Title: Accidental Nakedness
Author: Princess Destiny
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Couple: Usagi And Mamoru

Rating: M 15+
Summary: 'One Hour Challenge' #
1, 287, 315, 319 and 323 Combined: Response Fanfic. What if Usagi was getting dressed when a Youma attacked and she transformed without dressing-and then she forgot and de-transformed in an alley? And what if the Senshi could only transform once a day?!
Couple: Usagi And Mamoru
Chapters: 5/5
Status: Completed
Year Completed: 2007

Comments: Hi everyone ::Falls over:: I thought long and hard about how to end this Fanfic, over the years that I wrote the previous four Chapters. Nothing ever came to mind until today, on a perfect ending. Write a lemon ending? An angsty one? Have a Sequel? Nope, I decided that I would go for a funny ending. I hope that you all like it! I'm off to write the last Chapter of my Rurouni Kenshin Fanfic, 'Mine'. And I will have a new Chapter for 'A Kiss In The Dark' out this week also, as well as any one-shots I can do.

Chapter Note: Additional things have been added to both Chapter Four and Five, due to the fact that I realised Usagi had handed over the cloak when she was supposed to be naked underneath. Some of Chapter Four was brought to the beginning of this one.

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Princess Destiny


By Princess Destiny

Chapter Five

It had been ten minutes now and Mamoru's leg had been swinging up and down in a nervous manner, his arms crossed to keep him from nosing around Usagi's room. He wanted to know all about her...

Deciding to face her, still in his tuxedo felt right somehow. As if he could tell her silently that he now trusted her with his identity. And besides, he might need a quick get-away if her family members came to say good-night or something.

There was a shuffling noise outside Usagi's door and he bolted upright, reading to leap out the window if it wasn't who he expected.

The knob turned and the door swung open, revealing Usagi. But she looked awful! He bit his lip as he saw her red eyes, pale face and drooping shoulders. Mamoru had done that to her. He got to his feet slowly, eyes locking on hers.

Usagi saw him a moment later and her shoulders straightened, her face regaining some of it's colour. He was here! He hadn't left her! "You came back." She whispered, eyes showing happiness. She was still wary about what he would say, but he had come back.

The blonde almost flew into his arms, but instead, she shut the door and walked quietly over to him, stopping a few feet away.

Mamoru couldn't help but answer with his own eyes, revealing how sorry he was that they had fought and the caring he felt for her. "Usagi-we need to talk."

"I know we do," The blonde whispered, averting her face so that he wouldn't see what a mess it was. To her surprise, she felt warm, gentle hands on her cheeks. Usagi's face was tilted up towards Mamoru's.

"I'm so sorry I made you cry." He murmured, wiping away the faint tracks of water on her soft skin. Her eyes were swollen and her face rather flushed, but she still looked so pretty to him. Beautiful even.

And at least now she was wearing clothes! It had been terribly distracting to see her naked, and somehow, her naked under his cloak was even worse.

"Mamoru, you don't have to be so kind, you know." The Senshi of the Moon said rather breathlessly, tempted to close her eyes and just enjoy his touch. But his hands pulled away and she felt bereft. She watched him carefully as the upperclassman backed towards her bed and sat down carefully, pulling his long cloak out of the way.

Mamoru patted the mattress beside him. "Come and sit down, Usagi." he said quietly, thinking about what they would say. Would they fight again? No, he did not wish that on either of them again. Usagi was Sailor Moon and he was Tuxedo Kamen, they had more important things to speak of than who betrayed who. He had kept his identity from her as much as she had hers.

If not for that transformation accident in the alley, who knew where he and the blonde would be standing in the scheme of things...

Usagi trailed over to the bed, feeling nervous and on edge. He had left her in anger, but now his touch was so tender and caring. What had changed? "You came back." she repeated her earlier comment, turning bewildered eyes upon his face.

The dark-haired man smiled slightly. "I never left actually. Luna and I have been having a long conversation on your roof."

"The roof?" She exclaimed, looking up towards her ceiling as if she could picture them there. "Luna spoke with you? I thought she was angry."

"Your guardian and I have come to a slight understanding." Mamoru said sardonically, running a hand through his hair in a distracted manner. "We spoke of Tuxedo Kamen and the Senshi, as well as the Princess and the Crystal."

The blonde's mouth opened in shock, then closed without saying anything. If Luna had been so forth-coming, perhaps the cat trusted Tuxedo Kamen now? She wrapped her slender arms about herself for comfort, not sure what to even say to the tall man sitting beside her.

Should the kisses they shared even be mentioned?

Usagi peeked up from beneath her lashes and surprised an amused look on Mamoru's face.

"What are you thinking about, Odango Atama?" He said rather wickedly, having a very good idea on what was going through her pretty head. He and Usagi had always fought, and Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen had always had a rather explosive chemistry.

Today, that chemistry and burst into flames!

"Would you like me to kiss you again?" he asked her slyly, turning his body so that he was facing her.

Usagi's hands twisted together on her lap and she slowly flushed bright red. "Idiot!" she muttered, extremely embarrassed. Not that she wouldn't have loved to be kissed senseless once again by him, but they issued between them now. Barriers that they had to try and breach.

"I would be quite happy to." Mamoru went on with a straight face, eyes turning darker as they rested on her parted lips. Attraction shimmered between them like a tangible thing.

He gave her an absolutely beautiful, sexy smile that melted her on the spot. His hands went into the silky golden hair on either side of her head, and Mamoru tugged her face closer. "Come here," The dark-haired hero murmured, intent in his eyes. He had to kiss her. Now.

"Mamoru...wait, shouldn't we talk some more about this?" Usagi blurted out, lips centimetres from his. She simultaneously cursed herself for speaking just then, and breathed a sigh of relief that he had stopped. They really needed to talk about this situation they were in. It looked like Mamoru had talked to Luna for a fair few hours after all, and the two of them had gone from enemies to something else very quickly. She frowned into his deep blue eyes.

The upperclassman groaned under his breath. So close! And then she had to say she wanted to have a conversation. Maybe she hadn't enjoyed their kissing as much as he had? He stared at her hard, noting her bright eyes, flushed cheeks and the way her tongue eagerly touched her lower lip as if anticipating the touch of his.

"Mamoru, I like you a lot." She blurted out, ending the romantic moment before it began.

The dark-haired man eyed her for a long moment, completely poleaxed. "You...do?" He said, a slow smile spreading over his face. Well, it wasn't a confession of love, but this was good enough. After all, he hadn't said the words himself. "I like you too."


"Usagi, things aren't going to happen fast and we have a lot of issues between Tuxedo Kamen, the Senshi and the Dark Kingdom to sort out," He sighed deeply. "Not to mention the Princess we are all looking for."

"You're on our side now, for sure?" Usagi said, a smile brightening her face. Her eyes lit up with happiness.

It made Mamoru's heart ache to see her expression. She trusted him, and wanted to be with him. And he had told them a lot about himself. But it did remain that he was seeking the Silver Crystal for the Princess-and it had been himself that been asked, not the Senshi.

But for now, things could be good between them. He wanted to live for now, rather than what might happen in the future. The Dark Kingdom, the Princess, the other Senshi.

All of them didn't matter in this moment of time...only she did.

"Say, Usagi," Mamoru purred into her ear, "Want to go out with me?"

The blonde's mouth fell open in shock. Date? Mamoru? Tuxedo Kamen? And, oh my god, get to kiss him officially? "Yes!" Usagi shouted gleefully. She hastily kissed him, then scooted around him and shoved her head out the window.

"Luna! I'm dating Tuxedo Kamen!" She bellowed.

"I'm happy for you!" The cat shouted back, rolling her red eyes skywards. Honestly, those two...

Mamoru dragged her back inside and planted his lips against hers, kissing her and trying not to grin. His arms wrapped about her shoulders and he held her tightly, thinking that he was the luckiest guy in the world-

The bedroom door suddenly slammed open, and Usagi's family tumbled inside.

Shingo's eyes were bright with curiosity as they rested on the hero. "This guy is Tuxedo Kamen? Yeah right! Like the Tuxedo Kamen would date my air-headed sister."

Ikuko had her hands clasped before her bosom, eyes bright with happiness. "Oh darling, is this the boy you were pining after?"

But Kenji looked awfully homicidal, wielding a broom like a sword. "What?! What did you say, Usagi? Dating!? Over my dead body, young man."

Mamoru stared at his girl's strange family and he backed away slightly, taking her with him. "Is it too late to change my mind?" He joked, tempted to carry her off into the night.

Besides...the way things were, he would probably be marrying into this bizarre family in a couple of years. Wow, had he really just had such a serious thought? He liked this girl a lot, maybe even more than that, but did he have a long future with her? Thinking about him and Usagi, and then Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon, and their respective relationships, he thought that just maybe, he did have a future with her.

A very long, complication, passionate, going to get naked together...future. Mamoru swallowed hard.

The small girl smacked him on the arm, wondering what on earth he was thinking to get that strange, hot, expression in his eyes. "No, you can't change your mind," she hissed into his ear. "Er-dad, this is Mamoru." She aimed this sentence towards her father, hoping to save her guy before any permanent bodily harm could come to him. The kind that would prevent future child-bearing. She flushed at this thought.

Intimate. With Mamoru?

"Chiba Mamoru, pleased to meet you," He said, walking towards her father, his arm still tight about her waist. His hand was ignored and Mamoru let it drop. "I'm also...Tuxedo Kamen." He went on awkwardly. Yeah, that had come out brilliantly!

The three stared at him like he was a maniac.

"Why would Tuxedo Kamen want anything to do with my sister?" Shingo accused him, crossing his arms.

"Shingo!" Usagi glared balefully. "I'm going to smack you over the head." Mamoru was just so sweet! She glomped his arm, trying to ignore the press of warm flesh against her breasts. The two exchanged a sideways glance, filled with meaning and promise. She wanted to see his naked chest again! Oh yeah!

"Stop it, you two." Ikuko scolded, looking from one child to the other.

"Tuxedo who?" Kenji said, angry and confused. "I don't care who you are, what are you doing in my daughter's room at this time of night?"

"Er..." Mamoru's mind went completely blank. He clutched the blonde closer to him and wondered what the hell to say in a situation like this. Did he blurt out that he was a really famous superhero, and had the man been living on the moon not to have heard of him? Make nice to the mother, who seemed very delighted to have him possibly joining the family? Grab Usagi and run like hell?!

Nooooo. A strategic retreat was fully in order! And he had to hope that Usagi wouldn't murder him by sun-up.

"She's already planning the wedding," The Senshi of the Moon muttered in his direction, flushing with embarrassment.

"Don't kill me!" The dark-haired man muttered back. He removed his hand and thrust his girlfriend towards the bosom of her family. "It's really late and I have class in the morning." His eyes rolled skywards and he thought that perhaps it would happen at some stage in the future...so... Tuxedo Kamen pulled a bouquet of perfect red blooms from thin air and placed them into Usagi's arms. "I really am a superhero." He told the three gawking family members.

"Usagi, I like you a lot, but I've got to go now," The superhero said seriously, slipping his half-mask over his eyes. He grinned at her baffled expression, blew her a kiss and left out the window before her father could commit homicide.

"Tuxedo Kamen, you are so dead!" Usagi howled after him. How could he leave them to face her family after pulling this stunt? A smile spread over her face. "But I really, really adore you anyway."

"Usagi, please explain. In small, concise sentences," Kenji said through his teeth, sinking down onto her bed as if his legs wouldn't support him.

"Yes dear, please do," Ikuko nodded, sitting beside her husband and patting his leg soothingly.

"Umm..." The blonde began, mind going blank. She stood there with the blooms in her arms, various scenario's going through her head. Would they freak when they found out she was a Senshi? Oh no, what if she got grounded?! Maybe telling them that was a very bad idea. Okay, so she would just tell them about Tuxedo Kamen.

"I er-Tuxedo Kamen and I are going to be dating." She finally blurted out, face red.

"You're only fifteen!" Her father raged, waving a fist. "I absolutely forbid it!"

Ikuko had a dreamy look on her face. "She's going to be sixteen soon, dear," She murmured. "And that is quite old enough to be dating."

"But how did this happen?!" Shingo demanded, looking disbelieving. "Usagi is a ditz! Tuxedo Kamen is a superhero and...and-way too cool to be interested in my sister."

"Hey!" Usagi growled, taking a threatening step towards her brother. "Watch what you say, you brat. Tuxedo Kamen and I have a very special relationship."

"But he likes Sailor Moon," Shingo crossed his arms and looked superior. "The whole world knows that those two are dating or something."

"Oh that...well, you see..." The Senshi of the Moon shuffled her feet, a panicked look on her face. Should she tell them? No, no, it was a bad idea. They had enough trouble thinking she was dating a superhero, but if they found out she was one too, she was in trouble.

Luna and the blonde exchanged a knowing look. This was something to be brought to their notice carefully and sometime in the far future. Preferably when she was legal age, and they couldn't lock her up in the house and throw away the key.

"Usagi! We heard what happened from Luna and came right away!" Sailor Mars' voice came from just outside the window. She leapt in, looking up at the people in the room simultaneously. The raven-haired girl blanched. "Oh no."

Sailor Mercury jumped in right behind her, ploughing into her friend. "Rei, why are you blocking the window?" She spotted Ikuko, Kenji and Shingo and her mouth dropped open. Oh, this wasn't good.

Jupiter was frozen on the window-sill, eyes huge. "Oh, hi there." She said in a strangled tone. "We can explain this."

"Did you come because you heard Usagi was dating Tuxedo Kamen?" Ikuko said in surprise, staring from her daughter to the Senshi. "You all know each other?"

He was dead! Tuxedo Kamen would find himself knocked over the head with a blunt object and tossed into the river! Usagi saw red as she realised the mess her new boyfriend had made in wake of his departure. Without him there, explaining things without revealing her secret identity were going to be impossible.

"We're ugh, friends with your daughter," Mercury murmured, stepping to the side to allow Jupiter inside the room.

"They're dating?!" Sailor Mars blurted out in shock, purple eyes goggling at her best friend.

"You didn't know?" Ikuko said, eyes intent. She wasn't a stupid woman, despite her mild manner. She noticed immediately that there was a Senshi absent, and the meaning of Tuxedo Kamen having a more than friendly interest in a certain blonde superhero. "Ah," Usagi mother sighed, making all the right connections. She looked to her daughter, promise of a long talk in her gaze. "I think we should leave them all to talk, you two."

Kenji found himself yanked firmly to his feet, Shingo's arm tagged on the way out, as Ikuko lead them to the open door.

"Wait just a minute!" Kenji shouted as the door was shut behind them.

"Well..." The four Senshi glanced at each other, wondering where to start.

"You're dating Tuxedo Kamen? How did this happen?" Sailor Mars abruptly began the conversation. She glared heatedly at her friend, not happy to be left out of something so important.

Usagi's head dropped down in defeat. She walked over to her dresser and placed the bouquet of flowers on it gently. Mamoru was going to be very unhappy with her for telling her Senshi everything, but she owed it to them. And besides, her eyes narrowed, he had skipped out! "It's a long story guys," She said, sitting on the bed and indicating for her friends to do the same.

"You know how we can only transform once a day?"

The End

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