Hello everyone, I know a lot of you have been asking about a sequel, but I am rewriting this story. I feel I drifted to far in some of the chapters that I created plot craters, and this was not something I wanted.

So I've started rewriting Cruel Fate. I plan to take out some scenes, and add in some scenes. At the moment, I'm wonder if I should rate it M and make it a setting for mature audience-I'm older now then I was then and I have little bit more things to write and say.

I am posting the revised Prologue on fanfiction today. I want people to review on THAT copy-of whether or not they prefer I rewrite (this is only after you read the prologue!) or if the would rather I just create a sequel.

I would like an explanation also, but I won't take it that far ;D

If you really think I should let things alone, please, PM me.

I am posting the revised first, before this. So please, by all means-it's on my profile.