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If they believe that he had not seen her in three years, they had another thing coming. That and they didn't know him at all.

His long hair was a bit of a giveaway should he be seen on the street but she liked to run her fingers through it. And those slender fingers always got what they wanted.

Prearranged signals transmitted through text messages to her other number told her to wear that skirt he liked or her hair up if it were all right.

He had to hand it to her for not actually using the second phone, just the SIM card and switching them to check when she was alone.

A whole year it went on like that, and despite the troubles, despite the weeks on end they kept her busy, tailing her every move, for those few nights they were together, those were the best.

Sighing, Akai flipped through the messages on his cell phone…

"If I manage to leave this organization after this, will you go out with me as a real boyfriend?"

A real boyfriend huh? To walk hand and hand in the daylight, unafraid of those shadows?

I hope that's what you meant… and not just in heaven…