Yes, I know I'm supposed to be working on 'Back from the Land of the Dead', 'Jigoku no Shichinintai' and my white day fic, but this randomly popped into my head while watching the fourth movie. Yes, it is a poem, and I hate poetry, but whatever. It doesn't rhyme or anything because I wrote it at 12pm-ish. Please be kind and review. I don't know whose POV it is. Oh, and a lot of it is symbolic.

I own no Animes or Mangas, but I am a proud owner of a copy of the fourth movie. If you sue, I shall not give up my movie! Instead, you can have my text book because school sucks!

The night they came,

Was a bloody night

We were to watch


As our families were killed

Our fathers and mothers

Sisters and brothers

Young or old

It didn't matter

They killed whom they saw

In one night

Our lives were shattered

Demon, half-demon, human blood

Spattered the earth

The priestess Kanade


But even her powers failed

She died in our arms

Her last words were

'…Never forget…

Remember who you are



Will come and save you…

Never forget…

The Song of Parting…'


We believed in those words

Now, they are but a shallow echo

In our souls…


The turn to sing the ancient song

Will be mine…

The Song of Parting…

Father once said to me

Many moons have gone

Demon hand will defend

Mother said one day

There is more you must know

Mortal hand will sustain

Two hands together

Incomplete alone

Balance in union

And the gate will open

Go my children, go

Go to crimson flames

To save our children

The lights of memory remain



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