Kim and Ron became a couple at the end of 'So the Drama', and by the beginning of the fourth season their relationship is a fact accepted by everyone. But how did they get there? And how did people react when they heard? My long absent muse turned up today and said, "Let's find out!"

Edit: I'm well aware that in the movie 'So the Drama' Kim never kissed Eric, even though she wanted to. That was a bit Disneyesque for me, for purposes of this story, we can assume she kissed him at least once.

Kim Possible stood on her front porch, listening as the sound of Ron Stoppable's scooter faded away in the night.


Kim, a pretty, athletic red-head, sighed a quiet, happy sigh at the thought of the blond, befreckled boy who was her very best friend, as well as her partner in Team Possible.

He had just dropped her off at the end of a long and draining day, but even though she was bone tired, Kim had been sorry to part company with him. Fortunately she had some delightful new memories to tide her over the remainder of the night.

Like walking into the Prom beside him, her hand in his, fingers intertwined as everyone else there looked on in stunned silence.

Like how the first song to play after their arrival was a slow one, and she and Ron made their way onto the dance floor, where her arms had gone around Ron's neck, even as his arms slipped around her waist.

The expression on his face as he looked into her eyes while they danced.

The shy, awkward hesitation, on both their parts, before they kissed for the first time.

"Mmmm," Kim smiled, sighing again. That kiss had been strictly against the school's rules about Public Displays of Affection. Not only that, but they had done it right in front of everyone, including Vice Principal Barkin.

He hadn't said a word.

At least, Kim grinned, not about the first one. After the second one, Barkin had laid down the law.

"I want to see six inches of daylight between you two at all times, or I'll have to take disciplinary action. Are we clear on that, Possible?"

"Yes, Mr. Barkin," Kim had answered promptly, blushing rosily.

"What about you, Stoppable?" Barkin then growled at Ron.

Ron must have been feeling more confident than usual, for he'd responded with a cheerfully flippant, "Six inches of daylight, got it, Mr. B!"

It hadn't taken Kim long to realize that she wasn't as interested in dancing or eating as she had thought. Kissing Ron was much more enjoyable, and the two of them had slipped out of the school to find a private place to continue their new hobby.

At seventeen, Kim hadn't had much experience in the kissing department, but she still had far more than Ron did. So he was either an incredibly fast learner, or else he was gifted, because he was a fantastic kisser. Better than Walter Nelson, better than Josh Mankey, better than...

Kim's face froze as her jaunt down memory lane went sour.

"Way, way better than...that thing!" she snarled, anger welling up inside her. Dr. Drakken had done some nasty things to Kim over the years, but "Eric" had been the lowest of the low.

"Trying to break me and Ron up by sending a synthodrone to... to seduce me," Kim shuddered. "And the worst part is, I fell for it hook, line and sinker."

Angst and self-loathing weren't things that Kim indulged in, so when a wave of guilt struck her she didn't dwell on it. She accepted it and let it roll right on by. After all, she had ended up going to the prom with the right guy. That was what was important. The little stumble on the way there wasn't worth getting worked up over.

Her mood now somewhat spoiled despite her resolve not to dwell, Kim dug her keys out of her purse and unlocked the front door. It was nearly midnight, and the house was mostly dark, but she didn't doubt that one or both of her parents were waiting up for her. That brought another smile to Kim's face. She routinely went on dangerous missions, some of them incredibly so, and often faced the threat of serious injury or death, and her parents didn't bat an eye. But let her go out on a date, and you'd think the world was coming to an end.

Kim had stepped inside and was just getting the door locked again when she heard footsteps behind her. A quick glance revealed the bathrobe clad figure of her mother, slippers on her feet and a coffee cup in her hands.

"Oh, Kimmie, it's you," Anne Possible, who looked like an older version of Kim, said by way of greeting.

Kim grinned. "Who else would it be?" she joked.

"Prom must have gone well," her mother rejoined, smiling.

"It did," Kim confirmed. "Although, the middle part wasn't so much fun."

Anne nodded. She and her husband, along with Kim's brothers, had been coping with the damage done to their home by Drakken's Diablo robot when Kim returned from defeating the mad scientist. Kim had been in such a hurry to get back to the prom that she'd barely had time to say hello to her family before Ron showed up to give her a ride back to the school.

Kim doffed her coat and was in the process of hanging it in the hall closet when her mother said, "I guess Eric wasn't scared off by Drakken's antics, then."

Kim was glad she was facing away from her mother, so she couldn't see the scowl that creased Kim's face. Of course, her mother didn't mean anything bad by what she had said. The last she knew, "Eric" had been "kidnapped" by Dr. Drakken and was being held as a hostage.

Quickly, almost instantly, Kim got herself under control.

"No," she answered, turning to face her mother, a not at all forced looking smile on her lips, "He wasn't scared at all."

"That reminds me," Kim went on. "Where's the camera?"

"In the living room," Anne said. "I was hoping to get some 'after' pictures, but I dozed off, and didn't hear you get home."

"Could you get it anyway, Mom?"

"Sure," Anne nodded, slightly confused by her daughter's request. Retrieving the camera only took a moment.

"May I see it?" Kim asked. Wordlessly, Anne handed it over.

Kim turned the camera over in her hands. Photography was her mother's hobby, and she was quite good. This was her favorite camera, an expensive, German made thirty-five millimeter that James Possible had given his wife for her birthday way back before Kim was born. As such, it used real film.

"Is there anything in here besides your 'before' pictures?" Kim asked, an odd tone shading her voice.

"No," Anne replied, shaking her head, "It was a new roll of..."

Kim cut her off with a single word.


With that Kim opened the back of the camera, took hold of the film, and pulled it all out.

"Kimmie!" Anne gasped. Kim's action had ruined all of her pictures, and she couldn't for the life of her guess why.

"'Eric'," Kim spat, as if the name left a bad taste in her mouth, "was one of Drakken's synthodrones. He's been deactivated...permanently."

"Oh, Kimmie, I'm so sorry," Anne said, stepping forward and taking Kim in her arms.

Kim accepted the hug gratefully, only a single sniffle betraying her emotions.

"Anyway," Kim said after a bit, "The last thing I want is a bunch of pictures of me with that...that thing, and me acting like an idiot."

"I understand, Kim," her mother assured her.

"Thanks, Mom," Kim said gratefully. Then, "I'll have Ron bring his tux over tomorrow, and you can take some new pictures."

"Ron?" Anne asked, quirking an eyebrow at Kim, even as she relieved her daughter of the ruined film she was still holding.

Kim nodded. "When I went back to the prom I went with Ron," she explained, adding darkly but quietly, "Like I should have in the first place."

"Don't beat yourself up, Kim," Anne commanded firmly. "You're only human, after all, and even a Possible can make mistakes. Besides, it turned out alright in the end, didn't it?"

"Yeah, Mom, thanks for the moral support." Kim yawned. "I'm gonna go to bed. It's been a long day."

"See you in the morning, dear," Anne said, watching her daughter climb the stairs toward her room. "Sleep well."

When Anne slipped into bed with her husband he stirred. "Andie?" he mumbled.

"Yes, Jim?" she answered, brushing his cheek with her lips.

"Kimmie got home okay, then?" James asked, rolling onto his side and draping an arm across his wife's torso. She snuggled back against him with a smile.

"Just a few minutes ago, yes," Anne confirmed.

"Good," James said quietly. "I hope she had a good time." He was already drifting back to sleep.

"That was the impression I got," replied, her own eyelids beginning to flutter. She thought, for a moment, about telling James about Eric, but decided that could wait until morning, when he could get the full story from Kim herself.