Summary: A New Generation Inhabits the academy, but will their struggles and hardships mimic that of their parents? Or will they be too hard to overcome?

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Not So Easy, Generation Two

:----:Chapter Twenty Three: Not So Easy :-----:


Sasuke knew that was what they lacked at this point in time. Toyo and Shiro were fast, and there was the probability that they were also using blood replenishing pills to increase their speed. Concentrating on his movements he continued to run until his wife who had been following behind quiet with worry spoke.

"Sasuke-kun...what if we're too late?" She asked almost as though she were asking herself.

"Don't worry Sakura-tenshi...they'll be fine!"

"I really don't mean to interrupt, however the hideout is coming into view," Naruto stated as Sasuke and Sakura both looked at each other and began to increase their speed even further. "Hey wait son's there too..."


"Bastard!" Amaya spat as she noticed the deep gash on her stomach that was starting to turn slightly green around the edge. Amaya winced as Kabuto shackled her against the wall.

"Now, now Amaya-chan, I believe this is the part where you start to beg for mercy, cry, and do many other things to try and save yourself..."

"Like hell I will."

"Very well, the poison that was on the kunai will kill you soon enough..."

Amaya watched Kabuto smirk as he turned towards the computer screen. She had screwed up on her last attack. While she was in flashback mode, she had yet to notice that Kabuto had switched himself with a clone and being so wound up in destroying him, she failed to notice it till it was too late. She continued to watch her wound with the most consideration. She was a basic medical ninja, and she also knew that this type of poison was supposed to spread slowly from your fingertips to your heart causing immense pain and eventually death.

"I know you're analyzing that poison, however the antidote is on me, so to get it, someone must kill me and the chances of that happening are slim to none..."

"The Hokage destroyed you with the rasengan did he not...if that's so why are you here?" Amaya stated as she yet again winced from the wound.

"I am a medical ninja, and a very skilled one at that. Now however, all I have to do is wait for your brother to show up, and once he does Chimura-kun will destroy him and the sharingan eyes will be mine..."


"Kabuto must have her..."

"Kabuto...what do you mean?" Kaname asked as Chimura began to run through the many hallways.

Toyo, Shiro and Kaname didn't even think twice as they dashed behind him.

"Toyo, they're getting close."

Toyo only nodded knowing that their parents must be close if Shiro could sense them with Byakkugan. They had finally reached a room and all walked inside, however the only thing inside were wires and a bed.

"Damn it!" Chimura cried as he brought his fist to the wall. If Kabuto wasn't holding her here then where? Unless...

"Toyo, you can't come any further..."

"The hell I won't, that's my baby sister that nutcase is holding..."

"I understand but..."

"You understand my ass, if it wasn't for you then my family wouldn't be involved in this!" Toyo screamed as Kaname winced.

"Toyo calm down already," Shiro muttered.

"Yes, you two can argue all you want but that won't save Amaya-chan!" Kaname stated as she turned to Chimura. "Now where do you think that Kabuto man is holding her?"

"It must be in the third wing, seven levels over..."

"Third wing seven levels over right?" Kaname asked as Chimura nodded. "I'll disguise myself as Toyo and wait for the sannin, then I can lead them to the fight, Toyo disguise yourself as me, that way it will take a second glance for that Kabuto person to know you're an Uchiha..."

"But Kaname-chan..." Shiro muttered as Kaname looked at him.

"You go with Toyo. We're all Amaya has right now, and all this talking is only wasting more time. I trust you guys..."

And with that said everyone went their separate ways.

"This way," Chimura stated as they made their way down even more hallways. It was quiet which in turn made Toyo think.

"Where are all the guards?"

"This once was Orochimaru's hideout, but that was until he died, so everyone abandoned except about five or so guards and Kabuto, so we really have nothing to worry about..."

"Hmmm, this Orochimaru guy doesn't seem all that powerful," Shiro muttered.

"You'd be surprised all the terrible things that man did," Chimura stated and shuddered at the thought.

Finally they were at a large stone door and Chimura growled.

"This is it!"


"Well Amaya-chan it seems as though we have a visitor!"

Amaya was barely hanging onto her consciousness however that statement caused her eyes to widen. Her eyes grew to be even more like saucers when she recognized the chakra outside the door.

"Kabuto!" One voice rang, a very familiar feminine voice.

"Kaname-chan?" Amaya asked but at a second glance she could tell that chakra signature matched her own. 'Onii-chan...' she thought before losing to her wound.

"AMAYA!" Chimura rang out and as he tried to run towards her an ugly white haired man in glasses stood before him.

"Not so fast Chimura-kun," He stated pulling out a kunai. "I should have done this long ago!"

Chimura dodged the kunai attack and began to think of a plan, however Shiro and Toyo, though he was disguised as Kaname, took action.


"Ah, so you're the son of that pathetic little girl and that annoying Naruto-baka..."

"Don't ever insult my mother or father like that..." Shiro stated as he ran towards Kabuto and began with basic gentle fist attacks.

"Why can't you two wait till I think of something!" Chimura cried as Toyo smirked.

"Here's a better idea, Shiro and I will get that bastard, you save my sister..."

Chimura only nodded as he went towards Amaya. He noticed the green coloured wound on her side as he pulled her from the shackles. 'Poison? But where's the antidote?' He began looking around frantically at the shelves trying to find something that looked like it could heal.

"It's no use Chimura-kun, I have the only antidote, and by now her life is slipping away..." Kabuto threw Shiro into the wall as Kaname turned into Toyo.

"This will be the last time you ever insult the Uchiha's!" He stated releasing his sharingan. "And as for my eyes, you can't have them!"

"C-chi-mura..." Amaya stated as she began to convulse.

"There's only one way to save you..." Chimura thought as hand seals began to form on his hands and Kabuto noticed and laughed.

"Fool, you'd give your life to save that girl, a girl who was unable to unlock the sharingan, she was a weak ninja and you're an idiot for loving her..."

Toyo noticed the green chakra on Chimura's hands and turned to Kabuto with Shiro at his side.

"Ready Shiro?"

"I'm always ready..."

"Looks like this is your last day of life!"

"Combine Ninja art: Chidori no Rasengan!"

Kabuto's eyes widened as he saw the lightening blade converge with an attack created by the fourth hokage. 'Orochimaru-sama, I am sorry I have failed you...' That was the last thought Kabuto ever had as his body disintegrated in the blast.

"We did it.." Shiro muttered as a 'thump' caused their attention to turn to Chimura who was collapsed on the floor and Amaya who's eyes were fluttering open.

She didn't even acknowledge anyone's presence as she noticed Chimura's limp body on the floor.



"This way!" Kaname stated as Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura followed her.

"When we get home, you're all grounded..." Sakura muttered as they finally reached the doors. Yet what was on the other side was a surprised to all of them.

There was no Kabuto, Only Shiro and Toyo who were huddled around Amaya who was holding Chimura in her arms.

"You idiot," She muttered through her sobs as Toyo and Shiro stood keeping their eyes downcast from the gazes of their father's.

"You have a lot of explaining to do," Sasuke said to Toyo as they walked out of the room.

"I want a full report, and try to keep this from your mother," Naruto stated as Shiro nodded and followed him out with Kaname leaving only Sakura and Amaya in the room.


"Stop it!" Amaya stated as Sakura looked shocked. "I am nothing like a princess, if it wasn't for me Chimura would still be alive!"

"Amaya...there's something I need to tell you..."

"What mom?" Amaya practically hissed as Sakura took a deep breath.

"Chimura, he suffered from a disease. His immune system attacked his bone structures. I am surprised he even survived this long..."

"Chimura...he was sick?" Amaya thought as Sakura nodded.

"When he came to see me at the hospital two months ago, his bones were so brittle, he should've been unable to support himself, but he told me there was something he had to tell someone before he could die..."

"And now, because of me, we'll never know what that is," Amaya stated icily as Sakura sighed. There was no point in trying to get through to Amaya. For now she would let her daughter get the grief and sorrow out of her system.

"Come now, let's go," Sakura stated helping Amaya up.

'Don't worry Chimura-kun... When I am a full fledged ninja, I'll fight...I'll fight for you!'


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