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Tony and Ziva pulled up outside the stylish bar and restaurant. Tony put the car into park and turned to face his wife.

"Are you ready to face the Abster and her trusty steed McGee," he joked making her smile.

"It will be nice not to have to hide anymore," Ziva responded.

Tony leant over and pulled her in for a kiss to which she eagerly responded to. Both were fully aware they were making out in plain view of anyone who may happen to walk past.

"Think we gave anyone a show?" he asked with a smirk, "Come on, let's go inside," he continued moving around to Ziva's side of the car to help her out.

Her ankle was tightly bandaged but after much arguing with Tony, she had decided to leave her crutches at home. She had Tony to lean on anyway and just found they got in the way. Tony, on the other hand, was concerned she was going to make it worse. But it was pointless arguing with her. He wrapped his arm around her waist to take a bit of the weight off her foot.

They walked into the bar's dining area.

"We are meeting some friends here," Tony explained to the girl who had come over to greet them. Ziva's eyes scanned the room looking for their workmates. She spotted Abby, McGee and Palmer sitting in a booth across the way. They made their way slowly to small group.

"Ziva!" Abby called out enthusiastically. The gothic girl stood wrapping Ziva up in a tight hug, "I miss you!"

"Abby, I have only been away for two days so far," Ziva replied as Tony helped her into the booth and slid in next to her.

"Yes but it feels like longer," Abby said dramatically. Tony rolled his eyes and wrapped his arm around Ziva's shoulders to pull her back to rest against him. She looked up and smiled at Tony. McGee and Abby shared a glance, this was not the Tony and Ziva they were used to seeing at work. They were much more relaxed.

"Aww, you two are too cute!" Abby squealed, "I can't believe you didn't tell me you were together, let alone married!"

"Relax Abs," Tony replied to a sulking Abby, "We didn't tell anyone so you're still one of the first people to find out."

A waitress stopped at their table, "Can I get ya'll another round of drinks or are you ready to order?"

"I'd love a beer," he said before turning to his wife, "do you want a lemonade, babe?" he asked knowing Ziva could not drink tonight due to her pain medication. When Ziva responded with a nod and the waitress jotted it down.

The group quickly ordered their meals.

"Any chance of a basket of fries as well?" Tony asked politely, flashing the waitress his charming smile. Adding the fries to the order the waitress cleared the empty glasses and promised to hurry back with their orders.

The group chatted for a while before Ziva noticed Palmer staring at her with wide eyes.

"Is there something wrong Palmer?" She asked. Ziva knew she scared the young assistant medical examiner and she was having fun watching the effect her gaze was having on him.

"Uh, no… I just…" Palmer stuttered looking away.

Tony leant over and patted the boy on the shoulder, "Relax Jimmy, she is just making fun of you."

Ziva scoffed at Tony for ruining her fun.

"Oh don't you pout at me... it's just plain mean to pick on either McGee or Palmer," he said, "plus, that's my job," he added with a playful nudge.

"According to the law, half of all that you own belongs to me too… that includes your right to 'pick on them' as you worded it," Ziva said in a teasing tone the others were unused to witnessing.

"Oh God!" McGee groaned in realization, "Two DiNozzo's! I hadn't thought of that yet!"

"Did you take Tony's surname?" Abby asked Ziva curiously.

"Yes but we were trying to hide it from everyone at NCIS so I just kept using David at work," Ziva explained.

"Why were you trying to hide it from everyone, I'm sure Gibbs' wouldn't have minded," Abby questioned.

"We know Gibbs' would not have minded, and neither would Jen, but when she found out she would have to tell my father, as the Mossad director, and he would not be happy," Ziva explained, "Tony is not Jewish and my father has an interesting idea of what I should be doing with my life and it does not involve getting married."

"But isn't she going to have to tell him now?" McGee asked.

"Yes," the married couple shared a glance, Tony took Ziva's hand that was resting on the table and linked his fingers with hers, "but I trust that Gibbs and the director will help us find a solution to this mess and stop him from doing anything drastic."

The waitress returned with their dinner and Abby, Tim and Jimmy watched as Tony and Ziva did a silent and quick swap of items on their plates. She took his salad and he took one of the pieces of fish on her plate.

"What?" Tony asked the group staring at him as he jammed another piece of his steak into his mouth.

"Ugh! You are such an unattractive glob!" Ziva said, referring to her husband talking with his mouth full of half eaten steak.

"I think you mean slob, babe," he chuckled, "… and unattractive, that's not what you were saying last night," he added wiggling his eyebrows at her.

"Stop! Please," McGee begged, "no details!"

The table burst out laughing at the look on Tim's face.

"Aww, would you look at that babe, we've grossed Timmy out!" Tony teased, "… should we give him a real show?" he asked wrapping his arm around her neck and pulling her close. Ziva smiled and met him half way. He leant down and captured her lips in his. Feeling his tongue gently slide over her bottom lip she instinctively parted her lips. She was very comfortable in his familiar arms.

The pair jumped apart at the sound of someone clearing their throat. They looked up and met the gaze of Gibbs and the director.

"Gibbs! Director! We were just…" Tony started.

"We could see what you were doing… now why don't you slide over so we can sit down," Gibbs warned. The pair did as they were instructed silently going back to their eating their dinner.

The waitress bought over a bottle of champagne and a round of glasses Jen and Gibbs had ordered. Gibbs started pouring and passing out glasses. Tony reached across the table and took an empty champagne glass and filled it with some of Ziva's lemonade before handing it to her.

"Ziva can't drink while she is on the pain meds," he explained.

Their boss raised his glass indicating for them all to do the same.

"To Mr and Mrs DiNozzo," he toasted, "… and don't think this gets you out of having a proper wedding."

"You know Gibbs, we could totally re-enact the wedding out right now if that's what you want," Tony joked, "… especially the kissing bit."

That comment earned him an elbow to the ribs from his wife. He wrapped his arm behind her back and rubbed his hand up and down her arm as he had done many times.

He sat back and listened to their friends conversation when Ziva looked up and whispered in his ear.

"I need to go to the bathroom," she said. Tony knew she was telling him this as she wouldn't be able to walk there without someone to lean on.

"Okay," he whispered back before turning to Abby, "Abs can you give us a hand for a few minutes?" he asked as the group shuffled out of the booth to let them out. Leaning heavily on her husband, a tired Ziva limped her way to the bathroom followed by her friend.

Reaching the door to the bathroom, Tony handed Ziva over to Abby and patiently waited for them to return.

Inside the bathroom, Abby used the opportunity to chat with Ziva as she came out from the stall.

"So Mrs Ziva DiNozzo, hey?" she said with a smile.

"Yes," Ziva returned the smile.

"One of these days, when your spunky husband is not standing outside the bathroom waiting for us, you are going to have to give me all the details," Abby said. Ziva nodded and laughed.

Ziva leaned on Abby to limp out of the bathroom and into Tony's arms. It was clear from the look on her face and the slow limp, Ziva was tired and her foot was hurting. Tony quickly swept her up into his arms and carried her back to the booth with Abby in tow. He sat down on the end and settled Ziva in his lap.

They stayed for a little while longer to be polite but when Ziva yawned, Tony stood pulling Ziva up with him.

"We are going to head off," he said placing some bills on the table and picked Ziva up. He carried her out to the car and placed her down on the ground as he opened the door to his car. He helped her climb up and buckle in.

"Thank you Tony," she said gently brushing a hand over his cheek.

She was sound asleep before they were even halfway home.

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