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At the moment I'm writing on a new House story and a CSI story, all at the same time. I must be crazy...



Days passed by and House got better. At first, everybody had been happy that he was back in the land of the living, but before too long most of the nurses were ready to send him back into a coma themselves.

Cuddy visited him as often as she could during the first few days and each time she tried to apologise. Wilson, too, apologised again and again for their terrible mistake until one day House threatened them he would never speak another word to them or forgive them unless they stopped their unnerving apologising.

Soon after they finally did stop House got bored with his room and started to "play" with the nurses. He also fought with Cuddy more than once and sometimes made her really regret caring for him. Wilson never left Greg's side and they mostly talked about every unsolved issue between them until they finally decided to make a trip to Canada to get married. Without anyone knowing, of course. They even placed bets on which one of the ducklings would first see the rings and put two and two together. House and Wilson also made a play of terrorizing the all-too-caring Cameron, which sometimes made even Chase and Foreman laugh.

So, all in all one could say that everything went back to normal.

Except for the fact that Greg and James were happier together than ever before.