AN: Hi! This is my first Fan fiction and I just want you to know that this chapter is just introducing the new character of Danny Phantom that I wish to put.

This is a DannyXSamXDawn. I own Dawn Gray Manson who is apparently the cousin of Sam. But I don't own Danny Phantom and the other Danny Phantom characters. I was supposed to make this the second story but anyways there are a lot more stories to come so don't worry.

This is just introducing the new girl.

-Dawn Gray Manson

Introducing the Newbie

There is a newbie in this show. If you knew her in the other stories that I wrote then you don't need to read this.

But to know her for sure:

Name: Dawn Gray Manson

Nick Name: Dawn, Gray

Age: 14

Gender: Female, Teen Girl

Birthday: September 19, 1992

Address: California

School: Casper High

Ambition: Astronaut, Archaeologist, Author, Rock star,

Zodiac Sign: Virgo (Not much of)


Food: She is much of an omnivore but she is too much on veggies like her cousin, Sam.

Color: Red, Black, Purple and at times Blue

Book: Paranormal Books and others that interests her.

Songs: Avril Lavigne: Anything but Ordinary, Falling Down, Nobody's Fool, I Don't Give a Damn, My Happy Ending, Losing Grip, Sk8er Boy, Tomorrow, Knocking on Heaven's Door, Why, Nobody' Home. Linkin Park: Crawling, In the End, Numb, Faint, Run away, A Place for My Head, Breaking the Habit. Evanescence: My Immortal, Bring me to Life, Whispers, Haunted, Where Will You Go, Lithium. Simple Plan: Me Against The world, Perfect, I'm Just a Kid, Welcome to my Life. Limp Bizkit: My Way.

Artists: Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Simple Plan, Kelly Clarkson, and Limp Bizkit.

Hobbies: Watch TV, Play guitar/ electric guitar, Sketching, Writing stories, Listening to Music, Meditate, Play in Band, Rebel.

Sports: Soccer, Basketball


Hi I am Dawn Gray Manson! I am the cousin of Sam Manson. I am Gothic n' Punk as always like my cousin. I am the exchange student of Danny Fenton a.k.a. Danny Phantom. They say my cousin is jealous of me but I don't know why. We were great friends but now?! Sure, I am kind of like, like Danny but… (Blushing)…..wait ERASE THAT!!!! Oh men stupid teenage hormones and stupid emotions! I am too a Half ghost and half human. Well, the same with Danny. I know that he has ghost powers when I first fought him which he ends up in the hospital. (Wincing) I don't want to remember that because I always think it is my fault. Well if you want to know the whole story then see the story, "Have No Choice" (AN: That was supposed to be the first story but I will publish it when I am done with it)

What I look like is…um… with short and a black raven hair but with 3 straight streaks in my right red, purple, and ghostly white. I do have purple contact lens looking like Sam but underneath my contact lens are brown. My lips are, of course, the original but covered with black lipstick. I often wear my Goth choker like Sam's and I wear a one long sleeve shirt while the other is short but in the arm where the short sleeve is, there is an arm warmer. The shirt is all purple and there is a black oblong. I wear a camouflage cargo pant with lots of pockets of course. And I have a wrist band made out of cloth and it has a logo of a "Naruto" sign which is in my right arm.

-Dawn Gary Manson