Totally Kyle and the Chicken

"From his garage, here's Totally Kyle!"

"Totally! Ok, so like this one day I like went over my friend's house and when we got there he was all like, 'I have to go to the bathroom.' So he went to the bathroom and I went into his room and when I like got there, I saw this chicken just lying on the ground and I was all like 'Oh my gosh! There's a chicken on the floor!' It like wasn't breathing, so I went over to it and performed like CPR. I was like yelling 'Come on Mr. Chicken! You can make it! Breathe!' I was like performing CPR again, and then like my friend came back and he was all like, 'Dude! Why are you performing CPR on my rubber chicken!?!' And I was all like 'Oh...'"

"That was Totally Kyle!"