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Spring had come. Both of the couple had agreed on having the double wedding in 1st March, early of spring when Sakura were blooming beautifully. They had even chosen the church where the ceremony would take place. It was a small delicate church from the outside, but in the inside, it has gorgeous ornament carved at its wall and roof as well as complicated colorful huge mosaic windows. This place was at the outskirt of town and based on the suggestion of Saya's friend, Nagisa – the art student. They had chosen their wedding gown and planned the banquet. Saya and Hagi have a simpler plan. Their banquet would be held exactly after the ceremonial at the church garden, which has Sakura trees lined up at each side. The attendances were only limited to their friends, who were not unfamiliar for the couple.

However for Mao and Okamura, they would need to prepare for night banquet where business partners and their parents' friends could attend. Mao's real estate family business was quite large and having them in family's daughter wedding was another display of wealth as well as respect. Akihiro Okamura, despite of being an annoying persistent journalist, has numerous friends in his previous workplace. Due to his work field, it would not be strange to have many outside acquaintance. However wearisome it would be for them, this event could neither be ignored nor unattended.

In a bright morning near the end of February, Mao and Okamura decided to shop together for stuff, which would be needed for their honeymoon to Bali. Okamura would pick her up near the market place after he had finished an errand. Mao arrived early at the market place and waited, leaning at a wall shop. She twirled the ring in her left finger and reminiscing on how it could end up in her hand.

Today had been another common day in the office. Mao sighed behind her desk. It had been nearly a month and her task was going to end soon. She had worked as an office lady in this Colata Corporation under Joel's mission. They were requested to collect evident of money laundry which had brought big loss and inflation to the New York monetary. Akihiro was stationed to tail the president director while Mao would gather information from inside. Yeah, everything was going perfectly except one small problem.

"Mao-san, aren't you going to have lunch?"

Mao looked up and saw a handsome man smiled vaguely at her. She sighed inwardly. Ji Hoon was a Korean man who was able spoke Japanese fluently. During this whole month, he had approached her with a reason 'to increase his language ability'. Mao was very suspicious of him at the first place -- nevertheless try to get information from him. However, gradually she found out that he brought no harm -- not at all involved in the case -- and soon they turned out to be a good friend though she was pretty aware to answer any question concerning herself.

She remembered Akihiro's advise not to get too close to him, but shrugged it off when he couldn't explain why. She was aware of Ji Hoon's presence, but too bad, not his feeling. Last night Ji Hoon called her out for dinner and asked her to date with him. She was surprised but plainly rejected him. When he asked her whether she has someone special, Akihiro's face was mirrored mentally in her eyes. She answered no after a short pause nonetheless. Akihiro was special for her, but… not in that way of special. Or so she thought at that time. She didn't tell Akihiro about this event of course. What for anyway?

"Nope. I'm finishing this report." Mao replied. She needed to get the hidden microphone in president director's room anyway.

"But still, you should eat properly."

Mao smiled over his concern. "Don't worry. I got something to eat." She pulled out chocolate bread wrapped in small transparent plastic – the bread Akihiro bought for her before she went out.

Ji Hoon's expression was impassive. "Fine. I'll go first then." Mao nodded. Hopefully he was not thinking that she was distancing herself from him. She hoped that their relation would still be 'good friend'.

The day was over and despite how much Mao hated office work, she was still responsible enough to stay late in order to finish her work. While Mao walking out of the building to greet the night breeze, she could hear someone calling her name from behind. She turned around to face that same handsome face again.

"Going home already?"

Mao nodded. "Shouldn't you go home already?" She asked back.

"Nope… I had just finished my paper. Should I drive you home?" He offered.

"No thanks. I prefer walking." She replied. She and Akihiro was living in a room in Joel's -- again another – apartment (she ever mentioned to Akihiro that Joel seemed to have many house/apartment in various country). She couldn't afford to let anyone know they live together and blow their camouflage. But it was an exception for the neighbor.

"Is it near?"

"Pretty much."

"Then let me walk you home. I don't have any other things to do anyway." He insisted. Mao gave up. It probably wouldn't hurt to let him walk her until the entrance, nobody would bother. She didn't interact much with their neighbor, Akihiro – tailing that president director – who departed early morning and returned late at night was more impossible.

They walked together through the bustle of the New York city, chatting randomly about small stuff. After a few block, Mao halted in front of her high apartment building. Officer was seen guarding the apartment security behind the automatic glass door.

"Thank you for walking me home." She hinted the goodbye. Ji Hoon nodded.

"I want to tell you something." He looked determined. Mao groaned inwardly though appear inexpressive, it seemed to turn out not good for her. "I've thought about it carefully last night." He continued. "I won't give up while you're not yet falling in love with someone." He cupped her cheek. Mao froze in hesitation.

"I will make you fall for me." Ji Hoon leaned forward to kiss her. Before Mao was able to react over the lips and face which was approaching rapidly, a hand tapped on Ji Hoon's shoulder, halting his movement.

"What do you think you're doing?"

After Ji Hoon turned to see the intruder, Mao was surprised to see Akihiro, his expression was strange. No, it was probably the first time for Mao to see. His face was cold and calm, but his eyes were definitely angry. A silent stare with composed face brought chill to Mao's spine.

"Who are you?" Ji Hoon asked Akihiro. Difference in height (yes, Ji Hoon was taller than Akihiro, he was 186cm) gave an effect of superiority and Mao believed, Akihiro didn't like that.

"He's my friend." Mao said before Akihiro could respond. "Let me introduce you. Akihiro, this is Joo Ji Hoon. Ji Hoon, this is Akihiro Okamura."

Both of the man shook hand in different atmosphere. Ji Hoon in warmth serenity while Akihiro in menacing tranquility. Nobody spoke for a moment.

"Then… I'll see you tomorrow." Ji Hoon bid her farewell after throwing a glance on Akihiro. Mao smiled at him and nodded. After Ji Hoon disappeared from their gaze, they went inside the apartment.

"You're early today." Mao said, throwing herself to the single comfy sofa.

"Sorry to disturb your happiness." He said mockingly, closing the door behind him.

Mao arched her brow. Did he just sound jealous?...Nah, it must be her imagination.

"None of like that. Either you came or not, I will evade that kiss." She said, closing her eyes and relaxed her head against the soft couch.

"Really? You seemed not to move when he was getting closer. I bet you are waiting to be kissed by that handsome employee." Akihiro took a seat at the long sofa beside her.

Her temper flared. "And what if I really do? It's not really your business!" Her eyes snapped open.

Her word struck a cord in his twisted sense. Having no word to reply, Akihiro's tongue was completely stolen by the cat.

Receiving no response, Mao decided to end the discussion. She stood and left for her room. Akihiro suddenly spoke, halting her pace.

"Just…Don't go too near to him." He said hesitantly. Mao didn't reply and entered her room.

"What the hell of attitude is that?" Mao murmured in irritation.

"Did your friend was angry of me?" Ji Hoon asked Mao, falling in pace with her, crossing the lobby.

"Nah, don't mind him. It's just a misunderstanding."

"I see… Did he also live in that apartment?"

Mao hesitated before answering. "Yeah. We're neighbors."

"Ah… I thought he has some business with you. He looked pretty much scary."

"Don't let his appearance fool you. He's a kind man." Mao replied before they entered the elevator. Speaking of which, she hadn't really asked why he had returned early yesterday. Straight after the quarrel, she just went to sleep… Never mind it, she could just ask him today, probably he has already in a better state of mood.

Mao went home without much incident today. When she closed her apartment door, Akihiro was sitting at the sofa, facing the curtained window at the opposite direction of the room. He was sorting something on the table, his head bent low, paid no heed to Mao's presence though he evidently knew she had returned.

Mao took a seat on his side. Looking on the photographs scattered on the table, she took one which depict her president director walking in a reserved restaurant.

"We'll return to Japan the next day after tomorrow." Akihiro said without lifting his head, beating Mao who was almost opening her mouth.

"Earlier than planned?" She frowned slightly. Akihiro nodded in silence, tidying the photograph on the table.

"You already collected the proof? Is that why you came home early these days?" She asked again. Akihiro stopped his movement. He was thinking about something before answering.

"Yes and no." He answered blurrily.

"What do you mean?" Mao asked for more explanation. She hated it when she couldn't get a straight answer.

Taking the last photograph in Mao's hand, he slipped it in a big thick yellow envelope.

"Exactly as it is." He replied at last, hand grabbing something under his trousers' pocket.

Holding a small inky box in his palm, he handed it to Mao.

"What?" Mao questioned.

"Use this. So next time you won't face the same problem like yesterday." He threw his gaze to other direction when Mao took it.

Opening the box lid, a ring sat contentedly at the middle of the box. A small diamond-like crystal was attached at the center of the modest ring.

"A fake diamond ring?" She confused.

"That's a real one!" Akihiro glared at her before avoiding her gaze again.

"A real diamond ring?" She confirmed, getting more bewildered. "You bought me a real diamond ring just for the sake of fending off other guy falling on me?" She received no response. However she could see he was thinking to say something. She continued to press the matter further.

"So, I will pretend to have engaged."

"Not pretend. It's real." Akihiro had the courage to face her at last, cheek faintly flushed.

"So, you're proposing me?" Mao verified, slightly amused. Akihiro nodded.

"Is that an attitude when you're proposing someone? I thought you are supposed to knelt down and pleading on the girl." She tilted her head, smile tugged on her lips.

Akihiro rolled his eyes. "You're watching too much movies."

Suddenly he leaned forward and kissed her. Mao was definitely surprised but not resisting. Their small kiss turned into a heated one after Akihiro managed to slip his tongue when Mao parted her mouth. A few seconds later, Akihiro broke the kiss; Mao's cheek has a pink shade.

"Would you marry me?" He said, staring straight to her eyes.

Mao grinned. "That was much better." Without answering, she crushed her lips again to Akihiro's. She didn't need to give him a verbal answer.

She smiled unconsciously and hauled herself from the wall -- exactly when a young teenager passing by. They bumped into each other.

"Ouch, sorry." Mao said after the hit.

"Watch your step you old hag!"

Mao was surprised by his word. Not only because of her apologize was unaccepted but because she was being labeled as 'old hag'. Well of course, her friends could see Mao had matured into an attractive young lady from her teenage year. Her adolescent appearance had been replaced by an adult's expression which knows much -- as well as barely nothing -- of life's difficulty. She looked up and her gaze met with a punk male, who has piercing in his nose and mouth. He wore torn trousers and jackets with a 'fuck you' T-shirt beneath it. A vein was visible in her head. How nowadays adolescent was so impolite was beyond her comprehension.

"You're the one who should watch your step! And I've apologized anyway!" Mao said, feeling her apologize was so much in vain. Next time she would remember to see who she hit before apologizing.

Before the teenager could have said a thing, a voice was coming from Mao's side. "What happened, Mao?"


"Just go to hell with that bitch, you scum!" The teenager swore at just-arriving Okamura, not letting Mao finished her word.

Okamura's brow curled unpleasantly for first being cursed 'scum' by unknown youngster, second being asked to go to hell and third, his wife-to-be was called as 'bitch'. The teen's voice had drawn rubberneck passerby. Not wanting to draw more attention to themselves, Okamura kept his cool. He held Mao's shoulder and smiled business-like while speaking with low threatening voice to the teenager.

"Now, little boy. I'm a famous journalist working in a big publisher company. If you don't want to be written badly in the newspaper next morning and be thrown into jail the next day after -- along with your family, leave us peacefully, now."

It was a bluff but Okamura had turned into a bluffing expert in all these years. The teenager seemed to buy his word and wearing a scared expression, he screwed from their sight hastily.

"…Thank you." Mao said to Okamura who was still looking at the punk with satisfied expression. He surprised and stared at her before replying his 'You're welcome'.

Okamura himself had been a witness of how Mao had changed gradually since her teen, but sometimes he just couldn't catch up with it. As an example, using the event before, a few years ago he would probably receive 'I-can-do-it-myself. I-don't-need-your-help' attitude from infamous stubborn behavior of Jahana Mao.

Mao looked at her watch then turned to him. "But… you are late for 15 minutes. It's your fault that I met with that guy." She said before leaving him behind.

Okamura surprised again at his fiancée's change of mood.

Mao stopped when she realized he was not following. "What are you waiting for? Let's move out!"

But of course, obviously there were also things that didn't change from her. He chuckled and ran after her.

Time flew fast and tomorrow soon would be their long awaited wedding ceremony. Last month Saya had retrieved the carved bow and currently she held it her hand, touching and feeling the smoothness of the wood. The shape was perfectly suited with the design; the detail was so real until she could see every curve of the rose and the tangled branches. Gripping it tightly in her hand, she made up her mind to give it to Hagi tonight. She put it back carefully in its box and wrapped it with blue paper tied by red ribbon.

Holding it behind her to hide it, she walked to Hagi's room. Knocking his door, she called his name softly. A slight crack and the door opened, revealing the stoic man in white T-shirt and blue jeans. He stepped back to let her in and Saya carefully walked in without letting him to see what was behind her, an attitude which seemed peculiar for Hagi but he said nothing with his expressionless face - though tilted his head ever so slightly. Closing the door with a click, he faced a grinning Saya.

She took out her present and gave it with both of her hands to Hagi. "For you." She said, smiling.

Curious, he took and opened the rectangular pack. The blue paper revealed a metal case. He took a glance to his beloved – who looked back at him eagerly – before opening the case. There on the inky soft clothes, sitting comfortably a wood bow, carved with the most familiar pattern which he would never forget. He took the slim bow and traced it softly with his hand, feeling the silkiness of the wood as well as the detail. He was at loss for nearly a minute before started to speak.

"Thank you." He said with a soft smile. Saya grinned happily.

"I know you will like it."

"Why suddenly?"

Saya waved her head. "Not suddenly. It was supposed to be a Christmas present… but I made up my mind too late so… yeah, you see… I can only give it now." She shrugged her shoulder and looked down, hiding her flushed face. Three months late of Christmas present.

Suddenly her vision blocked by a white shirt and a second later she was wrapped in Hagi's strong hand. She could feel he was smiling, sensing her surprise. Nevertheless, she hugged him back and Hagi lower his head to whisper in her ear.

"Thank you, Saya." Then he kissed her cheek before breaking off their embrace and shared warmth.

"Try it." Saya said. "Hopefully the figure won't get in the way of your playing." She added anxiously.

"It won't." Hagi said before took out his cello from his steel case. He took a seat at the bedside, Saya sat at his side. A song they knew very well sung out from the cello, the first song she taught him years ago. Not a flaw was in his play, it was a song he knew by heart.

After the song ended, nobody spoke. They both appreciated the nostalgic atmosphere and lost in each thought; even so they had never stopped to feel thankful that they were given the opportunity to be together again and gathered around those they could call as 'families' and 'friends'.

Hagi was the one who broke the silence. "Go to sleep. Tomorrow will be a long day." Saya nodded and instead of sleeping in Hagi's room which she always does, she returned obediently to her room.

"See you tomorrow, Hagi." She said before closing the door.

Saya was picked up by Julia in the early morning. A bustle of activities at the bridal salon didn't help Saya to be less tense. Mao looked so calm at her side, as if she had gone through this event countless times. Both of them have make-up at ever corner and curve of their face. However, instead of looking like a Noh performer, the make-up turned up looked very natural aside from Saya's worries. Both of them then changed into their wedding dress.

Mao appeared in her tight wedding gown which wrapped perfectly in her body. The shoulder part was only being a thin strap, crossing each other at her upper back, forming an X line, exposing her white marless skin. Her sleeveless gown was complemented by a long gloves reached until her upper arms. Beautiful white embroidery, forming chrysanthemum flowers, was stitched at her gown's side, stretched from her waist until her toes. Added by her height, she looked very beautiful and confident as if a model ready to go down a stage.

Saya appeared less striking than her but beautiful as well. Her dress has flared sleeves. Her torso was wrapped by the white clothes and buttoned ala Chinese type. Continuing downward, her long skirt stopped before her knee and sliced open at the front side, revealing her knee-length white boot. Her waist was wrapped by light blue silk, forming a big ribbon at her back and falling gracefully on her skirt, touching the floor slightly. She flushed when seeing her reflection in the mirror.

They walked out and welcomed by Mao's mother and Julia who held fresh flower bouquet in their hand. Both of them wore similar simple purple gown.

"Children are already in the car. Let's go." Julia said to them.

The car was ready and they entered - Julia with Saya and the little flower girls who looked very much like innocent angels, Mao with her mother. They departed to the church where the bridegroom would be waiting.

Akihiro Okamura was tidying his sleeves while looking at his watch.

"Another 5 minutes and they will arrive." He said while throwing glances once in a while to the entrance. Hagi nodded, acknowledging but not responding. They both stood in front of the altar, the only difference was Akihiro at the left side, looked a bit frantic, while Hagi at the right, stood as expressionless as ever. The pastor stood patiently without a word at the altar. Akihiro mother stood beside him, while Kai accompanied Hagi.

"Be more patient, you stupid kid." Akihiro's mother scolded him silently.

Attendants were sitting at the front lines of the benches. David and Samuel, Lewis, Lulu, Mao's family, Kai's friends, Kaori, Nagisa, and not forgettable, Joel (and his bodyguards).

Suddenly, the flower girls, Yukiko and Mikiko, appeared at the entrance, grinning widely, holding small basket in their hand.

"It's time." Kai whispered. Guests were standing up, respecting the brides who would come in.

The flower girls move forward and spread out the flower. Saya and Mao appeared together from both side, followed by Julia and Mao's mother. Saya and Mao could see clearly the smiling faces from those they knew well. They smiled and felt warmth crept from their chest aside from the fast heart-beating – of fright that they would make any mistakes though they had rehearsed this yesterday. They focused on their husband-to-be who stood in front of the altar. Wide smile was evident in Akihiro's eyes and Hagi was smiling tenderly while his calm eyes never leave his dearly loved even for a second. The flower girls separated near the altar and gave way for the brides. The bridegrooms stretched their hand which was taken by their each bride. Julia stepped to Kai's side and Mao's mother to Akihiro's mother.

"Please sit down." The pastor said to everyone aside from the couples.

"By this ceremony, will you Okamura Akihiro agree to take Jahana Mao as your wife and will you Hagi agree to take Otonashi Saya as your wife, be forever faithful to her, accompany her in health or sickness, in happiness or sadness, now and forever until death bring you apart?"

"I do." The males answered in unison.

The priest repeated the same question to the brides and received the same answer.

"Is there any of you who disapprove this wedding? You may speak now for if not, you will need to be silent for all of your life." Receiving no response from the audience the pastor cleared his throat.

"You may exchange the ring."

Kai gave the small blue box to Hagi and Akihiro's mother did the same, then they retreated from the front, sitting together with all the attendants. Hagi and Akihiro opened the box, taking out a ring and the bride took the other ring. The bridegroom slide the ring into bride's finger and the brides did the same. Then they faced the pastor who gave his blessing. "May you always be together though your life. What had been united by the God cannot be separated by the humans. You may now kiss your bride."

The grooms kissed their bride and received a big applause from the audience. Mao, Akihiro and Saya flushed and smiled happily while of course Hagi, though didn't flush, had a smile tugging in his lips. Exactly when they were going to go out, heading to the yard where banquet would be held, Saya froze in her track. Hagi's was returning to his expressionless face.

All of them looked to a smiling blond stranger who leaned leniently at the entrance, still clapping his hands.

"Splendid! Beautiful!" He said between his clasp and strange silence atmosphere at the church hall.

Kai was clearly holding his cousins in both of his hand, his face shocked, a similar expression as in Akihiro, Mao, David, Julia, Lewis, Lulu and Joel's face. The other attendances just felt the pressuring air and questioning silently at the stranger's presence.

Saya was angry. This was supposed to be her happiest day and why she had to face him at this kind of hour?! Why he didn't come yesterday, or the day before, or tomorrow?? WHY IT NEED TO BE TODAY?!

Saya's eyes were evidently slowly turning into blood red, her face was expressing a pure anger which was luckily seen by no one because the stranger was attracting all attention. She felt a gentle pressure on her hand and realized her hand was still in Hagi's. Giving Hagi a sidelong glance, she saw him never leave his eyes from the stranger. Yes, Hagi had warned her not to spoil the day and endanger everyone else.

"Jahana-san, please took all the guests to the yard first. We'll come later." Saya whispered to Mao who nodded approvingly.

"I'm sorry. He's an old acquaintance of mine. Since I haven't seen him a long time ago, I was purely shocked." Saya explained loudly to all audience with smile. The air lightened significantly and as planned, Mao took the audiences to the yard. Kai was going to stay but Saya waved her head.

"Is that a friend of Saya obaa-chan?" Yukiko tugged at Kai hand. Kai shocked as if it was the first time he saw them beside them despite his previous unconscious grip on them.

"Yes, he's an acquaintance of her." Kai said to them. "Let's go out with the others and wait outside." Kai led them outside the hall. Eager gaze of the stranger tailed the twins though that blue eyes owner said nothing but smiling. Kai threw him a displease gaze and not lowering his guard even after he had passed him.

"Now, Nathan-san. Let's go somewhere else to talk." Saya said, approaching to the blond stranger who was still smiling.

They took a spot under the shadow of a big tree in the parking lot. Nathan leaned lazily against the trunk while Saya faced him with an icy gaze. Hagi stood at her side, calm but ready to protect her when the suspected-villain did something suspicious.

"Good anger management back there. You've gotten a good improvement, Saya-chan." Nathan complimented her.

"Don't joke around! How you can still be alive?!" Saya gritted her teeth, ignoring his compliment.

"Well… Why shouldn't I?"

"I've stabbed you."

"Perfectly true."


"Then what?"

Saya nearly shouted in her irritation. "Then how can you still alive?! My blood and Diva's are killing each other! You've should have been eliminated."

"Ck, ck, ck…" Nathan pressed his palm to his cheek. "You're so impatient."

Saya was practically about to lunge into him when he started speaking. "You're absolutely correct. Your blood had eliminated Diva's blood in me."

If Hagi was shocked, his face didn't give him away. However, Saya was totally at loss. After the information sunk, she spoke again. "Is it possible to have more than one blood in your body…?"

"As long as it's not killing each other."

"You're not Diva's Chevalier?"

"Did I ever say I'm one?"

"Then why did you ask me to finish everything and surrender yourself?"

"Because you won't rest well until you eliminate Diva's and her Chevalier. Since you've known me as one, I suppose I should bring you more peace by letting you stabbing me." His arm crossed at his chest.

"Who are you? Whose blood in your vein?" Saya asked a moment later.

"Ping pong." Nathan pointed at the air. "Marvelous questions! Are you sure you want to know?" He quirked his eyebrow.

Receiving no answer, he continued. "I'm a Chevalier of earlier generation. The one who had mated with your mother."

Saya's eyes bulged. "You…"

"No need to call me Papa here. I'm not interested in that kind of relationship." Nathan gave her a sidelong glance.

Taken aback, Saya responded harshly. "Not in the slightest intention I'm going to do that! I've had my own family!"

"Good." Nathan nodded, satisfied. He crossed his arms again in front of his chest. "I thought you need to know that our race didn't mate because of love. Your case is the first, I suppose, even after the extinction of our race."

"That's why you didn't care of us…" Saya murmured, Hagi caught a slight tone of bitter in her voice. "Why did our mother died?"

Nathan pointed his finger to the air. "Now that's… a story for another time."

He smiled. "In fact, I didn't even know that I have offspring until I learn the existence of Diva." He paused. "Studying her lonely background, I decided to stay with her." His threw his gaze to the far right, solemn expression was evident in his face.

"You have enough love in your life, Saya-chan, you are the fortunate one. But Diva… she has the misfortune one. Her life was full of misery and seclusion. I won't say that I understand her pain. A being who only empathize will never really understand the real suffering. I stay at her side… Just to make sure she didn't used or killed by others… receiving similar pain again…" Saya felt she could see a mist in his eyes.

"Then why?" Saya drew his gaze back on her. Her look was painful, painful because though how long had been since she has made up her mind, whatever method she had used to stop her sister, how many times she had told herself that she was the one who was at fault for releasing her, how agonizing the moment she had passed with the death of the one she loved, she still hoped there was another way – another way aside from killing her only blood-related sister. "Why don't you do something for her? Why do you let me kill her?" Warm tears were dangerously welling in her eyes.

"I've told you. I don't want her being killed by others." He paused. "You are not included as 'others', Saya-chan."

Saya's tears flowing rapidly through her cheek. Hagi shared her pain – his heart was aching – but he knew he couldn't help much at this moment. He shifted closer to her, hoping his warmth could calm her a bit.

Nathan continued. "You never see how she treasured her daughter. I've told Armshell, 'she had just wanted a family, however, you still cannot release her from your experiment tube'." Saya bit her lips.

"Now the twin was in your hand. I bet you haven't told them their real mother and the reality." Smile crept back to his lips. Saya surprised slightly.

"Don't worry. I'm not considering telling them myself, it's your duty as their protector – and mother-killer of course." His smile was cold. Saya turned pale.

"You don't think you can postpone this forever right? It's true that only some of us knew, your family, your dear friends there back at the wedding, me, and there is one other person." He halted. "Can you guess?" He asked with a smug.

Saya thought hard. A handsome face with soft voice calling her name appeared in her mind. "Solomon?"

Nathan was frowning with surprise. "Solomon? That Chevalier was long a history. I'm talking about a living entity."

Saya purely shocked. "What do you mean?"

"Don't you know? Ah, of course. He won't let you know… that kid love you very much." Nathan tilted his head up as if trying to remember. "I heard Armshell said that he died because of your blood. 'Accidentally cut if' my mind is correct." He nodded thoughtfully.

Saya felt her body was so heavy; her feet seemed refusing to bear her weight. Hagi wrapped his arm on her middle worriedly. She stood back with his help.

"He… died?"

"I think it was the night when James died – the second times, mind you. He was going to attack Armshell with that stony body of his." He smiled mockingly. "But I'm not talking about him. Try to guess another one." He was back to the original topic.

Saya seemed absorbed in her thought.

"I take it as you don't know. Let me tell you about a certain someone who was famous and wealthy but end up in prison after that night you kill Diva. Former American Cing Flèches CEO, Van Argeno."

"… Van… Argeno?" Saya's mind was pulled back to the reality. She tried to remember with her chaotic mind but to no avail.

Nathan watched her expression carefully. "I see you didn't remember. I do believe he knew the real fact and of course, he will return to take his revenge on you." He got up from his leaning position and stood straight. "Well, I've warned you anyway. You may ask your Goldsmith friend to help you about other information."

"One day when your families and friends had perished, come to visit me in outskirt of Paris. I have a theatre there." He turned away from them and started to walk away. "We may have some tea and discuss things you want to know about."

"Wait. Why did you tell me this?"

Nathan stopped and turned his head. "A small present for your wedding. Congratulation for you both. Ja ne!" He walked without ever turning again.

Saya wathed his back disappeared under the glinting sunlight. She hugged Hagi tight. "Nee Hagi, do you think I'm a cruel person?"

He waved his head. "No."

"But I've killed my own sister! And even Solomon!" She cried, letting her tears flow freely passing her pale cheek, pulling away from the hug.

Hagi brushed the tears away. "Yes, but with dear price. The one who wept for others will never be a cruel person."

"Then… how about the twin, I've also has thought about this since a long time. However, I still can't bring myself to tell them." She buried her face in his chest, gripping tightly on his both arms.

"We'll wait. Until they are older, we'll wait. During that time, we can think together. We still have time."

Slowly, Saya nodded. "Let's return. I don't want to make them worry."

Hagi nodded approvingly and walked back to the yard.

Kai had waited for their return anxiously. Seeing no blood on Saya's clothes nor any sign of tattered fabric, he sighed in relief.

"What did he come here for?" He approached Saya. Apparently all had realized their return, occasionally stealing glance to their direction.

Saya waved her head. "Nothing much. Let's discuss it later." She smiled reassuringly, shrugging off Kai's concerned expression.

"Fine. We'll talk about it later after all of us gathered." He said in defeat, curious but not wanting to obliterate his sister happy hour which was only once in her eternal lifetime.

Casting her glance over all of her friends and families, Saya said. "Yeah. We will have time for it later."

They blended with all the attendance, mingled in laugh and small chat, pushing aside any other not pressing matter. They would value this short precious blissful moment.

Saya pressed Hagi's hand softly, smiling together under the bright sunlight.

Hold dear what you have in present
You feelings, your family, your friends, your life
For you will not know what the future present
And you cannot do anything once the second had turn into past

The End

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