I woke up with a start by the sound of my alarm. " Javier!!!" my mom calls me from downstairs to get up.

" I'm up.." I holler, yawning. Today was gonna be another boring, yet normal day. I go in the bathroom to brush and take my shower. I get out and my sidekick vibrates, sliding off the nightstand. I pick it up and it's a message from Victoria.

Let's go to the mall!!!!!!

I closed my phone. I smile. It was Saturday and I was a little money devil. Putting on some baggy jeans and a bright, a muscle t-shirt, and a flamboyant blue half buttoned shirt, I walk downstairs. It was the second semester which meant I had new classes on Monday. I looked forward to school because, it was a good thing because I got to meet new people and then at the same time, some people didn't like me. I smile and think about Jaime. He was the guy who never said anything, but you could read him. He was a walking stud in our school. He played basketball, and had the most elusive set of hazel eyes ever. He was a sexy mexican and had a drop dead gorgeous body. He was straight, but he had this aura that every one liked about him.

I grab my keys to my eclipse and walk out the door. I hopped in and thought for a minute, pulling out the drive way. The day me and Jaime met. I was in school in the morning and bumped into him on accident. Even though he didn't know me, he still said sorry and smiled. When he walked away, I looked back. He was looking at me looking at him. I walked in my gym class later that day, realizing that I had him for a class, and gym and that!

That same day, later. It was in a Sam Goody music store. He was working there and shelving music by category. I walked in with my friend Victoria and he nodded, coming towards us. I blushed and got butterflies and the only reason explainable: he never talked to me before. I had him for gym and he never said anything to me. He played one on one with me a couple times, but he always smiled. Especially at me and then he looked away. It made me think did he like guys sometimes. But it was okay. He was Jaime and I was me. Until that day.

"Hey! You're ummm…" he said, his head down thinking. I looked and examined his body. He was wearing the store's shirt and a pair of baggy blue jean shorts. "Xavier, Right?" he smiled at me. I would soooo jump on him and play with them li…never mind that. But I nodded. I liked him so much….so much…and I couldn't tell him

"Yeah." I said. We kept looking at each other and Victoria walked off, leaving me there with him. "So…," he said walking with me up and down the aisles, looking at music. "How was your Christmas?"

" It was fine…" I trailed off. I had wished that someone was just like me and that someone liked me for who I was and not for their own inner ambitions. Instead I got Carlos. He came out and I was surprised. I never would have guessed. Me and him had been friends since like 2nd grade.

"Cool…I have a question…" Jaime said abruptly. " I have been trying to get this one sentence to come out for I don't know how long." He explained, stopping in front of me. He grabbed me by the shoulders and I got chills down my spine. What was he about to ask me? Was it the, 'are you gay?' question?

"Would you like to go to the movies with me and a friend? We were gonna ask your friend over there," he said tilting his head. She was over there banging her head back and forth, acting like a hardcore rocker. "But I wanted you to go with me." he laughed.

I panicked. He wanted me, to go. Was something wrong with this picture? I smiled and then my hands started to shake. I started to breath really fast.

" Are you okay?" he laughed, looking at my hands then back up at me. I think he does like me. Was he curious or something?

"Yeah." I was really lying. I can't believe he's asking me this?!

I closed my hands and closed my eye's, not wishing this was a dream.

"So," he said. "We on for the movies?" I nodded. This was really happening to me. "Sure." I said.

"Good. I'll pick you up at 7." he backed away, smiling. I walked over to Victoria and grabbed her, pulling her out the store. I took one last look over to him. He made a kissing face. I laughed, walking out and left.

" OH MY GOD. HELP ME." I pleaded. I was a guy. Not a girl. Why would he ask me out? I didn't want to say it. But maybe it was true…

"What?" Victoria looked around like someone tripped. I spun around and smiled with glee.

"What?!" Victoria all of a sudden wanted to know. "He asked me out." I told her.

"Whatever." she laughed. "A.) He's a jock. B.) All jock's are straight. And finally C.) he's Jaime! The hard, bad Chico down the block!!!" She pointed with her fingers.

" He did. I swear he did!!!" I argued. This was gonna be the best day ever. I smiled walking out of the mall.