One decision can change the course of timeā€¦

What would happen if a child had been conceived on the sands of Arabia?

Hidalgo is owned by Disney. Sad I know, but true.

Frank Hopkins gazed into Lady Anne Davenport's deep lust filled eyes weighing each option. As her full red lips approached his, an unknown force thrust him forward, crashing his lips onto hers. Lips parted, and tongues fought for supremacy. Soon the two shouldn't have been lovers were one. Unbeknownst to either Frank or Anne grave consequences lay ahead, for in the warmth of a mother's womb rests what time will make a child.

Dawn emerged stirring the secret lovers, which were wrapped in each others enamored embrace. Both murmured their good-mornings and stared into the others eyes. Anne smiled softly, tucking a strand of light gold hair behind her ear. Finally after a long, daunting silence she asked, "Are you alright?"

Sitting up Frank answered, "Just thinkin' about Hidalgo and the race, wonderin' if I did right by him".

"Oh," whispered Anne, who propped her head upon her hand. "Do you still wish to prove yourself in the Great Bedouin Race?"

"Maybe, but..," he started only to see Anne rise from the elaborate four post canopy, which was decorated with soft shades of red and gold twirling together. So they miraculously created a look of unity in each precious stemmed rose splayed delicately across a background of white. Frank watched her don the emerald nightgown from the previous night. Crossing the vast tent like a ghost, Anne took a seat in a small chair and the west wind blew, ruffling the canvas walls.

Turning away, she stared at the wall stoically; for a moment, Frank thought she could see something through the canvas, until she spoke, "Man can not corral the wind nor can I keep you. The deal was for 30 in silver, not sex. So your word is not in jeopardy, if that's what worries you. Leave if you wish."

Frank put his clothes on and walked out of the tent, but couldn't help feel that Anne was radiating anger. He should have known to trust his gut for Anne's face darkened with loathing that came from her very core. Fate, however, can be a cruel and calculating mistress. She just has to complicate things. The cowboy and the English lady would meet again.

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