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A few hours after Hagi proposed to Saya, the news spread like a nuclear bomb. That was all thanks to the twin kindergarten girls, Yukiko and Mikiko, a swift news spreader they really were. First was Kai who congratulating them, then Lulu, then random bar's guests who had accidentally heard the news. Kai had intended to contact Julia, David, Lewis, Joel, Mao, and Okamura to announce the happy news but then he decided that would be the privilege of the couple to do it by themselves.

Saya told Kaori about her marriage news and the girl squealed loudly. Saya needed to clap her mouth to stop her from attracting more attention than what they already have. For God's sake, they were standing inside a café! You were not alone when you were in the café!

"I can't believe it!" Kaori said with surprise, of course she was happy for her friend.

"Ssst! Be more silent!" Saya put her index finger in front of her mouth, asking her to speak in a quieter mode.

"Ups, sorry..." Kaori patted her lips with her fingers. "Who is the lucky man?" She smiled mischievously.

"The one that you've seen before in my house."

"Cello teacher? Hagi-san?" She tilted her head, confirming her guess. Saya nodded. She was very grateful with her friend who had never asked a thing about her disappearance, reappearance, or even Hagi's past. She did feel guilty for telling her nothing but she couldn't bear lying to her after all the trust she had given her -- so she decided to continue her silence and never touch those subjects.

"So how do you feel now?" She asked in eager.

"Well..." Saya was unable to find a fitting word to express her feelings. Her cheek flushed and she couldn't help smiling all the time. "How can I put it..."

When Saya had failed to express her happiness one too many times, Kaori waved her hands to dismiss her question.

"Fine. Fine. I know exactly how you feel from your expression." She said teasingly.

"So... when is the marriage?" Kaori asked in a wide grin.

"What?!" Saya felt her blood rushed to her face, a new shade of red was added to her face. "No, not that fast. We haven't even talked about it yet. We'll wait for Mao to come back from South Africa. We want everyone important to us to present on the day." Saya explained shyly.

"Oh, I see... Then tell me if you need any help on wedding preparation." Again, she received another grin exposing a neat line of white teeth from Kaori.

Saya nodded eagerly and Kaori bid her farewell saying she was going to be late for her morning shift.

Saya was in the clinic, receiving another blood transfusion. She had told Julia the news and received a soft but responsive congratulation. She said that she would tell David about the news, after he went home from his work in Red Shield International Security. She offered some advices concerning the wedding preparation and welcomed her to ask anything which she would probably be able to answer. Julia and David weren't having a big marriage. Kai told Saya that their marriage consisted of going to the church to have priest's blessing and all of them were there to be the witness. There was banquet session of course. And that was exactly the kind of wedding that Saya had in mind. A simple yet memorable wedding ceremony accompanied by those who they loved so much. But of course, she would need to discuss it with Hagi -- though she knew he would approve whatever her plan was. That part of him was never changed, not that Saya wanted him to change, but sometimes she had a hard time trying to make him speak of his own opinion.

Saya went home to see Hagi still busy teaching 2 students, his door was unusually opened so Saya took liberty to stood at the door and watching him, not daring to enter, afraid to disrupt the lesson. Hagi wore a short sleeve deep blue shirt with trousers of the same color. He smiled when he saw her stood at the doorway – which was replied with the sweetest smile Saya has - but soon returned his concentration to both of his female cello student. The so-called study room was consisted of a few chairs, song sheets' holders, a small table at the edge of the room, and a book shelf at the other end.

She went to her bedroom, taking some clothes then strode to the bathroom. They had set a trip for today and it would be after Hagi finished his cello class. She would need to warm herself after a freezing day and relax her tired brain from the material that she had learned for this half-day. Hagi would probaly finish in about 30 minutes later, she still had much time left. When she had finished, Kai had already warming the car. She could hear the sound of the vehicle outside her window. She put on a purple blouse along with knee-length white skirt, then coating herself with red thick coat and went downstairs. Unexpectedly, Hagi had already waited outside. He wore another layer of black coat – not that he really need it – which reminded her of his old appearance.

"You've finished your class?" Saya asked in perplex.

"We finish faster because we start earlier." Hagi explained and opened the car door for her. She went in and sat obediently. Kai sat at the driver's seat. Hagi sat at the front seat along with him.

"Had you bring the flower?" Saya asked Kai.

"Yeah, don't worry. All the things are in the car garage. Did you forget anything?" Kai confirmed before he started to move the car.

"Absolutely nothing." Saya assured him and the car set out to the crowded highway. None in the Otonashi family can drive except Kai. Saya didn't have the talent to drive, Lulu was absolutely not going to try, while Hagi, well, he could if he want but he couldn't have a license anyway. He didn't even have a legal identity card. They rode in silence, swallowing the familiar scene yet somehow different down to the falling white snow. It's been half year they haven't passed this road. All of them had different yet similar melancholy experience with the place they were going to visit. It was the place where the past was continued, where a different start was created, where their dear one resting, and where Saya was born for the second time. Third if you wanna count the Vietnam rage when Saya was awakened unwillingly as another 'awakening'. She was gazing outside the window, her brow twitched when the memory of Vietnam rolled to her mental eyes.

"Is there anything wrong?" Hagi asked in concern, he stared at her through the driver's mirror. He should be applauded for his meticulousness; nothing can escape his inspection -- especially if that was about Saya.

"Nothing. Just some dust entering my eyes. But it's ok now." She gave him a false answer, not wanting to start his anxiety over her. Kai just kept his mouth shut; he knew Hagi was just too worrisome at sometimes.

At last they stopped at a base of ladders. Kai opened the car garage and pass over the vase and a bucket of white lily to Hagi and Saya. They ascended the stairs together. The road downstairs may be raucous but as they nearer to the top, the noise vanished, swallowed beneath the lush green of trees.

Kai went inside the tomb first and prayed while Hagi helping Saya to fill the water to the vase from the water tap and insert the flowers to the vase. They went in together, put down the vase at the tomb center and genuflected behind kneeling Kai, both hands tapped in front of the chest, also praying. The remnant of 2 unknown materials hanging from roof to floor was not disturbing them, after all it was the cocoon where Saya had been resting for these 30 and 4 years, the one that had protected and vitalized her in her deep dormant. After a few minutes of silence, they stepped out of tomb, bitten back by the wild cold freezing wind instead of the still damp moist air inside the tomb.

Saya shivered for sudden change of weather but a hand quickly slipped to her waist, pulling her closer in his masculine body, captivating her in his secure warmth. He stood by her side and watched her face blushed. "Still cold?" He asked with his usual low voice and stoic face. Saya waved her head and smiled to him. "Not anymore."

Kai had walked down the stairs. He turned his head when he felt no one following him. "C'mon. Let's go home. I'm freezing my butt here." He cocked his head, his hand safely wrapped in his coat's pocket. Saya and Hagi followed him downstairs but Hagi never left her side. He shifted his hand to her shoulder so she could walk more freely.

Saya loved his attention, seemed small but it meant much for her. This was one of the reasons why she cherished him so much, the only person who understand her completely – probably more than herself.

Night at Omoro was the same at usual. Bar crowded with old customers; girls who frequently stared at Hagi instead of hearing his play, peoples who really like Hagi's playing, and unknowingly to Saya, also her admirers. She was beautiful girl with all her modesty though probably the girl never realized it by herself. She helped Kai again this night, the only bar servant aside from Lulu, after giving bed-stories to her cousins. The vigorous bar would close at 10 pm then all would return to its usual calmness, blending with night's tranquility. They cleaned up the bar and Saya decided to give those male a special service. She poured for each of them a hot chocolate. Kai took it with smile and thanked him. She didn't see Hagi anywhere. Kai said probably he had returned to his room since he saw him taking his cello case. With a mug of chocolate for Hagi on her left and her own at his right hand, she couldn't knock at all. She called out his name softly outside his room. The door opened, Hagi stood tall behind it. He moved away to let her in. She extended her hand to offer him the mug which he took questioningly.

"I know you don't need to eat nor drink, but I think a hot chocolate is good for keeping your body warm." She explained before sipping her own and plunked down at his bedside.

Hagi nodded, closed the door and drank it. It tasted sweet and warm, a nice odor emitting from the brown liquid. He had forgotten how the taste of the beverage was, the only thing he had ever taste in his mouth for more than 30 years was the steely palate of blood.

"Are you in the middle of something?" Saya asked for she had seen a book being closed upside down at his bed side desk.

"No. I was just storing my cello." He said, putting the mug down at the desk after drank a bit of it. He didn't dislike it but his body refused to accept more.

"What did you pray for at the tomb?" Saya asked out of her curiosity. Today's trip was not her plan; it was Hagi who initiated it.

Last night, Hagi had asked her whether she had a plan for today and when she answered no, she was asked to accompany him to the tomb. Beyond her surprise, he had already arranged it with Kai also. She didn't ask him further last night because she was too occupied with her happiness.

She stood and put down her mug at the desk. Hagi plopped down comfortably at the bed, laying against the pillow, stretched his legs, and crossed his ankles. Saya also sat down and cuddled beside him. He wrapped his arms at her waist and let her head rested at his chest, hearing the calm beating of his heart. "A gratitude and a request." He answered. Saya didn't interrupt his vague explanation; she knew there were still more that he would say.

"Gratitude for George-san to have fostered you to become a strong Saya. Appreciation for Riku to leave cute cousins for us -- though he probably didn't intend to."

Kai had decided to build a tomb for Riku though the inside was empty. Their father had said that the entire family would be gathered at their family's resting place so it was a fit decision; Riku was -- and would always -- be their dear family.

"A Request for George to release her daughter to me... and to bless us with happiness." He added after a long silence. Saya snaked her arms at his waist and stared at his face. A bliss was definitely expressed in her face, he could clearly see that, and he responded with a contented smile.

"What did you pray for?" He asked her in return.

"Similar." She looked down in embarrassment, avoiding his gaze. "A hope they would rest in peace forever and a wish that they will bestow happiness to us."

She shifted her hand and rested it gently on his chest. Warmth crept from his chest, enveloping his whole body and bones, more than what he had received from the time Saya held her in her chest when he was small. Such that is the feeling he was experiencing. He never dares to dream for this day inasmuch to their inequality – though Saya had always mentioned that they are equal, but it was hard to change some perspective that you had since your childhood. Even in his widest imagination, a day like this was impossible; many times he was afraid that this kind of day were just a dream and he would wake up anytime alone and deserted with Saya's blood on his hand – a price for his promise with Saya. But now, he held her dear in his arms. They had been together many times and he had proposed to her, his only love and heart. She had given him a family and a place to return to. And she had prayed as hard as him for their happiness. It was not an exaggeration to say he could die in this exultation.

He cupped Saya's face and turned her to face him. Her eyes were filled with love and passion, as much as his. He planted a tender kiss on her lips, not wanting to push her, expressing his generous infinite feeling which wouldn't ever rotten even by the time. Lips parted when a scream from lungs, demanding input of new breath, was piercing their blood just to be met again with new intensity and vigor. Slowly Hagi's lips was trailing her neck, giving a soft peck and made her arched her neck, consented to give him more access. She lifted her hand, caressing the black tresses which she was so familiar with. She felt the silky hair under her touch and pulled out his elastic, releasing a stream of smooth inky hair. He pushed her gently so she laid comfortably on the bed without breaking his caress.

She moaned softly on his contact and stroked his hair while holding his shoulder. A soft but firm hand slipped under her blouse, brushed her lower stomach. She gasped on the touch but soon muffled by his lips, her voice swallowed into his throat. His hand draped to her back, unfastened her top underwear. He cupped her uncovered breast under her blouse, caressing her sensitive area with his thumb, turning her nipple hard. Saya shivered slightly, deepened the kiss, and slipped her tongue to his mouth, tasting a bit of the chocolate left, whimpering unconsciously.

Her hand delicately unbuttoned Hagi's shirt and rolled it from her body. He also did the same with her blouse. Their bare skin rubbed each other, sparking hot sensation which had been potentially buried inside their very flesh. Another strangled moan escaped her throat when Hagi moved down, kissed, sucked, and licked her breast. His bandaged hand traced her tender leg, slowly and carefully moving her skirt up. He caressed softly, wary of his claw would injure her, but apparently she paid no heed to his worry. Her body melted on his touch, yearning for more affection and not objecting to have a little wound along the way. She clasped his bandaged hand and tugged it off. Hagi pulled in alarm which made Saya sat up. She pulled the blanket to cover her.

"What is it?" She asked.

"I'm afraid will hurt you without this bandage." He started to wrap it back but halted by Saya's hand.

"Don't worry. I'm the one who caused you to have that hand and I'm not complaining." She smiled.

Hagi was still unconvinced. He tried to wrap it but Saya's firm hand held him still. "Please." She said. "I want to accept you as you are. No more, no less." She said compassionately. Hagi looked into her eyes and see nothing but true passion there. He let the bandage fell to the floor and exposed his Chevalier hand. She smiled contentedly and kissed Hagi. Dancing in their own rhythm, unconsciously they already had all their clothes spread on the floor. Hagi held Saya's head in place with his Chevalier hand, licking her earlobe and slipped a thumb between her wet thighs. Saya gasped and instinctively clapped her thigh. Hagi stroke her crown a few times and she started to relax, whimpering with her husky voice. Enjoying the caress, reflexively she opened her thigh wider; her hand gripped tightly the sheet below. He could feel his own length hardening every time her body shivered under him, moaning, and whispering his name at some time.

As the pleasure started to build up inside her, her body whined for a release. "Hagi..." She moaned with her silky voice. Hagi rumbled and slowly slipped himself inside her. Her muscle was tense; he could feel it wrapping him with warmth, adding more pleasure he had been feeling. He kissed, licked, and bit her bottom lips -- waiting to let Saya adjusted to his presence before started to rock his hips slowly, thrusting and pulling his length to the warmth and cold air outside her. Saya couldn't restrict her appealing moan, not that she wanted to, and arched her back sensually. Hagi started to thrust faster, gaining more rhythm and yearn for a discharge for his wanton, their tongue clashed. "Hagi..." Saya whispered when she were nearing her limit. Her nail dug into Hagi's shoulder. "Saya." Hagi whispered her name with his throaty voice. She moaned loudly and shivering, a sign she had reached her top. Hagi felt her muscles tightening around him, he groaned deeply. After a few thrust, he emptied himself inside her. He pulled out of her and collapsed to her side. Both breathing hard but satisfied. Saya turned and kissed him lightly.

"I love you" She said.

"I love you too." Hagi replied with soft smile tugged at his lips.

Saya soon slept well, cuddled next to her love. Hagi gazed down lovingly at her, his head was supported by his arms, his hair was hanging loosely down his shoulder. He needed not to sleep since he became a Chevalier and he contented to stare at her as much as he could for all night. She murmured something in her sleep, too soft for Hagi to be heard. He smiled with tender sincerity, a smile that he had never showed anyone except to her. He put down his arm and embraced her, hugging her slender body against his, feeling her velvety porcelain skin in his own.

Saya awoken when sunshine managed to pierce through the crimson curtain. She blinked her eyes hazily and swept her surrounding with her gaze. She was in Hagi's room, a room that she had grew accustomed in this half year. Beside, half of the time, she always slept in his room instead of her room, sometimes they would only chatting and reading, but at other times an activity as last night could occur. She flushed seeing her naked self and realizing her clothes had been neatly arranged at the bedside.

She decided to take a shower. She has no plan for today so she wouldn't need to rush anything. "Hmm... Maybe today I should go for it..." She murmured to herself. She was just coming out of Hagi's room when a low voice behind her caught her off guard.

"Going somewhere?"

She was definitely surprised and turned in haste; her battle reaction has not lessened at all during the peace era. Hagi barely move nor twitched at her reaction; he was just standing still, waiting for her answer. He wore white T-shirt with brown trousers; his hair had been tied back neatly with the ribbon.

"You totally startled me!" Saya said in a spur.

"Forgive me. I didn't mean to." Hagi bowed. His courtesy never changed though how much close they had became now. Saya suspected he still feel more inferior to her though how many times she had tried to convince him that they are equal.

"No. It's ok." Saya waved her hand. "It's my fault anyway. I'm too occupied with my own mind so I didn't notice your presence." Well, it was really her own fault.

"I'm thinking to go shopping today." She answered his initial question. If Hagi was a normal human, he would have groaned now, but apparently he did not -- though he really wanted to. "Will you need any help?" He offered his help.

"No, no! I'm fine by myself!" She said frantically. "Beside, don't you have class today? You won't be able to make it in time if you go with me now." She clarified her reasoning. Hagi nodded. "If that is your wish..." He said then proceeded to his own room. Saya released a relieved sigh. "I couldn't possibly buy a present if the one I wanna give is beside me right?" She whispered again before moving to her former destination, bathroom.

She was ready to go out through the bar door when Kai called her.

"What's up?"

"Joel-san called you. He's on the line now." Kai gestured to the phone behind the bar counter.

"Oh! Thank you!" She rushed to the phone. Joel's call was international call. If he had called her it should meant there was something important.

"Moshi moshi, Joel-san?"

"Ah, Saya-chan. Good morning."

"Good morning. Is there anything wrong?" She asked anxiously.

Joel was definitely frowning when he heard the question. "Does it always mean something wrong if I called you?"

Aware she had offended her friend, she cleared up her point. "No. I mean you are calling through international line right? So I think there should be something important if you are calling me..." Her explanation gained her a crisp laughter from across the line.

"Indeed I am busy, but I'm not that heartless to call my friend only when I need them." Saya felt embarrassed on her own thought.

"I heard about the news from David-san." He said.

A light was dawned in her mind. "Ah... Yeah, I was going to tell you myself but I think I need to wait till the wedding things being confirmed..."

"Congratulation to both of you. I am truly happy for you."

"Thank you, Joel-san. Hagi will also thankful for your attention." She smiled widely. A woman voice calling 'director' was heard at the background.

"I don't want to bother you. I suppose you still has much work to do for today." Saya said.

"Ahahaha... Yeah, my list of schedule never ended no matter how hard I try to finish them. I suppose prolonging a day into 30 hours won't help much..." He ended his word with a sigh. This time, Saya was the one who laughed.

"Ganbaru, Joel-san! It's only you who can do all that. I'll call you later if the date is already decided."

"Then see you later, Saya-chan. Take care."

"Yeah, you too."

She put back the phone and walked out. Kai was digging up the snow out of the entrance; last night must have snowy again. He turned his head when he felt someone open the door.

"Anything wrong?"

"Nothing. It's a congratulation for me and Hagi."

"Ooohhh..." He nodded understandingly. "Going somewhere?" He asked again.

"Yeah. I'm planning to buy something. Don't worry, I'll be back before 6. Itekimasu" She said, started to walk away.

"Iterrashai" Kai replied before he returned to his task.

Saya trod down the familiar road which she had passed everyday. She had been thinking for the last few days. What should she give him as a present? She had received a wedding ring from him, uncountable intangible things that are too numerous to be listed in all her life, and more in the future -- she knew it perfectly. She had wanted to give him something, something as a token of her love and appreciation, something that would remind him of her no matter how far they were apart -- not that they would be apart anymore, there should be nothing could step on their happiness anymore -- something that was special, something that has Hagi characteristic, something that could last nearly forever. She lost a few nights sleep for this case.

At first she thought of necklace or bracelet. A silver or gold one would last long... but it was just too common. There wasn't something special about it... and not very 'Hagi' like. Then her thought laid on his hair ribbon, probably she can bought him another color. But that was also so simple... She could buy it everyday everywhere and Hagi could have just lost it, having it mixed between all of his other ribbons -- though she highly doubt that possibility, knowing Hagi would kept her gift as something precious. But it was still not enough, she needed something more special... A butterfly tie? No, no... He didn't wear his suit again for quite a long time... That would not match... What should she give him?? When she almost exasperated out of her own brain storming session, she remembered the cello! Of course giving him a new cello or cello case was not an option, this cello was also her gift -- at her life before this. But she can gave him a new bow! She could ask the instrument store to make a bow, carved just as what she would demand -- price was not her main concern -- and it would be the only and most special bow for Hagi in the whole world! She smiled senselessly for the whole night at the time she found that idea, before she fell into a soundless sleep, tired after furious struggling with her own brain.

- So... Where am I now? Oh! -

She was treading cheerfully through a pavement despite the freezing wind of winter, heading to her favorite instrument music store where she bought her own cello last year.

She opened the glass door and small jingles announcing her entrance, racked by the top side of the opened door.

"Welcome. What can I do for you, Saya-chan?" A handsome male approach her, his hand was clasped politely at his front.

"Ryu-san, I wanna reserve a cello bow, a special one." She said to him.

They had become friend after Saya's several visits. He was an honest man, just like his parents and she respected him for that. They never charged expensively, their music instrument quality was great and their services were satisfying. Not much store like them stood in this city. That was why this store has many loyal customers from many places.

Ryu's brow arched. "Special one? Such as...?"

End of chapter 1

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