Summary: Annabeth's point of view during scenes in The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan. This chapter happens during pages 4-13, as Annabeth attempts to contact Percy throughout his morning.

Disclaimer: Percy and the Olympians belong to Rick Riordan, Copyright 2006. Some phrases are reiterated from the original novel.


He tossed and turned, moaned and mumbled. Percy was having a strange dream, of that I was sure.

I had just arrived outside his window after a trek cross-country (and a climb up a rickety old fire escape) to warn him. Monsters were attacking all over and the camp needed his help.

It was surprising that Percy had survived so long. Enemies had attacked me left and right since I left camp. He was a child of the Big Three; he should be dead. That's why I'd been so surprised when Chiron sent me after him. Pleasantly surprised, of course, as he was a friend despite his occasional stupidity and I'd been worrying about his welfare. I tried to reason with myself, but – for the first time in a long time – it didn't work. The camp would've heard from him or his mother if he was seriously injured or had disappeared, but that didn't stop the worry. Plus, if the monsters were getting to be too much, he would have to return to Camp Half-Blood.

Suddenly, Percy sat bolt upright, shivering heavily. I jumped up and moved to open the window. But then, someone knocked on his door. "Percy, you're going to be late," a warm, female voice called. His mother.

I edged away from the window so that my shadow didn't show. I knew next to nothing about his home life and, furthermore, didn't want his mom to find out I was nearby. It was just that… Well, I mean, she was Percy's mom. I didn't want to intrude. His mother said something garbled. "Coming," Percy responded faintly. He picked up Riptide, studied it for a moment, and set the pen aside. Now was the perfect time to talk to him.

And then, Percy shucked his shirt and pants. Oh. My. Gods. My breath came a little quickly. Alright, then, time to look away… I tried to stare at the ceiling of his room, or his desk, or anywhere else, too shaky to turn myself around and face outwards on the shaky window ledge. Thank the Gods he didn't spot my shadow or anything, because I was frozen to the spot.

Before I could think, he'd wrested on his school clothes and walked out of his room. I'd lost my opportunity.

I collected myself and resolved to forget about the rather odd incident. It was just…awkward. There'd be no need to mention it to Percy, either. I'd have to avoid telling him just when I arrived. I snorted. I doubt he'd ask how I got here, in any case. We'd be running from here to Camp Half-Blood, practically. It wasn't safe anymore.

After I clambered down the fire escape and waited for awhile, Percy stepped out the door of his house and glanced my way, frowning. He saw my shadow! I skittered away hurriedly. Now wasn't the time. It was too close to his house.

Really, I just wanted to see his school. I was curious. Percy had always talked about blowing up this-or-that school. He hated schools, but felt that his mom was worth the grueling fights with occasional monsters. I could see his point. I mean, most campers would give anything to lead a normal, happy life.

I took the subway to his school, and found that Percy was entirely right. It was not a pleasant place for him to be. It was, in fact, quite dangerous. Everyone thinks he's a loser, but the worst part is that he's never alone.

There's a Cyclops following him around. And he and Percy are friends. They're constantly talking and acting like friends. There is, I decided, no way I'd talk to Percy with that…thing around.

It seemed that my friend was having a very eventful day. So far, he'd stuck up for a Cyclops, blown up a trashcan, and evacuated a lab. Currently, he was staring at his notebook instead of drawing a latitude/longitude map of the United States. I didn't blame him.

Then an idiot from his earlier class, Language Arts, reached over and ripped the photo Percy had been staring at out of the rings.

"Hey!" Percy protested. The thief checked out the picture and his eyes got wide. Mine did, too. Percy had been staring at my photo? I mean, I know he missed camp, and having real friends, but this was a little too much…

"No way, Jackson. Who is that? She is not your–"

"Give it back!" he demanded, his ears red. I caught what they were implying immediately, and scowled. They thought Percy and I – I swallowed – were, like, dating or something. Stupid, gross-minded mortals. The bully handed the photo to his ugly buddies, who snickered and started ripping it up to make spit wads. I couldn't see how my friend put up with them, because I was ready to confuse them with enough logic to make their brainless states feel painful. They were annoying, and they were idiots.

My observation was reinforced by further taunting. Percy defended his clueless Cyclops friend against their barbs, and then the visiting idiots stuck little pieces of my photo into their mouths to make spit wads. Gross. Gods, what idiots. I could almost see Percy struggle to keep himself from punching in the lead bully's face. I was having a hard time myself.

There was something creepy about the visitors, but before I could figure out what, the bell rang.

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Why'd I decide to do a 'Percy and the Olympians' fanfic? There are not enough for a series this good.

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