Chapter 1

Tony and Ziva were quietly sitting at their desks, neither wanting to stay back late that evening to finish up writing reports. Glancing up from his computer on occasion Tony looked over at his partner who was now struggling to stay awake at her desk.

"Are you checking me out Tony," Ziva asked opening one eye to look over at Tony. She was aware of the fact her partner had spent more time in the last couple of hours staring at her rather than at his work.

"Maybe…maybe not…it depends what your definition of checking out is Zee vaah," Placing an unnecessary emphasis on her name.

"Nothing good Tony" Ziva replied with a smirk on her face.

Tony's day had so far started out like any other. He had come into work early to finish off his report from the night before; After all he did his best work when he was alone with no distractions coming from his partners desk.

The rest of the team had yet to arrive so after emailing his work to Gibbs he headed off to get a coffee.

Returning only half an hour later he found Gibbs and McGee sitting at their computers typing away.

"Morning boss, Probie. Has anyone seen Ziva this morning?" he asked handing Gibbs his coffee and sitting down at his own computer to check his email.

"No, but she is late…" but Tony was no longer listening to Gibbs, he was more concerned with the email he had just received from an unknown source.

"Dinozzo? Dinozzo!…are you alright?"

Rushing over to his phone he pressed number two on his speed dial.

"Dam it, No answer!" he yelled throwing the phone down, "I have to get over there!" Running to get his keys he left the room quickly.