Title: A Hard Day's Night
Rating: T
Prompt/Claim: Tommy Donnelly/Kevin Donnelly (#1)
Spoilers: Takes place after 1.01, "The Pilot."
Warnings: Implied incest and mild language.
Author's Notes: Jesus, I love The Black Donnellys. It's so shiny and brand new. Part of my "If Tomorrow Never Comes" series.

A Hard Day's Night

"Jimmy just got pinched for stealin' that truck," Tommy said, both arms braced against the window as he looked out into the dark night.

"But he just went out to get some beer," Kevin protested, taking a bite of the sandwich Jenny made for him. At nineteen, he really did love to eat. Eat, and have sex. The two together didn't exactly make a good combination, unless he was eating—

"Yeah, well, it happened."

"That sucks," Kevin said. He looked at Tommy, who was looking out into the night like it was gonna bring some kind of absolution. As fucking if. Ain't nothing that was gonna bring absolution to the Donnelly brothers. Tommy always tried to clean up after his brothers, tried to save them, especially Jimmy. And this time, well, this time he hadn't done so. And knowing Tommy as he did, and maybe knowing him more than anyone else, Tommy had to be feeling guilty as all hell.

"I talked to Frankie. Jimmy'll be going into rehab," Tommy said heavily.

"You talked to Frankie?" He lowered his sandwich. If that didn't just beat all.


"Then it's a good thing?" Kevin really hoped that Jimmy getting pinched would be a good thing, because it would just about kill their Ma. God's honest truth, when Jimmy's leg had been ruined, it had almost been the end—as the oldest, and with their father already gone, all the family's hopes had rested on Jimmy. But after that day, Jimmy was already gone. And the rest of his brothers followed, with the exception of Tommy, who chose to dream about leaving this place and clean up after his brothers. Hope rested with him, but that's all it did. Rest.

"Yeah, Kevin. It's a good thing." A pause, heavily laden with tension and things left unsaid for years. Years. And then Tommy said, "I think I'm gonna head out for a while."

Kevin stared after Tommy for a moment, and he knew, just knew that Tommy was out to do something that was bound to get him in some kind of trouble. And Tommy was never one to get in trouble, unless it was trying to get his brothers clean. Jimmy, he thought, what the fuck have you done. "Shit," he said, throwing his sandwich away as he hurried after his brother.

Few minutes later they stood in front of the elevator, and Tommy looked at him with some kind of terror in his eyes. Some different kind of fear that was entirely new to Kevin, he'd never seen it on anyone's face before. It was like what he imagined people would look like if they were about to lose everything that meant the most to him, and that kind of look shouldn't be on Tommy Donnelly's face. Not now, and not ever again.

"Where are you going?"

He turned his head to face Tommy, his eyes open and honest. "Wherever you are."

He turned back to the elevator, mindful of Tommy's eyes on him. Kevin had never known that Tommy's eyes could feel so piercing and clear – see right through him, right on through the looking glass. Mirror, mirror, who's the dumbest of them all? Who the fuck would even say something that was so loaded, that even hinted at what Kevin meant? That he fucking loved Tommy, loved him so much that it felt like a constant ache.

"Tommy!" Jenny held the door of the elevator open as she stared at them both from outside. "I made you a sandwich, you know? Aren't you gonna eat it?"

"I'll get it when I come back."

"Tommy," she said more firmly, "you are not your brother. Never were. Now come back and eat your sandwich."

Kevin watched as the defeat, and yes, the resolve, settled around Tommy. He'd never seen that before. He'd seen the resolve. Every Donnelly had that. It was in their blood, you see. But the defeat? Tommy Donnelly was never defeated, he never got down to rock bottom because his brothers were there to save him. "I'll come back for it," Tommy replied. They both heard Jenny slam her hand against the elevator door as they descended.

There were no words, none, as they went down. At the same moment they turned to face each other, then turned away after a quick moment. Kevin stifled a half-grin. They'd be lucky to get out of this alive, but if they did – Jesusfuck, he'd try his best to make Tommy better. Because that's what family does, that's what brothers do, and that's what he'd do for Tommy, because he loved him.