

"NO. And yes, my Shika aka my boyfriend aka Nara Shikamaru...So you stay away from him!" Ino yelled, pointing a very-accusing finger towards the innocent Sakura.

"Ok! Ok!" Sakura defended, waving both of her hands in front of her face. "Damn girl, you got some issues."

"Riiight...Sorry. I guess I can get a little over-protective." Ino replied sheepishly, scratching the back of her head.

"A little?"

Both of the girls laughed in a harmonic melody. They got a long really well, really fast. As they were enjoying each others' company, the school came into view.

"Hey Sakura, I'll race you to the front door! Whoever gets there last is a rotten egg! And I mean literally, cuz that's what you're gonna smell like when you get the last open seat behind Chouji who farts all the time!" Ino laughed as she took off running.

"Hey, no fair!" Sakura said as she ran across the street to try and catch up to her new friend. But as she was laughing and running across, she wasn't paying attention when an engine came roaring, and a navy blue motorcycle came speeding towards her. The rapidly approaching vehicle was going well over the speed limit – probably about 30mph over. The boy on the bike could have easily stopped before her if he wasn't speeding so arrogantly. However, the boy did try to slow down as he saw the girl, but to no avail because he was just going too fast.

'Shit.' He thought as he tried to do a last minute swerve that did little to help.

Sakura felt frozen, which is ironic because she was actually still in the middle of running across the street to catch up with Ino. But the boy swerved towards the direction she was running to, only making their collision path more inevitable. Sakura's reflexive instincts were about to kick in when she heard a voice.

"WATCH OUT!" And a strong forced knocked into her: the person's velocity going in the other direction, allowing the motorcycle to barely miss them by a hair. As she was falling through the air and the motorcycle passed by, onyx eyes locked with emerald ones, and time seemed to slow down for that one instant. After what seemed like minutes, time restarted again, and the motorcycle sped off.

The person ran into her quite hard, and the painful impact knocked her onto her back. But surprisingly she didn't land on the ground. When she looked around, she saw that she actually landed on top of someone, and that someone still had their strong arms around her tightly.

"Oh my god Sakura! Sakura! Are you alright?" Ino asked with concern, running over to them.

It took a few seconds for Sakura to regain her senses. "Yeah, I'm good..." She muttered, shaking her head in confusion. "Ummm…" She looked down at the person below her. The person was a boy with blonde, spiky hair. He had his eyes shut tightly and was whimpering, looking like he was more scared than Sakura was, and was using her as a teddy bear.

"Mommy…" He whined. Ino calmly walked over to the boy, stopped, and bonked him on the head, creatint a big bump.

"Naruto-baka, let go of my friend you hentai." She said, with a vain popping out of her forehead. He seemed to snap out of it as he shook his head, slowly looking up to the girl who was lying on him uncomfortably.

The boy named Naruto stared to blush like crazy and he quickly let go and scrambled back 100ft. "S-s-s-sorry sorry I didn't mean to I was just waiting for stupid Teme to show up and then I saw you running after Ino and then almost get hit by him and his stupid speeding motorcycle that he thinks is so cool but it's not-"

"Wait." Sakura interrupted. "You know that bastard…?" Sakura looked down, her bangs covering her eyes and her aura taking a deadly turn for the worse.

"Yeah, we're best friends! We met in kindergarten! He's really a great guy once you get to know him-"

But then flames came bursting out of Sakura and her eyes were on fire as she stood up and clenched her first at no-longer-there motorcycle. "YOU SON OF A BITCH! WATCH THE HELL WHERE YOU'RE GOING! YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT YOU HEAR ME? YOU'LL PAYYYYY" Sakura shouted at the top of her lungs, shaking her fist at the empty road. After getting it all out, she put down her fist and sighed, turning around to face the two. "Well, who's ready to go to class? Don't want to be late now do we?" She said with a plastered smile on her face.

But Ino and Naruto had turned into small puppies and were holding onto each other for dear life, after witnessing that terrifying scene before them.

Sakura just cocked her head to one side and looked confused. "What? Was it something I said?" She asked as she pointed innocently to herself. But the trembling two just shook their heads, making Sakura shrug and walk off towards the front door, swinging her backpack onto her shoulder.

Ino and Naruto looked at each other and gulped, quickly following after the demon lord from hell. But as she was walking, Sakura couldn't help but have her mind drift back to the onyx-eyed stranger who almost killed her on her first day…

In the distance

Already far off, the figure on the motorcycle smirked, hearing the girl's loud declaration – along with the rest of the world – of war against him. 'This is going to be an interesting year…'

End of Chapter

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