Hi. So I don't really think anything that I say at this point will make fix the horrible things I have done to you readers :( I'll just say that I'm so sorry and that I am SERIOUSLY going to try to continue this story. I know that you've all heard it before and I've already said this, and I'm not making any promises, but I'm really going to try.

But first, I'm going to edit the chapters a lot because looking back on them, my writing wasn't as good as it is now. I'm also probably going to change the storyline a little bit, only because the story doesn't really have much of a plot lol. I mean the events that have happened so far will pretty much stay the same, just changed up a little bit (because I'm going to be adding stuff that has to do with the "new" plot).

Since I'm going to edit each chapter, it might be awhile until I actually update any new chapters to the story. But I suggest that you read the story again (after I finish editing the chapters) because it will probably be a little different than before. And besides, it couldn't hurt to refresh your memory after the super long wait ha (not funny, I know). There's a new summary so go read it so you can kind of know what the
"new" plot is about.

Anyways, like I said, I'm not making any promises, but I will really try! And I am so terribly sorry again! I'd ask you to forgive me but I wouldn't if I were in your position :P

p.s. the people who read this story because of the new summary you saw, I apologize because the story isn't edited yet so most of the story isn't changed to fit the summary's plot! But it will be changed soonish. After I finish editing all of the chapters, I will update a note so you know when I'm done editing so you don't have to keep checking back. But that might be awhile, because I am currently editing chapter 3. It will be worth the wait though because it will be a lot better (hopefully).Thanks!

Sakura: I meannn they better forgive you; otherwise they'll all get a beating!

MangaLover24: Sakura, that's not the way to get our readers to like us again…

Naruto: No, Sakura-chan is right! Even though you were kind of a really big bitch and left all of your readers-who-have-supported-you-through-every-chapter-and-encouraged-your-writing hanging, I think that they should understand that you are a very busy person and that you didn't mean to do it.

MangaLover24: -sweatdrop-

Sasuke: Hn. Just forgive the lady. Unless you don't want to see me ever again…which would be absolutely absurd…I mean, just look at me

Naruto: -vein pops- You cocky bastard

Xoxoxo, MangaLover24