Chapter 1

The sun slowly arose and made the Titans tower glow. It was still quiet, as it usually was in the early morning. No one was up yet, not even Robin. In her bed, Raven slept soundly. Her once dark room was now completely white and pure. She, herself, was in white as well. It had been three years since Beast Boy left and she had dedicated herself to learning how to control her powers and learning how Adrienne used hers. And all of that knowledge caused her to go through a transformation.

She took a breath in and opened her eyes. The light from the morning sun stung them and she gave a silent moan. She closed her eyes once more then slowly sat up and gave a good stretch. She slid out of her bed and put her white cloak on, keeping her hood up to shelter her tired face from anyone who may get up and see her. She slowly walked down the halls of the tower, checking to see if anyone else was awake yet. No, they were all asleep. She was glad for that.

She made it to the common room and went to one of the large windows that looked over the city. The morning light made it look to be made of gold. She placed her hand on the cold glass and closed her eyes. Another day was beginning and that meant another day without him.

'I miss you,' she thought. 'I miss you so much.'

Years before the thought of missing someone like Beast Boy would have seemed like completely ludicrous to her. But, that was before she had developed a feeling of affection for him, and before her crush had emerged. By the time he had been taken away from her by Adrienne she cared deeply for him. And she still did, with all of her heart. Maybe even more so now that she knew how much he cared for her. He had condemned himself just so she wouldn't be.

Just then she heard the common room doors open. She turned and saw Robin walk in. He had gotten a bit taller and looked even more mature now. And he was still as serious as ever. He saw Raven and gave her a nod, acknowledging her presence. She did the same to him and then looked back out the window.

Over the years the two had had a sort of falling out. It was clear to Robin that Beast Boy was a criminal and whenever he mentioned that, Raven would turn away and leave the room upset. He couldn't understand why she refused to accept who Beast Boy was. In the beginning he decided to give her a month or two to grieve and come to terms with what had happened. But it had been three years and she still left the room when they talked about him.

"Any reason you're looking outside?" asked Robin, walking over to her.

Raven shook her head.

"Just enjoying the view?" he asked.

She nodded. It grew quiet between the two for a moment.

"You seem to be in deep thoughts," said the ever so observant Robin. "Not about anything bad I hope. Or… anyone bad, for that matter."

Raven turned to him and frowned. She knew what he was saying. He didn't want her to be thinking about Beast Boy. Even simply thinking about him was forbidden from the tower. She turned from the window and walked away from him. She decided she'd stay in her room for a little while. She didn't want to go into this with him again. Just as she made it to the doors they opened and Cyborg walked through.

"Mornin Ra-," he began, but Raven walked right past him, "-ven." Cyborg watched as she went off down the hallway and the doors closed. "Okay," he said to himself and walked over to the kitchen. He saw Robin walk over. "Hey, man, what's with Rae this mornin?"

"Nothing," said Robin simply and took a seat at the table. "She's just in her usual crabby mood."

"I notice that she only gets like that after a meetin with you," Cyborg noted.

"Maybe that's because I'm the only one around here with the balls to say what she doesn't want to hear," said Robin, grabbing the morning newspaper that was conveniently on the table. "She better get used to reality."

"Eh, leave her alone," said Cyborg, pouring him self and Robin coffee. "She's been like this for a while. I'd get over it if I were you." He gave Robin a coffee and sat down himself.

The common room doors opened again and a still slightly sleepy Starfire walked through, her sweet smile already on her friends. "A morning of goodness to you, friends," she said as she entered.

"Mornin Star," said Cyborg smiling as well.

"Morning," said Robin. Starfire flew over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek and a good morning hug, like she did every morning.

"I passed Raven and she did not look happy," said Starfire.

"Yeah, we were just talkin 'bout her," said Cyborg.

"But she did not even give me her good morning nod," said Starfire. "I believe she was ignoring me."

"She's just not in a good mood this morning," said Robin. "Don't take it personally, Star."

"But why is she never in a good mood?" asked Star. "She is always very quiet and very sad. And I know she is quiet because she can not talk, but she does not even attempt to communicate with us."

"Well, one thing's for sure, we didn't do anything wrong," said Robin.

"Not that we know of, at least," said Cyborg.

"I believe she is lonely," said Starfire.

"Well that's her own fault," said Robin. "She locks herself away day and night in her room. If she's lonely then she should go outside and meet some people."

"Okay, first off, Raven wasn't like that before she turned all gloomy," said Cyborg. "Second, let's not play the blame game if she's lonely. And she'll communicate with us when she's ready."

"Friends?" said Starfire, getting the young men's attention. "I believe she misses Beast B-."

"Don't say his name," Robin snapped, cutting her off. "Just… don't say his name, Starfire."

"Then what shall I call him?" asked Starfire.

"We know who you're talkin 'bout, Star," Cyborg sighed. "And I think you're right."

"I often find her looking through old photographs of… him," said Starfire, making sure she didn't say his name.

"I don't know why she can't accept what he is now," said Robin, shaking his head. "He left her for an evil gypsy witch who stole her most prized possession. If anyone else had done that to her you know she'd of found them by now and made them pay. But she just can't seem to accept that he's evil."

"It was hard for all of us to accept it, man," said Cyborg. "I mean, we all thought we could get him back. B… he never seemed the type to just switch sides from good to evil. I think deep down there's some good still in him. Deep deep down."

"He's popped up around the world dozens of times and each time he and Adrienne attacked and injured at least one Titan and stolen something," said Robin, angrily. "If there is any good in him, it sure isn't enough to stop him from trying to kill his once fellow teammates."

Raven hovered in the air in front of the window in her room. Meditation was the only thing that could keep her sane. It always had been. She spent most of the day meditating, for when she became lost in her mind the time flew by. Most days she would start after breakfast and finish up before dinner. That way no one could bother her and she could spend her time thinking.

And when she wasn't meditating she was doing her research on Adrienne. She had learned that Adrienne had descended from a long line of gypsy witches. Their powers were generally not very strong, but it was enough for them to steal powers and abilities from others to strengthen themselves. That was what Adrienne had been doing for years; ever since she was a young child. And the accumulation of power gave her the ability to overthrow any foe. That was why it was so easy for her to defeat them three years ago. She was virtually unstoppable.

'But everyone has a weakness,' Raven thought to herself. 'Everyone has a fault. What's hers? What's her weakness? I have to find out.'

Suddenly Raven felt a slight dizziness take her head and then a strong heaviness in her chest that brought her out of her meditation. She took a sharp breath in and opened her eyes. She knew that feeling, but it had never felt so strong before.

Raven could always feel when portals to other dimensions were being opened. It was like a sixth sense for her. And she could always tell when Beast Boy was back on Earth for she knew his energy. She had felt him the other times he had returned, but this time he was close. Her mind raced as the realization hit her.

'He's back,' she thought. 'I can feel his energy. But it's… it's strong this time. He's near, he must be.'

As soon as these feelings took her the Titans alarm went off, filling her room with a flashing red light and an alerting siren. That meant the others knew too. And that meant they were about to go off and try to bring Beast Boy and Adrienne down. Raven felt sick and her heart raced.

She had wanted to see him again for so long, but not in battle where he was forced to attack her. Not in battle where her friends believed their former teammate was evil, when he was actually the most selfless person she'd ever known. Not in battle where she had to watch Adrienne order him around like some obedient pet. No, this was not what she wanted. But, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

A sudden pounding could be heard on her door and she quickly composed herself. She went to the door and opened it to find Cyborg. She was thankful for this at least.

"He's back, Rae," said Cyborg in a low voice.

Raven hung her head.

"We gotta go stop him," he said. "Maybe… maybe we can still help him."

She lifted her head slightly and nodded softly. At least Cyborg was decent enough to lie to her to try and make her feel better. She exited her room and followed him down the various halls to the common room, where her other two teammates were waiting.

"They've been spotted downtown," said Robin.

"Have they stolen anythin yet?" asked Cyborg.

"No, they're just causing destruction again, like last time," said Robin.

"I believe they are trying to get our attention," said Starfire.

"Well, they've got it," growled Robin. "Alright, Titans, let's go."

And with that the whole team headed out. Cyborg went to the T-car and Robin took his R-cycle. Starfire and Raven were expected to fly. Soon they were all out of the tower and on their way towards downtown. Raven still felt sick and she flew a bit slower than usual. Starfire noticed this and slowed down a bit.

"Raven, you must not feel bad," said Starfire. "We shall be victorious."

That didn't help Raven at all.

Starfire thought for a moment then said, "If it makes you feel better, I shall not fight former friend Beast Boy. I shall only fight Adrienne."

Raven gave her a soft, sad smile and nodded. Starfire smiled back and the girls continued on. Already they could see smoke beginning to rise from within the city. Raven just hoped no one was hurt. She knew Beast Boy would do anything not to hurt anyone, unless absolutely forced to, but Adrienne was a different story. She had no problem ruining lives; she did it nearly every day.

"Alright, team, we've got to give it all we've got," said Robin through his communicator. "We can't let them escape. They used the element of shock and surprise against us last time, but now we know what's going on."

'You don't have any idea what's going on,' Raven thought bitterly.

"No mercy, Titans," said Robin. "No mercy."