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"This is so cool. Socoolsocoolsocoolsocool!" Ron Stoppable jumped in his place as he stood anxiously in line. Next to him, his girlfriend and best friend Kim Possible let out a wide yawn, desperately attempting to rub the sleep out of her eyes.

"How can you go all night without sleep and still be this excited?" She asked over her yawn even as she looked behind them at the seemingly endless line of likewise eager, sleep deprived fans, all sporting similar clothing.

"KP, we're talking about the Fearless Ferret movie! An event like this only comes once in a hundred lifetimes!" Ron insisted even as he anxiously checked his watch, counting down the seconds till the ticket stand would open to sell for the premiere.

"I hope you mean that." Kim checked her watch, counting down seconds until she could wake up from this nightmare and plop down on her soft, warm, comfortable… sweet… relaxing… bed…zzz

"KP!" Ron's jab to Kim's side brought her sagging head immediately back upright catching her attention rather suddenly. "Come on, you don't want to miss this."

"Ron, why again do you need me here for this?" Kim tried to ask while sparing his feelings. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy hanging out with Ron, but she needed her beauty sleep, and standing in line for over twelve hours before the opening of the local theatre complex was not conducive to that need.

"Once in a hundred lifetimes event, KP." Ron reiterated. "Don't you want to be able to look back and say, when the Fearless Ferret premiered, you were there! When legions of loyal ferret fans gathered to honor their hero, you were there, and when it came time for those fans to show their worth, you were there!" Ron declared proudly, his voice rising just a little too high for Kim's taste. At the rising of Ron's voice, Rufus popped out of his resting place in Ron's pocket to salute smartly.

"It doesn't quite top my list of life goals." Kim admitted over another yawn as she continued to look up and down the line in disbelief. The premiere was still five days away and yet the fans were already dressed to impress in assorted Fearless Ferret merchandise and costumes. The line looked more like a convention, and more than a few fans were hoping in their place with such eagerness that one would almost expect Timothy North himself to make an appearance.

Such was the collection of rodent related clothing that no one really played much mind to the woman in the strange squirrel themed costumed as she walked down the line past Kim and Ron.

"Hey, you can't cut." A high pitched, nasal voiced young man in a ferret mask complained as he yelled at the passing young woman. At more than fifty pounds overweight, and dressed in a ferret t-shirt that was far too tight on him, he was hardly the picture of intimidation. "I've been waiting here since last night.

In response, the girl turned sharply towards him with a glare that screamed hostile intent.

"I-I warn you, I've got my own Ferret claw." But before the young man could draw his plastic weapon, the woman quickly grabbed him in place, picking him up as if he were a rag doll and then throwing him into the air, to sail past and over several other eager fans.

"These fans really take this seriously." Kim observed, more than a little concerned about the line between horseplay and civil violence.

"There's always one to ruin it for everyone." Ron noted sourly.

"No one tells me what to do." The young lady, thin and slender within her skin tight outfit complete with mask and a large puffy tail, a hint of smooth brown hair hanging from beneath her mask, declared as she rose upright. "… for I am Squirrel Girl!"

This proud declaration, obviously one of authority and power, did little to faze the audience of distracted ferret fans, save for a few who obviously mistook the act of violence for some sort of live action role playing and an invitation to participate.

"Oh yeah. Come on guys," the first of five with matching Fearless Ferret face paint and brown shirts declared as they stepped forward. "Let's show her what the Ferret Five are capable of."

"The Ferret Five?" Ron looked on in confusion. "I don't remember them."

"We are an original team dedicated to the sspirit and ssoul of the Fearlessss Ferret." The one closest to Ron spoke through his braces, his saliva slipping across his lips as he spoke.

"Charming." Kim maintained her wary focus on the one calling herself Squirrel Girl, even as she wiped imperceptible spit from her shirt.

"The Ferret Five'. What a joke." Squirrel Girl pressed out a seemingly forced laugh, certainly not the most villainous Kim and Ron had ever heard, even as she lashed out. Had the two not known better, they might have assumed Shego was underneath that squirrel costume as the villainess ably leapt into the air, kicking one of the five over confident ferret fans to the ground, landing, sweeping two more off their feet, then rising, and slamming the remaining two's heads together. "Who's next?" She asked triumphantly.

"That would be me." Kim had had enough watching on the sides as she leapt out in front of the costumed villainess. Whatever was going, and certainly she had long since lost track, it was well past harmless horseplay. "Now, I think we've all gotten a little overexcited, so why don't we just settle down here. I'm sure there will be plenty of tickets for the premiere for everyone."

"Kim, what are you doing?" Ron called out to his girlfriend.

"Relax Ron; I think I can handle this." Kim assured, touched by her boyfriend's concern.

"No, you got out of line! I can't just let you back in, there are rules." Ron explained desperately, even as he watched for the imagined, disapproving looks from the other Fearless Ferret fans.

"Ron! We've got a bit of a sitch here." Kim indicated to the patiently waiting Squirrel Girl.

"I'll show you what you've got." Squirrel Girl snarled as her foot flew through the air in the form of a roundhouse kick towards Kim. The red head quickly dodged the attack, before retaliating with one of her own.

Throughout the entire line, hoots and hollers of cheer rose up as the two young women exchanged fast attacks and blocks.

"Woo-hoo! Cat fight." One fan exclaimed.

"Hey, that's my girlfriend!" Ron bit back defensively.

"Your girlfriend is Squirrel Girl!" The heavily acned fan in front of Ron proclaimed. "Wow, you must be one of the luckiest guys ever."

"Well yeah, but I'm not dating Squirrel Girl, I'm dating Kim!"

"Who?" The young man asked.

"Kim. Kim Possible." Ron clarified incredulously.

"Never heard of her."

"Super hero. Saves the world."

"Was she in one of the early episodes?" The fan probed.

"She's not a TV character. She's a real life super hero. She's the best!" Ron could scarcely believe he was having this conversation.

"Uhh, excuse me. I'm sure your little girlfriend is impressive… by amateur status," the young fan added snidely, his nostrils flaring just a little too widely as he spoke, "but the greatest super hero of all time is clearly the Fearless Ferret."

"Is not!"

"Is too! Does your girlfriend have her own cave?"

Ron was about to retort, until the question repeated itself in his mind, quieting him into thought. "Well, she means well…"

"Ron!" Kim cried out in frustration, obviously having overheard the conversation, even as leapt through the air with Squirrel Girl close behind her. Who would have thought anyone who dressed up like a rodent could fight this well? She may have looked ridiculous, but with moves like hers, she could have easily passed for a student of Yamanouchi.

"Well KP, maybe it's time we looked into a cave lair." Ron shouted the suggestion as the pair leapt past.

"Enough!" Squirrel Girl shouted as she landed. "This is beneath me. I came here to find the Fearless Ferret, and I will not allow myself to be distracted any further by children pretending to be heroes."

"I so do not pretend." Kim verbally pounced at the accusation.

"Yeah, she even has her own website." Ron shouted out from his place in line.

"The Fearless Ferret had his own symbol light!" The acned fan in front of Ron reminded, rehashing their original argument.

"That is so not important right now dude." Ron bit back.

"Yeah." Rufus chattered in support.

"I said enough!" Squirrel Girl seemed to reach back behind her, possibly even within her fluffy tail, before retrieving a matching pair. "Acorns of doom!"

Kim went wide eyed at the declaration. "Acorns?"

"Doom?" Rufus' confusion matched Kim's.

"Oh my god, she has a tail!" Ron noticed.

"Catch." The costumed villainess hurled the grenade sized acorns out, both exploding on impact as they landed precious feet away from Kim. All at once, the until-now docile and apathetic hordes of ferret fans began to scatter in panic. Kim tried to hold her place, but the mobs of panic, prepubescent teenagers almost trampled her where she stood.

Kim looked over the horde to see the figure of Squirrel Girl as she winked amusedly at Kim. And then, in the blink of an eye, she was gone.

As the crowds disappeared and the area cleared, Kim looked far and wide, letting out a frustrated sigh. It seemed there was no sign of her foe.

"Hey Kim, check it out!" Ron called out as he now stood unopposed in front of the ticket stand. "First place in line!"