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"Vhat the hell?"

The lights were flicking off and on at the Xavier's Mansion, the only answer:

'Forge must be working on another project again.' Kurt decided. He teleported himself to the lower levels of the mansion were Forge usually worked on his inventions.

Kurt looked around, the first thing he saw was a huge glass cylinder on the side of the room hooked up to a bunch of wires ending to where he found Forge typing furiously on a keyboard.


Forge jumped; surprisingly he didn't hear Nighcrawler 'bamf' to the scene.

"Kurt! Dude you scared the crap out of me!"

"Sorry… Vhat are you doing?"

Forge smiled devishly, "Glad you asked me that question my man. I have just completed the ultimate time machine, sorta." He finished of lamely.

"Sorta?" Kurt didn't like the sound of that

"Well yeah, I mean this machine technically is a time machine. But it just sends you into a different dimension."

"Really?!' He couldn't help it, a machine that could send you into a different dimension, how tight was that?

"Yeah, I am just ready to fire up this baby." Forge exclaimed, getting up from his seat and examining the finished product.

"You're going in yourself?" asked Kurt, he was worried, it was usually him that had to test out Forge's invention.

"Can't, gotta make sure that everything on this side is working well." He told Kurt

"So who did you get?"

The doors to the room slid open, "That would be meh." Kurt turned to face his sister Rogue all dressed up in her x-men uniform.

Kurt pulled Forge by the collar and lifted him a few inches of the ground.


"Kurt, buddy. Lighten up. Rogue was the best choice I had." Forge tried to explain at a very pissed of Kurt.

"Vhat happens if she getz attacked or worse?"

Rogue walked to the two boys, and separated the two.

"Kurt, believe meh. Ah asked him everything before Ah agreed to this."

Kurt turned to Forge, who backed away slowly from a still pissed of Kurt.

"She's right," he told him "Think about it. Rogue has every power you can think of : Logan's healing power, Kitty's phasing power, Scott's power, Jean's power, and others. If she were to get into trouble she could fend for herself." Forge assured Kurt.

Rogue slung an arm around her brother's shoulder. "And yah don't need to worry. Forge promised me that if he did send me somewhere dangerous that Ah'm free to kick his butt when Ah get back."

Kurt relaxed a bit.

"How long vould she have to stay there?"

"Only for a few minutes, plus she has a head set to stay connected to us, and with this machine she would stay invisible due to the barrier I built. All she has to do to get back is press the red button on the head set. Simple." He assured Kurt.

"Are you sure about this?" asked Kurt to Rogue

"Ah'm sure."

"Fine." Said Kurt going a little limp.

"Awesome! Let's go Rogue."

Rogue stepped into the tube cylinder, fixing the wires to her headset while Forge typed in a few things.

"Okay Rogue, you'll be transported in about three minutes." Forge said giving thumbs up to Rogue.

"I don't like this, not at all."

"Geez, Kurt would you just lighten up buddy."

"Count down starting." A robotic voice filled the room.

"Alright Rogue," Forge was talking to Rogue through his on headset "You remember everything right?"


"Yah, Ah do."


"You better hope this works Forge" threaten Kurt.

"It will. Relax man, i got it all under control"



Rogue waved them good bye.


The cylinder tube turned bright white and in a flash Rogue was no longer standing.

"Transferring completed." The robotic voice went dead after that.

"It worked???" asked Nightcrawler incredulously.

"Don't ever doubt the Forge!!" Forge jumped out of his seat, and rubbed his hands together. "Now let's see where she is."

"Rogue, Rogue can you hear me?"

'That was not an easah drop.' She thought rubbing her side where she landed roughly.

"Yeah, Ah'm here."

"Oh, thank goodness." She heard Kurt sighed.

Rogue looked around, she landed in a vaguely familiar hall way.

"Forge where the hell did yah send meh?"

"Don't know, why anything weird?"

"Yeah, Ah in a hall way…"

"Vhats weird about that?"

"It looks like the hall ways at the mansion, ya sure you didn't transport me outside the hall or somethang?"

Kurt watched as Forge looked through some things on the screen.

"Nope," Forge answered "See if you can open the doors, if there are any."

Rogue began to wander the hall; she looked at the metal door, a giant X displayed in the front of them.

"Yeah, yahr right yah did send meh somewhere else."

"Wonder where I sent her"

"Maybe into the future?"

"Nope, it's a different dimension, not a different time."

The lights in the room started to flicker again.


"Transferring beginning." The robotic voice sprung to life again.

"Rogue did you press the red button?"

All Forge could hear was static. "Rogue, Rogue!"

"Transferring completed."

The cylinder glowed white again, both Forge and Kurt waited for Rogue to step out of it but instead it was someone else, an older woman with dark brown curly hair that had white streak in it, wearing a dark green outfit.

"Vhat did you do?"


"Rogue, Rogue!!"

Rogue could hear Forge yelling out for her. But all she could do was focus on the three sharp metal claws in her face and a hand that was choking her: holding her against the wall about a foot of the ground.

The man snarled at Rogue. "What do yah think yahr doin bub?"


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