This idea has been stuck in my mind for far too long, and I decided to take on writing 5 story fanfics at a time. Don't worry; this story will not prevent the updating of any other stories.

To get a better understanding of this story, it's important that you watch the Battle Frontier Pokemon episode, "Battling the Enemy Within"

Summary: If there was ever an unpleasant memory of his travels through the Battle Frontier, it would definitely be the time when Ash had been possessed by the spirit of an evil king. With help from the frontier brain Brandon, they had managed to banish it...right? It seems that the evil spirit is still alive within Ash and is getting ready for a few tricks up its sleeves. Can Ash overcome the darkness within him and fight the king before its evil plans are unleashed?

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The Darkness Within


"Thanks Mom! These are my favorite!"

"Your welcome sweetie." Mrs. Ketchum said as she watched her son gobble down some of her home made cooking. Ash had just gotten back from the Battle Frontier and had been in the middle of telling her all about it when she gave him something to eat. Ash had brown eyes, short black hair, and was wearing jeans, a black shirt, and a vest. He reached up for a second to straighten his hat before continuing to eat. Mrs. Ketchum turned her attention to the other members of the table.

Brock was quietly eating his food. He was dark skinned and wore a brown vest and brown pants that almost matched the color of his dark brown hair. He looked up at Ash's mom for a moment before continuing to eat. Being as smart as he was, he was thinking to himself about what Ash's mom might be thinking, which was probably about when her son was leaving again. He wondered slightly if she ever felt bothered by it that he would only stay for about a week or so before heading off onto a new adventure.

Also sitting at the table was May, a girl that Ash had met in Hoenn. Her brown hair was tucked under a red bandana, which matched the color of her shirt and skirt. At the moment, she was glaring at her younger brother Max with her bright blue eyes. Max, who has black hair and wore glasses, was also glaring at his sister. He wore a green shirt and brown pants. He had apparently spilled something on his shirt, which was the reason why the two were arguing.

(AN: Yes, yes, I know my descriptions sound horrible, so bear with me)

"Sheesh can't even pay attention when you're eating..." she whispered quietly.

"Shut up May!" he whispered back.

Sitting on the floor nearby, happily eating out of a bowl of Poke'chow that was cooked by Brock, was Ash's faithful pokemon Pikachu. It looked up from its bowl at May and Max for a second as it started shaking its head in a disproving manner. Apparently it was quite common for May and Max to argue all the time. Pikachu caught Ash's eye for a second to which they both laughed to themselves.

In a way, Pikachu knew they were going to miss the two of them and their constant bickering. In a few days, May and Max were leaving to go back to Hoenn. It would just be him, Pika-pi, and Pikachu-chu, which were the nicknames he gave to the two frequent humans he traveled with. Ash was his Pika-pi of course and Pikachu-chu was Brock. He didn't really have any nicknames for May and Max, and he just guessed it was because he had been with Ash and Brock longer.

After May and Max had finished their argument, Mrs. Ketchum turned to the group.

"So, what other battles have you been doing? Which one was your hardest?"

Ash pondered on that for a moment. There were plenty of tough trainers during Battle Frontier, especially the frontier brains. There was Annabel, who could communicate to her pokemon telepathically, Noland, who had used the power of Articuno...

"Personally, I think the toughest was Brandon." Max suddenly spoke up.

Brandon. Ah yes, the one with the Regirock, Regice, and Registeel.

Ash blinked for a moment before smiling. "Oh yeah. He definitely is a tough battler since he has those rare pokemon."

"It was even harder since you had to battle him twice, after that whole pyramid fiasco and that evil king and all..." Max said.

Yes, it was bad that I of all people lost...against a pathetic mortal such as him...

Brock looked sideways at Ash and noticed how Ash went quiet. Ash was concentrating hard on the empty plate in front of him, as if blocking out Max.

"...It probably wouldn't have happened if you hadn't let curiosity get the better of you..." May added to Max's statement.

Ash suddenly stood up. "I'm suddenly full. I'm going to go head on over to Professor Oak's lab. I'll wait up on you guys." he said as he walked off without looking at any of them. Pikachu quickly dashed over and joined his Pika-pi as he was leaving.

May looked hurt now. "...Something I said?"

"I guess Ash still feels guilty about that." Brock said quietly.

Mrs. Ketchum, who had no idea what they had been talking about a moment ago, turned to Brock. "What's going on? What happened?"

If anyone was going to tell her, it might as well have been Brock.


...How long has it been since I was awakened from my tomb?

Days? Weeks? Months? Years perhaps?

I can say that I do have to give thanks to the stupid mortal who released me from my prison and practically gave me his body to control.

The one they call "Ash"

If it hadn't been for that damn Brandon, I wouldn't have been stuck here in this half-life. Stuck here in "the brat's" self-consciousness and depths of his mind, only able to see and hear what goes on in the outside world.

In a way, this is also the brat's fault. Trying to fight against me, having weak worthless pokemon, and then having that blasted Pikachu shock me!

Yes...this is more the brat's fault than it is Brandon's.

They were foolish to believe that I was gone for good.

I may have lost, but that doesn't mean that I'm out.


They haven't seen anything yet...

"And so in the end, Ash got Pikachu to shock him to get the spirit to leave his body so that it could be captured." Brock concluded. He had just finished telling Mrs. Ketchum about the whole ordeal with the spirit of the evil king of a lost civilization called "Pokelantis"

She was nearly in tears though at the end.

"My poor son..." she sobbed.

"Hey, the important thing is that it's gone now and it's never going to bother us again..." May said quietly.

"I suppose your right. I just hope Ash is ok. He seems to be taking it pretty hard."

"That's because he doesn't remember much of it and he feels kind of ashamed of himself for letting that happen." Max pointed out.

"But people make mistakes. Ash isn't exempt from that." May said.

"We probably shouldn't talk about it until Ash is ready and wants too." Brock said.

"...I hope that he's ok..." May sighed as she turned to the door that Ash had left through. It made her feel really upset that her friend was suffering and that she couldn't do anything to help him at the moment.

"'s not your fault...I wish you wouldn't beat yourself up about it..."

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