The Return

The year 2008, Birmingham, England people go about their normal business in one of the biggest cities in the British Empire. The sun shines down onto the warm summer city and people it is around midday and many of the office and factory workers are having their lunch break. Young couples sit in the park hand in hand believing nothing could possible be wrong in their universe .It would be hard to believe the huge battle that had been waged for the earth itself over a hundred years ago in this very country. That was when the Martians had come with their tripods and their heat rays. Thousands of people had been killed no one had been spared by them, people had to run and hide fighting them was useless the mighty cannons had difficulty dealing with the tripods only four were ever destroyed, all surprise attacks and the valiant efforts of the H.M.S Thunder child. However they had succumbed to the one-thing humans regard as a minor inconvenience the common bacteria. The history of the world had changed since that very moment. There had only been one Great War since then, the war of 1914-1918. However since then there had only been peace. Britain still retained its empire across the globe and was regarded as one of the super powers on the earth still.

However that was soon about to change, for again the eyes across the gulf of space had passed a harsh judgment for our race and vengeance was soon to come. Technology had increased over the hundred years but nothing major had really changed there was the motorcar which now ruled the roads instead of the horse but no one knew anything of the atomic bomb, air travel had only really just come into as a mode of transport and even then it was rough and dirty ride to get any where and the planes were extremely noisy.

The armies hadn't advanced much Britain retained it's old khaki green uniform with it's brass buttons. With no major conflicts the armies had no need to advance much. Submarines were coming into major use but weren't very big. All of the main forces were armed with bolt-action rifles with a machine gunner in each platoon. It was as though the armies of 1914 had simply stayed the same and moved through ages untouched.

An officer stepped out into the sunshine out of a library he was collecting a book one that he'd always been interested in reading. He like everyone else on the planet going about their business was completely un aware of the forces that were about to descend onto the helpless planet. He had also lulled himself like everyone else that the Martians would never return, thinking they had learnt their lesson the first time round and that a second invasion would be folly. After all if they were going to attack again they would have done it years ago?

The officer looked up at the blue sky and smiled in the sunlight. He took of his cap. He was dressed in a normal officer uniform, the green khaki jacket that ran down to were the legs started, he had a belt across his midriff on which his revolver pistol hung in it's holster. He wore the khaki trousers and the brown shin high boots. The pips on his shoulder and stripes on his arm displayed him as being a lieutenant.

He was blissfully un-aware of the part he would play in the Second War of the Worlds.