Author's Note: So after reading some excellent Cath/ Keppler fics, I couldn't help but want to right more myself. Inspiration's a bitch, but in the end, it always comes out for the best. I basically tossed and turned in my bed until 12:30 in the morning until I literally told myself , "Screw reality! I'm gonna self-indulge for once!" So, from 12:30 until 2 AM, I wrote. You, see, I had to continue on with another Cath/Keppler fic, because If I didn't I'd be regretting not doing what I had to do -corny, I know!

Summary: CathPOV, Song fic, Cath/ Keppler...Don't like it, don't read it then! This is basically an alternate ending/continuation of 7x15/ Laws of Gravity. In a nutshell; I'm a hopeless romantic.

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Beyond The Blue

Chapter 1

"Mike!", she screamed, "Mike!" No answer. Gill took her by the arm, gently leading her away from the ambulance.

Oh God. Oh, God. He's gone. What am I gonna do? What about Lindsay? How am I gonna tell her? Oh, God no...

"We gotta pulse!" the EMT shouted. Catherine jerked from his grasp, running towards the ambulance.

"Wait for me, dammit, wait!" her scream rang through the entire area.

"Catherine!" Gil yelled, but she didn't care; Gil didn't matter now, no one did. Except Mike.

Tears blurred her vision, and the harsh wind cut against her face. Run, just, run. Don't stop now. He's counting on you. Go! "Wait dammit, I said 'Wait'!" At last, she reached the ambulance. The EMTs stared in amazement at the woman's determination, "I need to ride with you to the hospital."

One of the EMTs, a woman, offered her hand, "Hurry up and get in."

"Thank you, thank you so much," climbing in, she sat beside Mike, holding his hand, feeling that fain sign of a pulse, the entire way to the hospital.


She stood there in the waiting area, pacing to and fro, contantly running her hands through her already wild hair. Tears ran down her face causing her mascara to run; she was mess, a beautiful one, nonetheless.

So many things ran through Catherine's mind during those sparse moments. Gil, Mike, Lindsay. Lindsay. She grinned to herself; Mike was the only man her daughter ever fully approved of as serious boyfriend material. Hell, Lindsay even admitted to liking him once.

She pulled out her cellphone and began to dial shakily. It rang only twice, but to her it seemed like a damned eternity, "Come on, Linds, pick it up." Third ring. Then a pause.

"Hullo?" her daughter's voice was drowsy.

" Lindsay, sweetie?"

"Mom?," she sounded more concerned, "Are you all right? Why are you crying? Is everything okay?"

"I'm fine. It's Mike.."

"Oh, God, is he hurt? Please tell me he's all right."

"Linds, he's in the ER right now...but, he's got some great doctors and..." Cath starting breaking down again; she just couldn't handle it.

"Mom? Mom?! Where are you?"

"Palm Springs. Sweetie, go back to bed, please."

"I'm calling a taxi, I'll be over soon, okay? Mike'll be fine, mom; he's too tough to die." She hung up, causing her mother to curse aloud. She was so stubborn. Catherine couldn't stop her if she tried; like mother like daughter.

"Ms. Willows?" She looked up to find a nurse next to her.

"Yes, that's me."

"If you'll follow me, please; Mr. Keppler is in stable enough condition to where you can see him."


The room was small and brightly lit. She walked over to him and turned off that obnoxious light above the head of his bed.

"I don't think you'd appreciate waking up to a tan line on your forehead," Catherine had stopped crying now, but evidence of the tears showed strongly by the overrun mascara on her face. She sat down in one of those uncomfortable mass- produced fake wooden rocking chairs next to his bedside. It was just the two of them now; she'd called Lindsay earlier and convinced her to stay home, telling her that Mike would be okay.

She didn't really know if he'd be okay; none of the doctors or nurses came in to tell her anything. She had just assumed so from reading all of the meters' signals and the tranquil humming of all the machines that he was now attached to.

God, he was so pale and sickly looking. His skin had a yellow tint to it and was almost completely covered in bandages. IVs of all sorts ran up and down both arms. IVs of liquid potassium, all different sorts of coagulants and medications. And blood. So much blood. He'd lost so much after being shot.

Damn Frank, Her thoughts wandered, I hope he burns in hell for all he's done. She looked to Mike endearingly.

"But not you. You're just too damn good for that," Catherine started rocking her chair slowly. She softly chuckled to herself; she hadn't properly used a rocking chair...since Lindsay was little, and she had forgotten how nice it actually was, "Wonders never cease, do they Mike?"

She kept on rocking, then started singing, her voice soft and sweet as if it were fifteen years past and she was singing to her infant daughter once again. It wasn't an old song, but she'd heard it on the radio once when Lindsay was little, and it had stuck with her since;

"Away beyond the blue

Away beyond the blue

One star belongs to you

One star belongs to you

And every breath I take

And every breath I take

I'm closer to that place

I'm closer to that place

Yeah baby, I'm gonna meet you there

On the outskirts of the sky

Yeah baby, I'm gonna meet you there

And we will fly

Away beyond the blue

Away beyond the blue

One star belongs to you

This life is but a dream

This life is but a dream

Go gently down the stream

Go gently down the stream"

"Don't quit your day job, Cath."


The song is "Beyond The Blue" by Emmylou Harris, which is one of my favorite artists and songs. I hope you guys like it. Yes, I am going to continue with this one; I'm not done self-indulging yet! Please Review!