Summary: Falling for him? That was Easy….Marrying him? That was Easy… Telling him she's carrying his child? Not so Easy

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Parings: SasukexSakura

Warnings: Language…Mood Swings…. Maybe more…

Not So Easy

:----:Chapter One: Unexpected Reaction:-----:

Figuring out she loved him? Well that was Easy. Marrying him? That was just as easy. But now she sat in the bathroom staring at the stick in her hand. It was as plain as could be, except for the small blue dot on the front. Now Being a medic nin, she knew exactly what this meant. 'I'm pregnant…' She thought as she tossed it into the garbage can. It wasn't that bad, I mean she was nineteen, she and her husband were, well off, but she never thought it would happen so soon. Suddenly her alarm went off and she sighed.

"Come on Sakura pull yourself together!" She told herself. She pulled on her medic nin uniform and headed to the hospital. She had matured greatly over the years, and was a rival for the godaime herself. Her old sensei Kakashi, told her he thought she would surpass Tsunade-sama one day. She smiled and headed to work, wondering what she was going to tell everyone.

"Sakura-chan!" Sakura only knew one person with that voice.

"Hello Naruto, what is the Rokudaime doing out here? Shouldn't you be busy with Hokage like things…" Nice one Sakura…you can't even form a sentence.

"Well I decided the papers on my desk could wait!" Naruto replied noticing Sakura's semi out of it look. "Say is anything wrong Sakura-chan?"

"Welll…errr…" Should she tell him? I mean he was her best friend… she could trust Naruto right? She walked closer to him and whispered in his ear as Naruto's eyes widened.

"YOU'RE WHAT!" Sakura slapped her forehead. "Oh, sorry, so is it Sasuke-teme's?" Sakura's eyes widened as she punched him in the face.

"Of course it is, what do you take me for?" Sakura shouted as Naruto dearly wished he could retract his last statement. "He should be back today…" she said the tone of her voice going from pissed off to worried as Naruto smirked. After getting Sasuke back from Orochimaru it hadn't taken the Uchiha boy long to figure out his feelings for the pink haired princess, but he doubted that Sasuke would ever know how much Sakura truly worried about him.

"N-Naruto, the elders, w-want to speak with you," Hinata stated. She had become more open with Naruto, and didn't faint every time he talked to her. It took Naruto a long time to return her feelings though, but once he did, he never regretted it.

"Damn old people, anyways talk to you later Sakura-chan, and when Sasuke drops off his report I'll tell him to hurry his ass home," Naruto said waving as Sakura smiled and thanked him.

"Damn it, I'm going to be late!" She cried hurrying to the hospital. Sakura walked inside as the nurse Kamiko handed her a chart with an annoyed look on her face.

"Good luck with this one Sakura-dono," she said as Sakura read his chart. 'Great so basically this guy is a loud mouth asshole, what a great start to my work day' Sakura entered the room and could instantly smell the alcohol coming off of him. She then noticed the nail that was in his hand.

"Hello Sir, I'm doctor Uchiha, I'm going to take a look at that wound," Sakura stated getting close to the guy as she felt a hand on her ass.

"Hello, there, little lady," The guy stuttered out as Sakura clenched her fist and punched him in the jaw knocking him out cold. 'Now time to work' she thought pulling out the nail and stitching the wound back up. When she was done she smirked and walked back out, handing the chart to Kamiko. "Room 15 is going to need fresh bandages and a lot of aspirin." She stated, but before Kamiko could ask Sakura was already gone to her next patient.

"Hey billboard brow," Ino stated as Sakura smirked.

"Hello to you to Ino-pig!" She retorted as they both laughed. Ino realized that Sasuke would never love her, and that didn't matter since she was already married and pregnant with a husband of her own.

"Women are so troublesome," Shikamaru stated as Ino glared at him. Sakura just sighed and pulled out Ino's information.

"Well since you're in the second month of your third trimester, make sure you're extra careful, I'm not saying be over protective, just eat well, and exercise less ok?" Ino just nodded and Sakura stood up feeling light headed. "Sakura! Are you okay?"

"Ya fine, you guys have a good day," she stated as she walked to the lounge. Today was pretty quiet in the hospital. She pulled out a pad of paper and began to write.

"What are you doing?" Tsunade asked as Sakura froze and then began to laugh nervously.

"Me? I'm doing nothing, why would I be doing anything? I mean I'm never one to do anything"

"Sakura would you mind letting me see that paper?" Sakura sighed as she handed it to her sensei. "Why would you be calculating… Sakura are you?" Sakura just nodded and sighed. Great, the whole village would know before the father even did. "Congratulations, and based on this calculation your about two months along, meaning I'm booking you in for an ultrasound and check up" Tsunade sang as she walked outside the door.

"Tsunade-sama, you can be really odd sometimes…" Sakura stated. She just wanted the day to be over… 'Sasuke…'


"Seriously Uchiha, what's the hurry?" Kiba shouted as Sasuke ignored him. "Stubborn jack ass" Sasuke just smirked and continued running at full speed. All he wanted was to get home and hold Sakura. He rolled his eyes though at the fact he would have to stop at the Hokage's office and drop off his report. 'Baka Naruto…' he thought seeing the village come into view.

"Ah, the great Sasuke Uchiha has returned," Naruto said laughing. "So where's my report?" Sasuke handed him the book as he sighed.

"I don't understand why you need reports anyways…it's not like you read them." Sasuke said as Naruto nodded.

"True, true, but I need to make it look like I do something," Naruto said laughing.

"Dobe!" Sasuke smirked. Over the years he and Naruto had ended up becoming really great friends…even if they still acted like rivals.

"Oh that's right, Sasuke-teme you should hurry home, Sakura-chan…" Before Naruto could finish Sasuke was out the door worrying his ass off for his wife. This mission was only a small two day one, yet he hated not being there to protect her even though he knew she could handle herself.

"Sakura!" He called running into the house as Sakura walked to greet him. He ran and hugged her as Sakura smirked.

"Worried were we?" she asked as Sasuke buried his nose into her hair inhaling her scent.

"Do you even need to ask Sakura-tenshi…" Sasuke was cut off as Sakura kissed him. Sasuke smirked with his eyes and made the kiss more passionate, it would have led to other things had Sakura not stopped him.

"Sasuke-kun I need to tell you something," she said as Sasuke smirked. Now when she called him that it was a turn on instead of a turn off. "You might want to sit…" he raised an eyebrow and shook his head.

"Ok, well, ummm, you see…"


"I'm pregnant…" Suddenly a loud thump was heard as Sasuke fainted and hit the floor causing Sakura to laugh a little. "Well that was an unexpected reaction" she said helping him.


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