"Was it meant for Jean or Cyclops?"

For ever Sinister had an obsession over that couple. But Rogue shook her head 'no' again.

"Then who was it meant for?

A week later….

"Put me down Gambit!" Rogue ordered kicking and screaming as Gambit carried her over his shoulder inside the mansion from the backyard, "Now c'mon Rogue, most femme would be excited about Gambit carryin' dem over de t'reshold." Gambit smirked, fully enjoying annoying the young Rogue. Rogue was about to respond till she heard the rest of the team start to laugh at her situation. "It's not funnah!"

Morph was trying hard to hold his laughter in but it was pointless, "Sorry, really. Just consider this a hazing ritual."

Rogue tried to grab him but Gambit had her in a tight hold, "Yah said that when we were fighting the brotherhood!"

And that he did, three days ago the x-men went against the Brotherhood after they caused a disturbance in army fort (they were trying to steal very valuable documents).

Rogue was surprised to see Avalanche look so different, drastically different. "Lance?" Avalanche looked bewildered at being called that, "Don't know who Lance is x-geek, and I don't care!" If it hadn't been for him causing an earthquake she would have laughed at his ridiculous costume and voice. Gambit pushed her out of the way before a truck load of rubble fell on her.

"Come on petit, don't tell me Gambit have t'save y'every time." He teased, throwing three charged cards at her attacker.

"You measly little x-men, I will squish you all!" Blob yelled getting ready to fall on Wolverine, Jubilee, and Jean.

"Ah don't think so!" Rogue ran and jumped on him "Lights out yah twit!" The one thing she didn't know was that the Blob here was thicker than the one in her world. When she landed on his back she didn't suspect that she would have begun to sink. "Gross!"

"Get this little girl off me!" Blob began to shake her off, swaying back and forth trying to grab her from his neck. Rogue took of her gloves and absorbed him before he had the chance to pick her off. The Blob fell face down with a large thud, causing the ground to crack.

"You alright Rogue?" Angel asked lifting her out the mess of flabby skin. Rogue carried her head in her hands; the feeling of Blob in her mind was making her feel sick and icky. "Yah could have warned me about the fool." She groaned. Morph smiled "We could have, it's just we like hazing the new guys."

Iceman wiped away an imaginary tear from his eyes, "That was so hilarious! I honestly thought you were going to yell 'I'm sinking, I'm sinking!'" Iceman laughed flailing his arms in the air. Rogue, on account she was already embarrassed at Gambit carrying her in, was getting rather pissed at being made fun off.

"Yah talk a lot for a guy Ah made cry!" Iceman abruptly stopped laughing at Rogue's come back. She was referring to when Rogue tackled him while they were playing football outside. "I wasn't crying! Sweat just got in my eyes."

"You can't sweat Iceman." Cyclops reminded him.

"Yeah well-"


The team looked to see Beast and the Professor stand before them, the Professor looked slightly amused at the bunch. It always warmed his heart to see his x-men relax and become kids again. Beast on the other hand looked slightly weary and a bit sadden.

"Is something the matter the Beast?" Cyclops asked his friend. Gambit set Rogue down to the ground; he was sensing the emotion coming from Beast. The man had some news for them.

"Forge and I-We fixed the machine. We can switch them back now." Beast addressed them with a morose tone; he had grown attached to the young Rogue. He watched as Rogue's face wilt a bit, "Oh, are yah sure it works?"

"Positive, we've tested the machine many times. It's working." The Professor informed her. Jubilee laid a protective hand on the girl's shoulder, "W-When does she have to leave?"

"When ever she feels like it, but I suggest that she should leave soon. We don't know how long the machine may be working properly." Xavier explained to them, at that minute he wished he hadn't. All the x-men faces suddenly turned worried.

"Then we should wait. Who the hell knows what's gonna happen if we just send her out there with out knowing?"

"Wolverine is right Professor, you said it yourself that you do not know how long the machine will work properly. Why should we risk the chance?" Storm asked him, she hated the idea of them accidentally sending Rogue to a dangerous universe where she might not have a chance to survive. At least here she would be with friends.

Before anyone else had a chance to speak up Rogue stopped them, "It's okay," She stepped up to Beast and Xavier, "Ah'm ready tah go. The sooner the bettah."


She turned to see the others look distraught, "Look y'all, if the machine is workin' now then this is gonna be mah best chance at getting' home. And besides Ah know y'all are missin' yoah Rogue." She reminded them but she was looking at Gambit. Neither of them had told the others about his plans.

"She's right." Cyclops told the others, "We need our Rogue back, just like our counterparts need their Rogue back." Rogue held back the tears; she didn't want the others to see her cry. "When do Ah leave?"

"Tomorrow, if you want. I believe that enough time for you to bid farewell." Xavier told her, he watched at Rogue tried to smile. She was going back home, and they were getting their Rogue back. He knew that he should have been happy, but even Xavier felt disappointed at her leaving.

"NO! But Professor that's too soon! Can't we have a little more time?" Jubilee begged taking Rogue's gloved hand in hers.

"Jubilee, try to understand-" But Jubilee wasn't listening; she cut the Beast off short of his explanation. "It's not fair! She's only been here for a few days, she can't leave now. It's not like we're gonna hurt her if she stays."

"We know how much you are going to miss her, believe me, we'll all miss her. But Rogue needs to go home." Jean took Jubilee into her arms trying to comfort her. "It's just-Why does everyone have to leave?" Jubilee couldn't stand it anymore; she broke away from Jean and ran up to her room.

"Jubilee, wait!" Jean and Storm called after her but the young girl ignored them. Rogue decided to run after her but got pulled back by Wolverine, "Give the kid some room to breath, she'll come around.

"Ah'm sorrah."

Wolverine shrugged "Not yer doin'."


"Rogue, might we have a word with you?" Rogue craned her head a bit to see the Forge, Beast and Xavier standing near the door of the recreational room.

"Um…yeah, just a minute." Rogue looked down at her lap at Kurt resting his head; on Rogue's shoulder Jubilee was watching the movie. Everyone was strewn around the room watching the movie. There was no way she could make it out of the maze of kids with out stepping on one of them. With out much energy she scooped up Kurt and flew up a little, and then laid him down softly with out waking him.

"What is it Prof?"

"We were able to fix the machine; you are allowed to go home."

The Professor could see Rogue's eyes widened with surprise and shock. "Really?"

"Yep, we got the test all done with; it's a hundred percent safe." Forge assured her giving her a checklist of things that Beast and he looked over at.

Rogue gave the list right back to him, "Some how sugah, that don't sound gratifying comin' from yah." She said in a light hearted tone, she didn't want to hurt him. But it was him that got her stuck here. And now because of him she had to say good bye to the sweetest kids she ever met.

"Believe us Rogue, its safe. You should be able to go back home with out a glitch." Beast promised a blue furry hand on his heart. Rogue twisted the loose fabric of her gloves, "So Ah can leave? Right now?" she asked somewhat anxious taking a slight peak at the kids watching the movie.

"You don't have to leave right now. We, your friends included, have decided that it is best if we make the transfer tomorrow. That way you have time to say good bye." The professor explained, he could see Storm and Logan walking towards them, a worried expression on their face.

"Yeah…okay, that's fine. Ah guess." She said rather hesitantly. She was going home, she was going to be with Gambit, Jean, Wolverine and the rest but those kids were still on her mind. 'How am I going to tell them?'

"They will understand Rogue, they will be heart broken, but they still will understand." The professor took her glove hand, "If you want I can explain it to them."

"No it's okay, Ah gotta do it."

"Very well." The three men walked away leaving Rogue to be with Logan and Storm in privacy.

"Tomorrow, huh?" Logan grunted, taking out a cigar from his pockets. "Doesn't leave that much time."

Storm linked her arm through Rogue's, "Are you okay?" Deep down she didn't want Rogue to leave, and neither did Logan. The three had gotten along so well over the past week, they were basically inseparable. It was nice having another adult to talk to, especially in a houseful of teenagers.

Rogue curled a white piece of her hair around her fingers, "Yeah, Ah guess. Ah'm happy that Ah can go home now, Ah miss everyone a lot. Just that Ah'm gonna miss everyone here too." Storm was starting to get a bit weepy eyed as she hugged her friend.

"We still have the rest of today." Logan reminded them, "Any one up for Harry's?" Rogue shook her head 'yes', "But y'all gotta tah wait. Ah gotta do somethang."

"Do you want us to come with you?"

Rogue opened the door, "No, it's okay." She walked in and stood in front of the television grabbing all of their attention. "Reckon Ah can have a minute?"

Remy put the movie on pause; he and Jean were sensing the emotions coming from her. Feelings of sadness, but also a bit of happiness. What was going on?

"Y'okay?" He set the remote on the chair's arm; she was biting on her lower lip. Rogue could practically taste a bit of blood in her mouth; "Ah got some news for yah."

Everyone sat up straighter, in some ways they knew what she was going to say. Though a part of them didn't really want to hear it.

"Ah'm goin' home tomorrow."


It was the morning of the transfer; Rogue was scheduled to leave later at night. She reluctantly got out of the bed it would be the last time she would be in this room. Some part of her was going to miss the flowers, the pictures, and the colors. The one thing she wasn't going to miss though were the twenty so stuffed animals stuffed in her counterpart's closet.

'How many teddy bears can a girl have?' Rogue thought when she closed the stuffed closet door shut. She had to buy a few luggages to pack away a few things she had gotten with Jean, Jubilee, and Storm at the mall.

She was sitting on her luggage to zip it up when Jean walked in. "Morning."

"Mornin'." Rogue greeted sitting on her suitcase, pressing down hard do the thing could close tight.

"Need some help?"

"Yeah, got anything-?" With a wave of her hand Jean was able to zip the suitcase all the way. "Yah know Ah could have done that?"

"But you didn't." Jean hid her smile behind a wrapped parcel. She handed the gift to Rogue. "Here, I got this for you. I hope you like it"

Rogue took the gift eagerly, it felt like a book. Ripping of the wrapping paper she found it was a book of poetry by Jim Morrison.

Jean watched the girl flip through the pages, skimming some poems. "You said that you liked The Doors." She and Rogue had gotten along great; Rogue was able to get past her vendetta against Jean and come too actually like her. Jean just hoped that Rogue would start the same friendship with the Jean in her world.

"Ah lahke it. Thanks." Rogue smiled, putting the book in her bag back; she was dressed in her usual uniform again. Everything was ready and set to go, except for her.

"Ah'm kinda gonna miss this place." Rogue slid her fingers over the pictures on the dresser mirror.

"We'll still be able to talk to each other."

"Yah think?"

Jean nodded her head, "I'm sure of it."

A soft knock on the bedroom door broke their conversation.

"Come in."

The metal doors slid open and in walked Cyclops already in uniform. "Morning." He kissed his wife, at which Rogue looked away. Cyclops wrapped his arms around Jean's waist; Rogue was about to excuse herself but Cyclops surprised her.

"Can you give Rogue and I a minute?" he asked Jean politely. "Sure. I have to help Gambit with breakfast anyway." She waved good bye to the two and left.

Rogue stood awkwardly, she and Cyclops hadn't really spoken much during her stay. This was only the second time they were by themselves together. Frankly that made Rogue kind of nervous. She was really missing her Cyclops; he would have been starting a conversation or a joke by now.

"Are you set yet?"

"Yep, why? Tryin' tah get me out quick?" she snapped taking the suitcase of the bed. Cyclops mouth set into a straight line, "No. Look, I didn't come here to argue with you."

"Then why are yah here?"

He pulled out a wrapped square gift from his pockets, the package wasn't that small. Rogue peered closely at it before slowly taking it from him and ripping of the wrapping paper. It was a framed picture of her and the x-men; it was taken when they took her to the park for a picnic.

"Cyclops…" Rogue looked at photo, it was beautiful present.

"Check the back of the picture." Rogue took out the picture and flipped it, written in thick block letters were: You'll always be a part of this team.

Rogue was thankful that Cyclops couldn't see the red forming on her face, "Thank you." She hugged the picture close to her; it meant a lot that he gave it to her.

"I'm sorry for the way I treated you." Cyclops scratched the back of his neck, uncomfortable like hell with her standing there looking at him.

"Ah'm sorry too. Ah shouldn't have acted lahke that." He gave out his hand to shake, Rogue couldn't say she was disappointed that all he wanted from her to seal their apology was a handshake. She took his hand only to be surprised when he pulled her in for a hug. "You are always welcomed here, don't forget that."

"Ah won't"

Now she felt guilty, he was apologizing while she with held a secret that if told might destroy him…and everything he knew about his family.


"Y'all shouldn't have done this." Rogue smiled at the kids and staff, they had decorated the dining room with streamers in balloons in celebration of her last day in their world.

"You didn't like actually think we'll like just say 'bye' and that's all?" said Kitty handing Rogue a gift bag. Everyone had gotten her good by gift, but the one that made her heart melt was the picture of all of them. In the top corner someone had wrote: we'll miss you. Rogue wiped away the tears, "Thanks, this means a lot."

The girls and even a few of the guys were getting a little teary eyed till Kurt spoke up. "Come on! This is supposed to be a party. So lets PARTY!" He walked over to the stereo system (he still couldn't teleport yet) and turned the music on loud.

The professor watched as his students began to dance to the music or just relax. "Yah really aint gonna tell him, Prof?"

The professor calmly laid his cup of tea on the table; he had this conversation before with Rogue and his conscience

"No, I'm not. Scott and Alex do not need this type of burden on them now." They looked over the two brothers now playing darts with Remy, Roberto and Ray.

"You haven't told him yet, have you?"

"They deserve tah know but-"

"I wasn't talking about them. I was talking about-" He cocked his head over at the boys. Rogue didn't have to look to know who he was talking about, "Oh," she took a seat on the dining room chair close to him, "No, Ah didn't. Ah don't think Ah can anyway."

"Good. It's not the time to tell him."

Before Rogue could ask why the door bell rang. "I'll get it!" Tabitha yelled over the music dancing to the door.

"Okay, what's the big deal? Why did you x-geeks need us to come over so badly?" asked Pietro with his arms crossed, behind him where the rest of the brotherhood.

"Oh, it's nothing." Tabitha smiled mischievously, "Come on in, Speedy." She led them into the dining room.

"Now what's this all about? We didn't do anyth-!" Lance stopped short when he, along with the other boys, saw Rogue.

"Hey boys." She winked giving them a small wave. Lance, Fred, Pietro, John, and Todd jaws dropped. Wanda snorted in disgust; she could see a trail of drool coming out of their mouth.

"You guys have serious issues." She walked over to Kitty and Kurt while the boys stood having heart palpitations.

"Arent you boys cute, this here the brotherhood right?" Rogue asked in her Southern drawl, loving their reaction. Not one of them had closed their mouth or even blinked. "R-Rogue! W-w-what happened to you!?" Lance was the first to snap out of it, he couldn't believe it. "Brotherhood meet the alternative Rogue. Rogue meet our brotherhood: Lance, Fred, Todd, Pietro and John." Ray introduced them.

"Whoah-you-got-to-be-kidding-me!" Pietro quickly spun around Rogue, checking her out. "You tell me sugah. Kind of weird tah see you and yoah sister with the brotherhood." Rogue smiled flirtatiously, she loved the boy's expression.

"What does that mean?" Wanda asked curiously, she didn't love working with the guys, but it was something.

"Where Ah come from y'and yoah brother don't work foah the brotherhood, yah work foah X-Factor." She informed them missing the grimacing look on Pietro's face.

"Whoa-Whoa. 'X-Factor'? We work for you guys!?" Pietro blanched collapsing on the living room sofa. Alex, Forge and Jamie were happy; Rogue had already told them that they worked for X-Factor.

"Actually, you work for me." Alex smirked, fully enjoying the look on Pietro's face. "There's-no-way-I-can-work-for-mini-Cyclops!" he pointed a finger at a laughing Alex. "Can-you-guys-believe -this?!" he asked his teammates. "Guys?"

The boys were still looking at Rogue, John's eyes were practically dancing, Todd was salivating, and Fred was smiling like a maniac.

"Please, please, tell me that you at least worked with us?" Lance begged still checking her out. Rogue ruffled his dark brunette hair, "Hmm, Ah did. But if Avalanche was as half as cute as yah, Ah probably would have still been with the brotherhood." Lance blushed, "Actuallah, come tah think of it yah don't look lahke a thing lahke yoah couterpart." Rogue wondered frowning, Lance along with Wanda looked drastically different to her.

"I'll say. Any chances our Rogue will look like you?" Lance asked, a couple of the guys raised their hands, "Dude, you're not the only one hoping for that." Bobby commented taking a far away step from Remy, Kurt, and Logan.

"This is so weird." Wanda peered closely at Rogue, usually her and the other Rogue sometimes got along. They had a few things in common besides taste in style, like the fact both of their parents were mutant terrorist. "So tell me, Rogue. Is our father still the same old two face man in your world?" she asked with malice and spite.

She hesitated to answer, of course Magneto caused trouble in her world, but he did save them too. A lot of times. "Just about, Sugah."

Rogue couldn't stop starring at Wanda's gothic clothing; she peered at Jean who stood not that far from her. They looked liked the complete opposite from one another. 'Wonder what this gal would think if I told her Jean and her are friends in my world'


Rogue laughed hard at the thought of Jean and Scarlet Witch actually being friends. "Really? Y'all two?" she pointed at Jean and Scarlet Witch in disbelief and amusement. They both nodded their heads "Yes, why is that so hard to believe?" Jean asked. Rogue tried to contain her laughter and looked at Wolverine who was sitting next to her. Rogue had told him all about the Maximoff twins in her world; he didn't blame Rogue at not believing that the two were long time friends.

"Ah-um, no reason." Rogue covered smile with her hand, she was honestly enjoying hanging out with the x-men and x-force.

"So tell me, kid. Am I as good looking in your world?" Multiple man plunked down next to her, he clapped his hands twice producing two duplicates of himself, "Come on, tell me. Got my self my own team right?"

"Loser." Coughed Alex.

"Actuallah yoah the youngest of the new x-men." Rogue filled him in; she watched his twist in annoyance and disdain. "Now that sucks. But doesn't surprise me." Alex grinned watching his teammate frown in disgust.

"Ah wouldn't be talkin' so much, Havok. Yoah the new kid, and trust me Jamie has been able to all the new x-men butts including yoahs." Rogue told him, he seemed so smug and conceited unlike his counterpart who was so uncertain of himself. She also noticed that he and Cyclops didn't seem to get along as much as they did in her world. Would their trust in each other change if they found out about what Sinister had planned for them?

Iceman smirked at Havok's reaction. Once in a while he enjoyed Havok getting put in place. "Hey, Rogue. Did I mention that I am gonna miss you?" Iceman hugged her from behind.

"What about Magneto? Is he still a tyrant?" Quicksilver asked seriously, "That-man-never-deserved-to-live-after-the-damages-he-has-cost-the-world." He was tapping his foot so fast that the floor was starting to wear off.

"Brother, please calm down." The Scarlet Witch laid a supportive hand on her brother's shoulder. "Remember he is our father, no matter what."

It was weird to see Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's opinion of their father being switched.

"Tah answer yoah question, yeah he is."

"What else is new?" Quicksilver muttered angrily under his breath. "Do not be so upset Quicksilver. Magneto hasn't been all bad; he just wants a place for mutants to finally have peace." Wolfbane commented from behind him, "Trust me, your father could be worse."

Rogue watched as everyone talked amongst themselves, they were so different than the people in her world.

"I had it! This guy cheats!" Strong guy yelled breaking the pool table into two; Cyclops laid his back against the wall, massaging the bridge of his nose, "Gambit, next time. Can you not charge the balls?"

Gambit stared at the broken table, he liked that pool table, "Who says dere's gonna be a next time?"

"Oh, come on Jean, it was just a joke!" said Iceman as he was walking backward from a very angry Jean. "I don't appreciate you freezing my coffee while I'm drinking it Iceman!" Using her power she hung him upside down.

And in some ways they were all the same.


The time machine was prepped and ready to be used. Beast and Forge breathed out a sigh of relief knowing that each Rogue would be delivered safely to their own world.

"Are you ready Rogue?" Beast asked turning to see her bid good bye to everyone, "Not yet Beast."

Scott was the first person who hugged her good bye, "Take care Rogue." He said sadly. "Y'too sugah, And hey-" she lifter his chin for him to look at her "Yoah a good leader, so don't be too tough on yoah self, kay?"

"I wont, thanks Rogue." He hugged her again, tighter than the last one.

Jean blinked back the tears when Rogue got to her, "Rogue. I'm actually going to miss you." She hugged her, "Me too, sweetie."

'Take care of Scott and Alex. Would yah?' Rogue asked her telepathically.

'Okay, why though? What's wrong?'

Rogue shook her head, "Just do it, for their sake." She moved on to Tabitha. When Rogue got to Kurt he didn't want to let her go, they had told each other everything about Mystique and their family growing up. "S' little brothah. Yah gonna miss me?" Rogue asked smiling sadly, "Of course, you-you think that ve can keep in touch?" Kurt asked her, he didn't want to lose her and now since they had a way to communicate with her world he hoped he never would. "Promise yah sugah."

"Wolvie, what does girl have tah do tah get a hug?" Rogue asked smirking at the short disgruntled looking man; Logan tugged on a piece of her white hair affectionately. "She has to watch out for herself," he hugged her tight remembering her scent.

Storm was next to get a good bye, "I will miss you, my sister." To the surprise of the others Storm actually gave a bouquet of irises as a token of their friendship. "Sugah, yah didn't have tah."

Remy waited patiently as Rogue continued with her goodbyes, he wanted to be last. "Got dis for y." he handed her a small black gift bag. Rogue eyed it suspiciously, "Didn't steal it from de store, cher. Trust me."

When he saw Rogue attempt to pull out what ever was in the bag he grabbed her wrist, "Open it when y'get home."

Rogue rolled her eyes; he knew she hated to wait. "Yah gonna remember what Ah told yah right?" she asked as they hugged. "Oui."

"Bye, swamprat." He took her hand in his, "Au revoir river rat."

Xavier cleared his throat breaking the two southerner's hold, "Thank yah, foah everythang."

Xavier wheeled closer to her and took her hand into his. "Rogue, I have been proud for every one of my students. But you…seeing you and knowing all that you have accomplished. I have never been more proud." He smiled at her. Rogue lowered her head as she felt the blush cover her cheeks. "And Ah owe it all tah yah." She let go of his hands and waved a goodbye to the others as she stepped into the glass cylinder.



A robotic voice started the count down.

They all watched her wave one last goodbye as a white glow began to envelope her whole.


"Never thought I would see the little guy cry." Angel laughed as he watched Rogue let go of Wolverine. "Watch it wing boy, other wise you'll be getting a mouthful of these!"


Cannonball stepped in between of the two men before they could do anything. Everyone was down in the lab ready to say good bye to Rogue.

"And just like that, he's back." Iceman quipped wrapping his arms around the young girl. "You know if you and G-man don't work in your world, there's always me." Iceman smiled, wiggling his eyebrows. Rogue punched his shoulder lightly, "In anothah universe , Iceprick."

Nightcrawler made her promise to write to him everyday so he would know that she was okay and being taken cared for. "Do not forget kleine schwester, big brother knows all." (Little sister) Big brother, it sounded perfect in Rogue's mind. "Ah won't." Since she had gotten out the med lab she and Nightcrawler had gotten closer.

When she got to Gambit she felt a bit awkward, "Well, guess this is good bye foah now." She hated how cliché it sounded but it was the only thing she could come up with. She couldn't stand looking into his eyes, they made her feel weird. He hugged her, and as Rogue pulled away she felt something light around her neck, it was a silver amulet of fairy with eyes of jade. "Heard dat Goths like dat kind of stuff, non?" Rogue tugged on the amulet, "Merci."

"Anytime petite."

Rogue could feel the cool silver through her gloves; it was a beautiful present. She felt a pang of guilt, should she tell him what she saw in Mystique memories?

"No, it's not that important now." She heard Xavier tell her in her mind. She went to Storm to say her goodbyes.

Jubilee was the last one to say bye to Rogue, "C'mon Jubs. Yah know Ah reallah don't wanna leave." She pleaded with the younger girl.

Jubilee still had her arms crossed against her chest and had a huffy look on her face. "Ah'm gonna miss yah. Yoah were reallah cool tah hang out with." Jubilee still wasn't budging.

"We can write now."

Not a word.

Rogue pulled off the liberty spikes choker around her neck, "Here." She handed it Jubilee who took it with trepidation. "You-you sure?" Jubilee knew how much she loved that choker. "If Ah wasn't Ah wouldn't be giving it tah yah." She watched as Jubilee snap the choker happily around her neck. Jubilee struck a pose, "How do I look?"


What Jubilee did next was something a bit unexpected of her, "Here, you can keep this." Handing Rogue her beloved pink glasses, she knew that Rogue hated pink but it didn't stop the Goth x-man from wearing it. "Friends, again?" Rogue asked hoping for a yes. She really did like her; she made a mental note to hang out with the Jubilee in her world more often.

"When did we ever stop?" Jubilee hugged her.

"Everything is set to go Rogue, are you okay?" Forge asked her as she stepped in the glass cylinder. She wordlessly nodded yes.

"All systems go." Beast pushed the codes to start the machine; Rogue gave them one last goodbye wave before the cylinder absorbed her in white light.


Remy smiled in relief as he saw Rogue appear in the cylinder looking a bit teary eyed but still smiling. Rogue stepped out the cylinder and ran into the arms of….


"Hey, take it that you miss me?" Scott asked with amusement as he looked at her. "Yah have no idea. Promise me Slim, yah will always have a sense of humor."

Scott knitted his in confusion, "What?"

"Nevah mind." She lowered the large back pack to the ground and the suitcase and unzipped them, "Ah got stuff foah all of yah."

"WOO! PRESENTS!" Todd yelled before getting elbowed by Wanda.

Remy took a few steps from the crowd surrounding and greeting Rogue. She looked so happy and cheerful. Everyone here had missed her terribly.

She don't need yah tah protect her

She didn't need him then, or now.

Jean couldn't decide if she should approach Rogue first, or just wait it out. "Hey," apparently Rogue decided to make the first move. "Ah got yah something." She held out a green and yellow gift bag. Inside were a lavender and rhinestone brush and mirror. Jean could feel her heart melt, "Rogue, its lovely." She put them in the bag "Thank you." They stood awkwardly for a few seconds before Rogue started talking again. "Ah'm reallah sor-"

Jean cut her off with a wave of her hand; they both made stupid mistakes, no point for apologizing to each other. "Do you want to hang out, tomorrow maybe?"

Rogue eyes went wide, she didn't expect for Jean to offer the olive branch first. "Yeah-sure. Ah'd lahke that."

"Rogue, might I ask. What is this?" Beast asked her, looking quizzically at a very large sphere shaped object. Rogue smiled, "The other Forge gave that tah me." She took it from Beast and found a USB cable to connect the sphere to the computer. Suddenly the monitor began to turn fuzzy and then a clear image began to show.

"Oh my God."

There smiling and waving at them were their counterparts, in all their spandex glory.

"Man, Summers. I knew you had an ego, but that's pushing it." Lance pointed out laughing at Cyclops gave him a dirty look over the video phone.

"And I thought our uniforms were dorky." Sam quipped, "Wait, is that me?" he peered closely at guy with his feature but with dark brown hair. "Hey y'all." Cannonball greeted them.

"Lookin' pretty scrawny there Cykes." Wolverine commented to Cyclops. Phoenix though kissed her husband on the cheek, "I think you look cute." Scott could see the matching gold bands on the two counterparts. "You guys are married?!" Phoenix nodded happily, laying her head against her husband's chest. "Jean and Scott sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g…" Jamie, Roberto, and Ray to sing. "SHUT UP!"

"Wow, Remy looks so hot!" Tabitha smiled checking out the older gentleman, "Merci, petite."

"God, Rogue. You are so lucky!" Kitty complimented the counterpart to the dismay of Piotr. His counterpart laughed heartily at him.

"Dude, do really talk in third person, like Elmo?" Fred asked Gambit. Pietro was grumbling, "Cant-believe-I-work-for-X Factor-Father-would-not-approve!" He saw his counterpart eyes begin to get dark, "Father?" Before Pietro could start talking again Rogue covered his mouth with her gloved hand. "Yah don't want tah get involve, trust me."

"Yellow spandex?" Logan groaned, he could hear Kitty giggle behind him; "Come on Logan. It actually looks kind of –"

"Stupid?" Laura finished for her. "Watch who yer calling stupid, bub!" Wolverine growled at her.

"Cool, I look awesome!" Jamie cheered as he spotted himself between Wolfsbane and Quicksilver.

"Who's the dork in the gaudy Hawaiian t-shirt?" Iceman asked laughing; the little blond boy looked so frail and scared like hell.

"Shut up jerk!" Bobby yelled in defense for Alex, the brunette guy looked angry that a kid was yelling at him. "Um…Bobby, meet Iceman." Said Rogue. She looked at the monitor to see Havok and Iceman look stunned at their counterpart's friendship.

"What is vith the underwear over the pants?" Kurt laughed, along with Jubilee and Tabitha, holding their hands to sides. "Oh, god. I will never complain about our uniforms ever again!"

Rogue finally spotted her counterpart with Gambit's arms around her (she didn't see any ring own her counterpart hand yet); she looked just like she did in her photos. "Hey, sugah."

"Wow, this is so…weird." Rogue couldn't believe it, talking to herself like this was so surreal. She could now see the major difference between them, they were the complete opposites. But with the memories she absorbed from Mystique, she knew they had gone through the same things.

"Yah got that right."

"Maybe this would be a good time to answer any questions that we have for each other." The professor advised them.

"I have one." Warren raised his hand in the air like a little kid, "Why am I blue?"

"Yeah, why am I not there?" Amara asked sadly, Ray and Roberto were asking the same thing.

"Gambit got a better one. Where is de younger moi?"

They all looked around the room; once again the Cajun had managed to give the slip.

Later that night…

Remy could still hear the advice Rogue gave him in his head, he was having a hard time deciding what to do. There was a soft knock on Remy's door, "It's open."

"Do yah have a minute?" Rogue stepped in his room to see him lay on his bed resting his back on the head board.

"What y'need, cher?"

"Yah left pretty quickly. Y'okay?" she asked him standing in front of his bed. She wanted to go to sleep so badly but she wanted to talk to him first.

"Bon," Remy couldn't help but wonder why she cared to visit him, it wasn't as if they were real friends. "Y'look pretty tired dere, chere. Long day?" he asked sarcastically.

He sounded so cold to her, "Kinda, Beast said it was normal tah feel woozy after time traveling."

She did something that she would have never have done before her little chat with Gambit in the other world, she crawled onto his bed and rested her head against Remy's chest to his surprise. "Ah missed yah."

Remy could see that she was telling the truth, he felt better knowing their friendship actually meant something to her. But he also felt she wasn't being honest with him about something. She was keeping a secret.

What was it that was causing her so much grief?

Remy put his arm around her and pulled her closer, kissing the top of her head. "Missed y'too. Y'got tah promise me y'never pull dose type of stupid stunts again." He warned her.

"Yah don't have tah worry about me running anywhere anytime soon." She joked sleepily. She was having a hard time keeping her eyes opened.



"Y'didn't happen tah hear about what happened here yet did y'?" Rogue eyes were closed but she was still awake.

"Yah really acted lahke a jerk. But yah did the right t'ing for right reasons." Remy was surprised, she forgave him that easily? Maybe the little trip to the other world mellowed her out.

Rogue though had to forgive him; she didn't want to tell him about Sinister. Hell she couldn't tell Scott and Alex about their brothers, or Jean about the Phoenix. It wasn't fair to any of them.

"The Rogue is going to let me of de hook? No yelling or threats of absorption?" he asked looking down at her.

"Not this time, swamprat." She mumbled, he felt so warm she didn't want to break away from him.

"Rogue, I gotta tell y'somet'ing chere."

No response.


Rogue was asleep, slumbering so peacefully that Remy didn't have the heart to wake her up. He thought of just letting her sleep here, but with Warren as his roommate and Logan just across the hall, he wasn't so sure if that was such a good idea. He lifted her of the bed, cradling her in his arms to her room. When he got there he laid her gently on the bed and slowly closed the door.

She was safe, she didn't need him, and there were a bunch of people here to take care of her.

Sugah, it aint yoah fault about what happened her. She don't need yah tah protect her.

So why did he feel like he had to stay? He banged his head back on the door and took out a cigarette, charging the tip of it with his finger.

Yah should want tah stay here because yah want tah, not because yah have tah

He had so many reasons to leave this place, but only had one reason to stay.

The question was though; was that one reason worth it?


Gambit walked to the kitchen to find the lights already turned on. He could see his Rogue back was turned, wearing the silk green robe he given to her for Christmas. She was singing something softly; he stood there watching her, loving the sight.

He snuck up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "GAMBIT!" she shouted in surprise almost tipping over her cup of coffee. "Swamprat, what the hell were yah thinking? Ah could have absorbed yah!" She wasn't wearing any gloves.

"I could t'ink more worse t'ings." He nuzzled into her hair, "Mmm, sorrah Cajun. But yah can't get off the hook that easily." She was still angry at him for treating the young version of her so rudely, but her voice was betraying her. She never could be angry at the Cajun for long.

"Gambit said he was sorry chere."

"Sorrah don't help." She heard something softly click; looking down at her wrist she saw that Gambit had managed to snap on a genosha bracelet on her. "Den what will?" He started to kiss her neck.

"That aint fair Cajun." She whispered as he led her to the kitchen table, his arms still around her waist. She almost sighed when Gambit broke away from to sit.

"Yah know yah could have been little nicer, at least Remy was willing to actually speak tah me. He even gave me a goodbye present" She showed him the silver i-pod that Remy gave to her before she left. It really was a cute gift; it had all her favorite songs.

Gambit picked up the small thing, he never saw one before but could tell it was expensive, not something that he wasn't willing to buy. "And he didn't steal it, Swamprat, unlahke some other people" She could read the expression on his face, he didn't believe a word she was saying about Remy.

"He said he didn't steal it? Or did he say he didn't steal it from a store?"

Rogue looked quizzically at him. "What's yoah point?" He flipped the i-pod over to show her the initials etched into the back: S.C.S

"Lordy, he stole it from Scott?" she groaned massaging her temple. No wonder he didn't want her to see it while she was still there.

"Gotta say chere, de boy is impressive. Maybe better den moi" He grinned enjoying the fact he had proven her wrong. "Y'shouldn't trust so eagerly chere, not good f'you."

"At least he didn't try to pick fights with me! Of all people here, Ah thought yah be the one tah treat her well." Rogue huffed crossing her arms over her chest.

"How long y'gonna be angry at Gambit?"

She pointed a finger at him, "Yah deserve it after what-" she stopped talking when she noticed something shimmering on her left hand.

"Bout time" Gambit thought, he had slipped the ring on before the bracelet. Rogue looked at the ring shell shocked out of her mind. All she could say were a few "uh." Gambit was rather pleased at himself; he made her forget about their fight and made her speechless.

After a few minutes of Rogue not speaking he got nervous. "Chere?" he scooted closer to her, "Gambit knows dis is quick, mebbe, Gambit understand if y'say-"

Rogue snapped out of it and tackled him to the floor, pinning him under her.

"Yah bettah not finish that sentence, Swamprat." She started to kiss his neck. Gambit smirked, "Guessing dat's a yes?"

"Yah bet yah bottom dollar it's a yes!" She smiled, examining her ring once more before going back his neck and lips.

For a few minutes they stayed that way, till…"Um chere," he broke their kiss "Gambit really t'inks we should get up from de floor if y'know what he means." He had his hands under her nightgown and was ready to rip it off.

"Not this time, Remy."


"I agree with you, but what if they do find out. Have you gotten any information on them? Xavier asked his counterpart over the video phone. They had talked into the night about the Summers brothers in his office.

"Not at this time, we don't even know for sure if Sinister was telling Cyclops the truth. For all we know he was playing some type of twisted game with him." Xavier sighed, he wanted to believe that. But after listening to Rogue about what she saw in Mystique's memories he knew something was defiantly wrong.

"What about their father? Surely he must know something. Was Katherine pregnant the day the plane crashed?"

Charles shook his head. "Christopher never mentioned it, and even if she was pregnant the baby would have never survived the torture De'ken put her through."

Hearing the stories of what happened to Scott and Alex's parents made Xavier pray that the boys never found out.

"What about Remy? Have you told him about Sinister?"

"No, it is not the time for that yet. Besides Gambit is a major asset to this team, if he ever found out he would surely leave us."

Xavier was about to respond until he noticed an envelope slipped under his door. "Xavier?" he heard his counterpart call for him when he couldn't see him anymore. Xavier picked up the letter and read it.

"Are you alright?"

He could feel the panic hit him in the chest; he pushed his wheelchair to the window to see the familiar taillights of a motorcycle drive through the mansion's gate.

"Dear God." He whispered crumbling the letter in his hand; he turned his attention back to Charles.

"What is the matter?"

Xavier cleared his throat; he knew what was ahead for his team now. For Scott, Alex, and Remy especially.

"It-it's nothing." He took one last look outside, hoping to see the motorcycle turn around but it never did. "Nothing at all."


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There were so many questions floating in their minds, their need for sleep diminished as their need for information increased. Logan ran his hands down his face, his hands were itching for a cigar, a beer, ANYTHING!


Jean was the one to answer him. "When Rogue absorbed Sinister she was able to look into his memories. That's where she found it, a bit of his past that showed that he knew who and where each one was."