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Episode 9 (…for the lack of a better title)

"Kyouya," a voice called out, "are you done?"

"Nearly," Kyouya replied as he slipped on his overdress. Tamaki pulled the curtain back and entered the changing area. Without a word he began zipping up the back.

Kyouya, ever efficient, abandoned his dress and reached for his wig.

"You look great!" Tamaki smiled happily, "Haruhi will definitely stay after this."

"Hm," Kyouya uttered indifferently, tucking his hair away into the large ornate wig. Tamaki said nothing for a while and Kyouya was about to ask whether something was wrong when an arm slid around his waist from behind and a head rested upon his shoulder.

Kyouya froze…then turned his head a little, enough to see the golden strands next to his cheek. "Tamaki…"

"Shhh…" was the king's reply as he sighed, "just for a little while."

Kyouya paused for a second, then smiled gently. Placing his own hands over Tamaki's and relaxing against him.

"My lord!" a pair of voice interrupted their serene atmosphere. "Your costume!"

"Yes yes!" Tamaki gushed, releasing his hold on Kyouya, "I'm coming!"

Kyouya watched as Hikaru helped Tamaki into his large, orange dress while Kaoru put on bright red lipstick. He pushed his glasses back to their place and smiled as he looked out of the window.

"She's coming."

-The End.

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